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Naval pride

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Few days later the secret talk between General Lebedev and FSB secret agent the russian president Aleksey Jorovin was arrested by the union police for speculation and for other crimes. FSB planned this arrest well, the president was made to seem mad and evil, the people voted him with a majority of 50%+1 but no one has never believed that he won the elections regularly, he always talked too much about capitalism and positive aspects.


The president was taken while walking with his loyal private body guards near by the Kremlin. Since the guards wont give up without a fight, the Spetsnaz surrounded them and killed with no-mercy the president's boys. Arrested, he was taken to the Lubyanka offices of FSB.

The prime minister has taken presidential powers and calls for a UN emergency meeting.

_____   _____   ____

On the friday after the arrest of Jorovin the UN emergency meeting requested by the Russian Union has taken place.



RU delegate: The United States have been for too long hindering the whole world development with their banks and dirty affairs!

US delegate: These are lies, the USA has no interest in forbidding the world the growth. We just can't tolerate the comeback of some sorta of dangerous communism in Asia, we will not sit down and stay to watch "Mother Russia" taking over the whole Asia like the Soviet Union did one century ago.

RU delegate: What's freedom, my american friend? Saying to the other countries what they can or what they can't do? Ukraine and others have decided freely to join us, we are brother peoples together and we're too powerful for you. This is what you're scared of.

US delegate: If the russians wont change their positions immediately, we will be forced to push them back to their legal borders. We are considering all the options and we call the UN to support us in this fight aga-

RU delegate: WE WILL NOT SHUT OUR MOUTH FOREVER! We have evidence that the USA is planning to attack our country in short time, for some stupid "major superpower" reason. The USA is falling, our resources are almost unlimited, the whole world aims to our gas and oil deposits just because the oil still runs this place after so many years of green technology investments just because some lazy american president wont leave his SUV for once.

But we know we have good friends in Europe, the europeans are not like the americans, they know what is wrong and what is right.

US delegate: We wont eat your propaganda... (leaves the UN assembly).

RU delegate: You're leaving the room humiliated mr. Collins, exactly like your army will withdraw from our lands.

_____   _____   _____

2 weeks later...

...On Sakhalin island russian military has spotted on radars the american navy leaving the Hawaii. The North Atlantic fleet has already been mobilized and is travelling to Vladivostok, and the pacific fleet is preparing for the upcoming inevitable fight.


Radar operator: Syr, you gotta see this.

Captain Skirmov: Oh my... is that real? They're moving to... here! That damn FSB was all right. Kulya, Call the prime minister and the generals! And the Moscow Military HQ!

Radar Operator: We should be able to contain them, isn't that right syr?

Captain Skirmov: Don't be sure of that. We're strong but the chinese could join on the US side...

Radar Operator: Cowards.

Captain Skirmov: They've always been... We have about 1,7 millions men mobilized in eastern siberia, the americans know too. Our number of troops will rise but the most of them will be against the chineses probably. This will be a bloody fight...

Radar Operatior: What if the chineses join the war?

Captain Skirmov: We will mobilize more infantry, but i think the indians would not let us in trouble if their main enemy attacks their first military tanks and jets supplier. India fears America but hates China enough to help us.

Radar Operator: What about Europe? What they will do?

Captain Skirmov: They like world wars. I think the most of them could join our side, since the americans were not able to brainwash them too.

_____   _____   _____

8 April 2045. The date that the world wont forget. The russian navy, composed by the pacific and atlantic fleet, engages the US naval force outside southern Sakhalin...


The american navy is clearly pushing into our territorial waters. In that moment, Admiral Cherkov is speaking to the soldiers on the SV-40 destroyer class.

Admiral Cherkov: Soldiers! You were forced by americans to assist to this incoming massacre! They've already crossed into our national waters while leaving Japan. Our motherland has called us all to defend the coastline and cause the major possible losses among the US invasion forces. The Kremlin has not allowed the use of nuclear bombs on internation waters, nor the russian territory yet. If we strike their main invasion force with a nuclear attack, losing everything they could  counter-attack on our soil and everyone knows the story...

TODAY, we will show them the MIGHT of Saint Andrea's flag!


The russian navy tried in all ways to destroy completely the american naval force, but it was impossible everyone knew. Despite the use of thermobaric bombs and heavy artyllery, the americans won the fight in 7 hours of pure massacre.

Our losses are huge, we almost lost the atlantic fleet, the pacific fleet was mostly halved and tens of thousands russian marines have given their life for the motherland. But we still have a functional (also if reduced) naval force.

The americans won but their losses are considerably more important than ours. They've lost 1/4 of the navy and land-invasion force, 5 aircraft carriers were destroyed and hundreds of tanks. These are just few of their losses.

The american invasion force was estimated of 2 million men, more than two hundred thousand coming with the first wave, but they seem to be even more.

Now they're approaching to Vladivostok in few days, our navy is recovering there and will help to defend the city.

War is coming.

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Recommended Comments

What do you mean? Seriously... there are a lot of weird things in all CJs i have seen. And they are still being rated higher than mine.
Do you know what? I do not care. At least i am doing something realistic compared many of the others...

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Wierd things happen a lot. Just look at my own city journal of Franklin County .

Anyway, I hope that the fight between the US and RU ends well whatever the eventual outcome.

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Thanks people, anyway i understand this maybe went a little weird, but you know in 35 years everything could happen.

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this is very interesting - i like it :)
but seriously europeans like world wars? i doubt it . .
nice cj tho :)

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With that sentence i meant that Europe has been the center of 2 world wars and they both started there so :P But it just wanted to be a joke, nothing serious of course.

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