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A new job - mayor press conference

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 The town of Eforie is a pitoresque little settlement in the country of Freedonia, a small nation set in between Romania and Bulgaria. The country has over 5 million people, but Eforie is a small place, of only 47.000 residents. A new maypr has recently won the elections, promissing change and prosperity. This is a journal about him. His name is John Clover.


Live on LOCAL TV, the number one network in Freedonia (transcript)

John Clover: My dear townspeople, thank you for voting me. It was a hard run, but the best one. However it is time to start working, because we live in a city that truly needs it. Before I start let me show you one remzarkable photograph I have found. It was taken in 1967, when our city was only 10 years old. It is the very first store in our city, Dutra's, and it is still there today


Nevertheless, there were 1000 people back then, but the city has thrived, and we are proud. But things are not as easy as they seem. I have heard your complaints and I am going to care for them. That's why, first here is a map of the city, and soon I will explain to everybody what my plans are, given of course, the city council approves of them.


We see, in the north the Constanta district, one of our newest districts, filled with new houses built by executives and richer people in the city. Half of it is completed by now, and we are in talks with the citizens and the council wether to expland this area or not. The Efferon district, out historical neighbourhood is fileld with low desnisty developments, so just houss for the unqualified and qualified workers.  There has been and will be a lot of debate about this area, but I have won this election promissing that I will not relocate this people and I will not re-zone it to medium and high density. The Delft district, again is a new district built ten years ago, housing only qualified workers in medium denisty residences. The Patriarch district houses unqualified workers in the same medium denisty zoning. The telerik district is fomed of high-tech factories that bring a lot of income to our city. Finally, the most disputed, and the smallest area is the Gollard District, where there are a mixture of heavy indisutries, manufacturing and a power plant plus a dump.

This is pretty much Eforie. The Eforie Ring Road, a very expensive road will be completed before I will finish my term, as planned. This plan has already been approved by the city council and the previous mayor and construction will begin in the next few month. 

Now, I know about the dump. It is placed in one of the most pitoresque areas of our town, together with the entire heavy industry district. THere is nothing we can do about it at the moment, we are in talks with environmental experts to see what options and solutions there are to this problem. 


The people in the Constanta District have been complaing about lack of leisure facilities in the area. We are currently doing all we can to figure out how to slove that problem. There will be a special meeting just on that issue.


Also, the Delft District will not be expanded right in the near future, as some of its citizens fear high traffic volumes.

As for the Patriarch district, we know about the Graffiti problem, it will be solved soon. Also, if new expansions will be done to this neighbourhood, a park will be added. 


Behind me, on the projector you can see one of the most wonderful shots of our city, with the Central Business District in the front, and the Gollard Industrial area on the hill. We have a beautiful city, and it's time to start doing good for it. That's why the next slide is my plan for the near future.


First of all as you know, the Eforie Ring Road will be built. If construction starts in a few months, as planned (March 1996), we expect to have it finished by June 1997. The only problem will be demolisihing one or two buildings in the telerik area, in order to make room for the road. It will have three lanes on each side, and it will be one of the most expensive endeavours our town has ever seen. Also, the second item on the agenda will be upgrading the road that links the Central Business District with the agriculutral district into a large avenue, also with three lanes on each side, since traffic is starting to become heavy in this area. The other heavy traffic area si between the city and the Gollard District, in the upper part,on Serpentine Road. Since the road goes up a hill, it is extremely difficult and expensive to upgrade it. That's why the plan is to build another three lane way from the ring road to the entrance to this area. Another plan will be upgrading the farming district with at least twenty more farms, since agriculture has proved to be one of the most profitable businesses in the area. 

Now, to keep this short, there are two more items on the agenda I have promissed to solve in my campaign. 

One: the extremely high price of manufactured goods in Eforie. Since we only have a small industrial and manufacturing area, we import all of this. However, the previous mayor has found towns that sell us heavy industry at a reasonable price, but no manufacturing momentarily. This will be solved very soon. We will have these goods ready in less that three months. 

And Two: The city center - more exactly the Efferon district. I know, it does not look like a real downtown, it is only housing, but it is a historic piece of our town, and even if it would be more profitable to re-zone it to medium and high density, I will be against it till the end of my term. This is it, the first Town Council Meeting is in 2 days from now. See you there, where we will hopefully approve all of this.

(feel free to comment, anybody can take the role of a city council member, and express their opinions, and then vote after the town council meeting agenda is posted. hope this works. cheers)

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