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About this City Journal

A journal about a developing town, where a mayor is struggling with getting his projects approved, being reelected etc. You are part of the city council. Help him.

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@Larks: Hopefully, MC will continue updating this game, because I am afraid many people are going to stop building their cities without any more improvements to the game. MC did yesterday something they have never ever done - that is not update the game on a Wednesday - that is interesting, I hope they are not going bankrupt or something.

@herdervriend: I am not sure my imagination works that good rigght now, I cannot see anything. Maybe you can explain.

@CitiesXLfan42: The villa we'll see how it branches out in the near future. For now it seems it has settled. But soon an update will clarify more than what the mayor wants to share.

@Dmastius: I am not sure what the map is. I don;t think it's the Delta.  

And now the update:

December 14, 1997

Mayor's Press Conference.

Mayor: Good evening everybody. I will make a habit of holding a press conference at the end of every year to talk about the developments of our town. In the little time I have been a mayor a lot has changed for good in Eforie. That includes the completion as of last week of the Eforie Ring Road. It has been a difficult process but we are finally finished. The last things that will be done are planting trees and establishing a green area in the construction zones you see in the picture behind me. We had to level some buildings, but everybody has received other properties or money.


The area is already benefiting from traffic decongestion and people are happy with this new artery. As previously stated we are trying 

to keep the number of intersections with the Ring Road at a minimum, so it is more efficient. Also, we are trying not to allow developing directly by the road, so we don't have extra congestion from cars coming out or backing up directly into the Ring Road. The construction company, Bechtel will continue to maintain the road for the next 5 years, after which it will become the city hall's responsibility. 


As you have noticed, our skyline has changed this year, with the completion of a few major office buildings, which includes the Freedonia National Bank Tower, that dominates the skyline. Also, a lot of architecturally pleasing houses are populating the central area, turning it into an interesting place to visit. 


For next year we have a plan to upgrade the City Hall Building. because as our city is growing, and new offices are added, the City Hall is in dear need of a revamp, even if the new building has just been completed at the beginning of this year. Also, the main street avenue that passes in front of the City Hall is experiencing more and more traffic and we will deal with that issue soon. We are exploring options to solve that without inflicting into anyones private life. 


The Central Business District is starting to see a lot of offices of major corporations established in town, and instead of building on unbuilt land, many have just bought off central locations and established their offices there, which is a good sign of economic development in Eforie. 


Last, but not least we are planning a mass transit system, the preliminary distribution is here. The implementation of thsi should start as early as February 1998. As you can see here there would be four bus lines, connecting most of the town. The project is still being analyzed and changes will be made. The Freedonian government has set aside money for connecting Eforie by rail to the rest of the country, since we are becoming a large city that needs more transportation options. Momentarily, the only way to travel in and out of town are cars and private bus companies. 


Finally, we are planning to build a giant ferris wheel in the Eforie Central Park, which will be another costly project, but it will compelte the park and make it more attractive. 

Here are the satisfaction levels in Eforie as of yesterday:

Health 100% (-)

Education 77% (-)

Police 99% (-)

Leisure 70% (-1%)

Retail 99% (-)

Nature 78% (-)

Traffic: 85 % (-3%)

Thank you. Waiting for comments and MC to update this game I am paying money for soon. 


This is Antena 3 - Eforie's leading news channel.

Anchor: Good evening Eforie, and welcome to this special edition of our newscast. Tonight, our guest is mayor Clover, in his first news interview since the campaign in 1995. Good evening, Mr. Mayor.

Clover: Good evening. 

Anchor: Of course, the issue that we are going to start off with tonight obviously has to do with the recent media outburst about your new house, Mr. Clover. Allegedly, it cot $1.7 million and many people are wondering how you can afford such a place.


Clover: Obviously people are always interested in scandals, and this is a perfect opportunity for those seeking it. However, the answer is not as complicated as it seems. First, the house cost only $1.4, has been in construction for over two years, and, as for the money, I have an outstanding $500.000 loan, that you can check. Also, before being a mayor, as everybody knows I have been the CEO of Freedonia Karlsport Logistics, one of the biggest freight operators in the country. I saved a lot of money doing that and I was able to pay for this house. Our city budget is tight and very transparent, therefore people that might infer that that is the source of the money are uninformed. 

Anchor: Do you still earn money from this company?

Mayor: No, the moment I was sworn in as mayor I sold all my shares in the company and stepped down. I owned 46% of that company, and selling the shares has brought me a substantial amount of money from which I built this house and I am able to maintain it. I just want to make this clear for all the conspiracy theorists out there: there is no funds embezzelemnt or anything of that kind. 

Anchor: OK, now to a differnt issue. Today is July 14, 1997. The company building the now famed Ring Road has yet to finish it, over three months after its deadline. Why so late?

Mayor: Bechtel, the contractor had to do some new plans for one particular intersection in town, specifically the one in the agricultural area, to avoid congestion. As you know, two bridges were built and that slowed construction down by a few months. We are expecting it to be finished by November.


Anchor: What are the costs of this new development?

Mayor: The price of the completed Ring Road has risen just slighly, by about $14 million over the projected price because of these bridges, but the new solution is much more efficient for everybody. Once the ring road is completed, a lot of traffic problems in town will be solved. Actually, already the part of the road that has been completed is under use, and traffic is flowing exceptionally well there.


Anchor: How is the relocation in that area proceeding?

Mayor: That was one of our main concerns in the beginning. There have been demolished currently 6 buildings, the houses there have been evaluated and people have been given 105% of the evaluated price and most of them have moved elsewhere in town. I see an image of the area where construction is udnergoing now, a key element is that green areas will be arranged where you see the construction site now, and that will offset the effect of the new heavy traffic in the area.

Anchor: Can people refuse to move out of their houses?

Mayor: When we started this plan we consulted most of the Owners Associations in the area, and 98% of the people have been OK with being relocated. However, this project has been started as a "strategic infrastructure element" of Eforie, which means that pretty much even the ones who refused to move volutarily have been relocated. We cannot halt the proces for one single person whi didn't want to move out. But, generally we have had no problems. 

Anchor: There is a new hospital in town.


Mayor: Yes, we have had that in mind ever since I started my term. There was a big need for a major hospital in Eforie, and I am thankful we got all the funds for it in time. It is now one of the most modern medical facilities in the area, and we have not received any complaints. 

Anchor: Also, we have seen a new Police station in town.


Mayor: Yes, we also needed that, and since last year we had a substantial budhet, we decided to relocate the old police station to the city center in a new modern building. The old station is still there, but it is being used for adminsitrative purposes. We believe that the location of the new one is much better, in the Eforie Central Park, and thus will serve more people much faster. 

Anchor: We have seens some pretty expensive villas being built next to the City Hall. What can you tell us about this?


Mayor: Yes, as you know, we have a strict policy about the area surrounding the city hall, the old historical center, and we have been against expanding the Central Business District towards that area. However since land in the center has become more expensive than it used to be, many people living there were attracted to selling their plots to people that have built some pretty impressive residences. I see them from my office window every day, I can't say I don't like them. 


Anchor: What is happening with the cathedral in the park, and actually the park as a whole?

Mayor: We are working on a plan to make it as cost efficient as we can. s for the cathedral, its costs are enormous, and it will be built, but we are doing it one step at a time. Momentarily, we have halted construction, we shoudl resume it by next spring, once the new budget is approved. 

Anchor: What future plans do you have?


Mayor: As you can see on the screen, we have approved in the last city council meeting two residential areas, one in the continuation of the Constanta district, and another one withing the boundaries of the ring road SE of the city center. We have also approved new Business developments and blocked an area from expanding until the Eforie Park is done, so about 5 years. We are also in the last stages of approving a new school in the Constanta district, and a new fire station in the Patriarch district, as well as adding some more leisure facilities for our citizens.

Anchor: Why block an area?

Mayor: Because at some point in time we want to develop tourism in this city, and if some developer decides to build cheap housing there, or even small density houses, it will be difficult for that to happen. It sounds for many as a communistic decision, but let's remember that I, as a mayor have changed a lot of the ways this town develops, including approving huge residential areas as you see now, instead of individual projects as it was in the past.

Anchor: What does that mean? What is the difference?


Mayor: It means that, for example, things like the new Oracle Complex can be built easier. In the past, the procedure was that you had to present your completed blueprint to city hall, then we would approve it and than you had to build the building exactly as the blueprint you had provided, or else you would either pay fines or would have the whole project reapproved. It was a timely uneffective procedure. Now, you can just pruchase land in the are that we have zoned, build your buildings, and just ask us for approval of infrastructure

Anchor: Last question, what is happening to the intra-agricultural road network. There have been no new developments in a while.

Mayor: The new studies we have done since we finished the sections that are now in use show that as of now there is no need for expanding the network. The old plan was too expensive, and virtually would not have changed the situation much for the better. We are working on a solution for the East side of the agricultural complex, where there are some problems with lack of freight, but that will take some time. We are one of the major agriculture towns in the country, and for now things seem good.

Anchor: Mr. Mayor, thanks for being here today.

Mayor: my pleasure.

Anchor: This has been a Special Edition if our newscast. We are ending with a beautiful panoramic shot of our city from News Chopper 3. Good night, Eforie. You are watching Antena 3.


Satisfaction levels for Eforie as of yesterday:

Health 100% (+33%)

Education 77% (-3%)

Police 99% (+24%)

Leisure 71% (-1%)

Retail 99% (-)

Nature 78% (-1%)

Traffic 88% (+2%)


@Larks: Thanks man for always commenting. You are the only one that probabily reads this, but it doesn't stop here. Thanks for all the support. You rule! :)



@Larks: As always, your comments are greatly appreciated.

@Skimbo: Thanks man, your dragons rule.

@zwr100: I am still not very happy with the decorations in the game, but it's better than nothing. I guess this is the advantage of Sim City 4 City journals where there is virtually anything you want to put in your city. Hopefully, Monte Cristo will bring some new additions to everything that exists.

Keep those comments coming.

And now for the update.

  April 1997 - City Hall meeting. 

Mayor: Even if they are late a few months, Bechtel has done an incredible job by building the ring road. It is still not completely finished, but it should be by the end of this year. As you can all notice, they have come up with an ingenious idea of building bridges over the roads that lead to the farming area, in order not to congest traffic in two intersections. The single intersection the ring road has at this point allows for traffic in four directions as you can see - two towards town, and two towards the farming distrcit. I have spoken to the infrastructure department director and out joint opinion is that the ring road, at least the part recently build should have very few intersections with other roads, in order for it to be a fast way to get around town. Whenever there are intersections these should be big and not allow for traffic congestions. We will see how things develop. 


Here is a better picture of the area with the two metal bridges rising above the two roads leading to the farms. These bridges have driven the ring road construction price up, but not by much. We have managed to hold a talk with Bechtel that resulted in a lowering of the price, because they were late delivering the project, that should have been done by March this year. 


Right below the East bridge lies the first major car dealership in Eforie - Ford has decided to open a cars dealer, and its business is going very well, since the store is placed on the road with almost the biggest passanger traffic in Eforie. 


The new city hall has been finalized after many of our offces had relocated in the Central Business District, renting offices for much higher rates. Since the city has grown substantially, this investment was neccesary, and it is not a luxury item. The new city hall will be more efficient, especially for people who need different affidavits and will not need to run around the Business District from building to building to get them. 


This is a view from the top of the City Hall towards the historic center of Eforie. I stand on my position that this area should be preserved as is because it represts our start up, there used to live the people who made this place what it is today. I hear many complaints from people wanting a city center looking like Boston's or Key West's. We are currently building one of the largest Parks in freedonia, and we are expanding the neighbourhoods. We can create a new modern city center away from this area, and keep the Efferon district unchanged. The people who founded Eforie deserve it. 


And in order to better preserve this historic city center, we have built an outdoor market, right next to Dutra's and the Eforie Bowling Center. The undeveloped place there was wanted by a developer, but we have given him a better plot to build his constructions.


In the Patriarch district, heavily populated by unqualified workers there is a new building complex. The Lanson place is a twin complex that has been finished recently and is waiting for occupancy. Its proximity to the ring road makes it pretty good in terms of commute time from anywhere in town.


Finally, before we proceed to voting new plans, this is the thrid development stage in the Telerik High Tech Park, with serveral companies setting up shop here, and more on the way. We have provided a wide infrastructure in order for the place to be congestion free. Oracle, who had to begin building its Eastern European Campus in Freedonia has not begun cosntruction yet, sicne momentarily the high tech market is quite over-saturated. We will provide all the possible help for them once they do make a decision to move into our town. 


And now for plans. The Ring Road, as I said will be finished by the end of the year, with the demolition of 12 buildings in the Patriarch/telerik areas. The intra-agricultural network is 50% done, and the complete road should be functional by june 1998. Now, if we can discuss or vote three main plans. I will state them, and then we can discuss and vote.

1. Building a health center in the Patriarch District by June this year.

2. Building a Park in the Constanta District, since the nature options are quite limited over there.

3. Commiting to a plan to get rid of all high industry and manufacturing from town, and relocate the electric power plants to another area, farther away from town.


1. Discussion about the health center idea. 

John Aleck, City Counciler: Why do we need it there?

Mayor: The only other health center is situated next to the Constanta District, it is not easily accesible by the citizens in the Patriarch area, and is already too crowded. 

Voting: For: 7, Against: 3, Abstain: 2. Motion passed. Construction will begin soon. 

2. Constanta Park Discussion

Alex Forthwin: I am sorry Mr. Mayor, but while we are investing all our money into the low residential district where the rich of Eforie live, we are forgetting about the other ones. We are forgetting that there is a constantly congested road going to the Gollard District, we forget that the central park that you promoted so much looks like a desolate field. Why the hell do thos people need a park?

Mayor: Mr. Forthwin, watch your language please. We are working on everything we can. The reason the central park is not upgraded yet is because the area is still very undeveloped in terms of residences and people have other options for green areas. However, in the Constanta District, there are no such options. There is a need for a park there. Period. 

Forthwin: What is happening with the cathedral? Whya re there no workers on the site for two months?

Mayor: This is off topic, Mr. Forthwin, but just to clarify, we first need to produce something in order to spend. Momentarily, there are not enough resources to cpmplete that building this year. Construction will hopefully resume in a few months.

Let's vote on the Constanta Park. 

For: 6, Against :2, Abstain: 4. Motion will be discussed next time since there is no majority. Not passed, nor failed.

3 Gollard district green plan.

Mayor: techincally what this means is that in three years, we will get rid of all heavy industry and manufacturing in town, and we will buy those from outside, also we will relocate the electrical plants elsewhere and also cover up the dumps, and build new landfills far awa from town.

Any discussion?

Linda Eller: What happens with all the workers from the industrial park?

Mayor: They will find work elsewhere, unemployment is definitely not a problem in Eforie.

Eller: I strongly disagree with this idea. Those factories there make a lot of money for our treasury.

Mayor: Yes, MRs. Eller, but they also pollute and virtually do not allow any development in that area, which is situated on the hill, and is one of the most beautiful areas of Eforie. 

Eller: There are many beautiful areas here, destorying plants is not a good idea. People will lose their jobs.

vote For: 2, Agaist: 7, Abstain: 3 Motion failed.

Last, but not least here are the satisfaction levels of the city as of yesterday:

Health: 67% (+1%)

Education 79% (+3%)

Police 75 % (+4%)

Leisure 72% (-4%)

Fire 78% (-1%)

Retail 99% (-)

Nature 79% (+1%)

The current population is 78.098



First off: Replies

@citiesxlfan42: Yeah, the education is becoming a problem that is bein g solved this very update. :D

@Larks2242: Thanks, still a lot of work in the farms area, but is going well.

Now, to start a new update. This one takes place inside City Hall, for a new City Council Meeting.

December 9th, 1996:

Mayor: Thank you all for coming. It's been a year since I am mayor of this town and I think we have acomplished quite an extraordinary job together.  


Here you can see the current development of the intra-agricultural network, wich we expect to be completed by the beginning of 1999. Small changes have been made to the project, including upgrading the second road that leads to it. The construction company, Freedonia Roads International is working as planned on the project.


This new road has brought more freight in the area, and has eased the way the transport company take the products from here. We are also expecting a development of this area this year, with many more applications for zoning new land received this year than ever before.


But probabily the best imporvement we have seen in town is the expansion of the Constanta district with two new beutiful developments. In this picture is the new low density housing, where people have moved in and are tremendously happy with their homes.


The second is an impressive new medium density row of French-inspired architecutre that is the new attraction of the city.


The plazas behind these buildings provide residents with some relaxation and are becoming an attraction for citizens all over Eforie. 


I am very happy to see these beautiful areas spring all over town, and as a result the zoning will be much more relaxed in the future, eve though I was afraid that it will create chaos. It seems like bold decisions bring incredible results.


This is the James Patterson Middle School, situated in the Patriarch District, and is already almost full. We are planning a new school by the end of 1997.


The people in this unqualified worker district will benefit from the new school and their education levels are expected to soar.


In what will be the Eforie Central Park we now have the fist museum in Eforie, the Eforie Town Museum. It will display when it is opened pictures and relics from the beginning of its existance till today.


Also, on the other side of the same park is the new Cinema Multiplex, called Eforie Cityplex, which is showing the newest box office releases. 


This is a map of all the districts of our town. 1997 will be a good year, we will build more an make our citizens even happier. Next up, I want you [and by you, I mean people reading this] to proritize the following plans to see what the order and improtance are.

So, please reply to this thread by writing the order you think these next ideas should be put into practice in Eforie.

1. Build a new school

2. Build a hospital

3. Build a fire station.

4. Finalize Eforie Central Park, including an Avatar park and other leisure components.

5. Expand the Central Business District.

6. Expand the residential Districts

7. Demolish the heavy industry/manufacturing district.

8. Expand the heavy industry/manufacturinf district.

Any other ideas are welcome.


As for the ring road, we are expecting it to be finished on schedule, though Bechtel has not resumed work since May this year. We are constantly in communication with them. to see what the situation is. 

Here are the satisfaction levels of the city as of yesterday:

Health 66%(-4%)

Education 76% (+23%)

Police 71% (-5%)

Leisure 76% (+23%)

Fire 79% (-3%)

Retail 99%(-)

Nature 78% (-2%)

The current population is 77.257



September 9th, 1996

Mayor: Dear all, thank you for coming here today. I know that since I have been elected mayor I have not held any press conferences, that is because there has been a lot of work to do in city hall, and trust me it's worth it. We have come a long way in only 9 months and in the next few minutes I will present you with all our achievements and future plans. Of course, many of you have been wondering what the colossal construction site close to the city center represents. We will talk about it a little later. First things first.


You can see on this map the three residential expansions we have done. We have zoned the areas and people built their own homes in the Constanta district, while both in the Patriarch and Delft District small contractors built individual buildings. However, after the succes of selling these places we have over 100 requests from major contractors to build residences in our town. About that later.


Here is the Constanta District right now, with pitoresque little homes on narrow street, surrounded by lots of nature. 


This is the Delft district, where people are enjoying the wide open spaces and the well planned roads that make traffic a breeze.


And this is the Patriarch District expansion. There is still a lot of undeveloped land in this area, but it will be taken care of soon. Till then people are happy with their surroundings.


This is the expansion we have done to the high tech park, Telerik, and we are seeing requests from a lot of tech companies that need a small relaxing town for their campuses. We are in the process of approving the company Oracle to have a tech campus in Eforie. 

Next up is the intra-agricultural road network and the ring road. Bechtel has signed a contract in the beginning vouching to finish the construction of the entire ring road by March next year. They had built over 2 kilometers in two months and we were expecting most of it to be completed by now. However, they have left their building site untouched since June. We are not concerned, since they seem to work fast when they have to but that has been a problem with our plans to expand the intra-agricultural network. 


As you can see in this map we have built over two kilometers of that network, but a lot is left. We are expecting complete completion of the network till 2000. It's a very long and expensive project, but once it is done it will be a great relief for our city, with farms producing way mor ethan they are now, You can also observe on the map the location of the Eforie Central Park which we will talk about very soon. Before that, you can notice that the builders that extended the road leading to the farms had to leave one portion not done because the xonstruction site of the ring road is still there. This creates bottlenecks in the area, but will be solved very soon.


You can see here the area. The constructors of the intra-agricultural network will return to this area as soon as Bechtel reaches an agreement with them for a common blueprint for an intersection, since a overpass or bridge is not needed. Till then traffic will be restricted on one lane each side in this area.


This is a general shot of the agricultural area with the intra-agricultural network in construction. 


This is where the road currently stops, but the construction company has already approved the blueprints for the next section and its construction will begin in one week. 


Finally, what you have all been waiting for. The grand building is a cathedral that will be the centerpiece of the new Eforie Central Park. It is a very tedious and expensive project, but the park will be an oasis of relaxation and relief in a growing city. I wnat to apologize in advance to the citizens living in the area, the contrauction will take at least three years to complete, but it will definitely put our city on the map once it is completed.


This is a panoramic picture of the city, with this wonderful building being constructed. 


Finally, in this last map we have the map of the city and the planned expansions for 1996. We will zone these areas appropriately, and let the contractors do their jobs. If there are any questions.

Cindy Thomas, The Eforie Register: Mr. Mayor, how much will the park cost?

Mayor: We have not laid out a plan for the entire park, that is due next council meeting, the cathedral building itself will be in the area of 50 million dollars.

Thomas: Who is paying for this?

Mayor: City Hall with the help of a loan, but Eforie was in deer need of a park, so it was a strategic move.

Andrew Heller, Radio Eforie: What happenes with the heavyy industry area?

Mayor: For now it stays there, it will not be expanded, neither will it be destroyed. It provides many people of our town jobs, and we cannot afford to lose them.

MIke Andrews, Eforielive.com: Mr. Mayor, the water is becoming extensively expensive, why is that?

Mayor: Right now, because of the raise in population there is much more need for water and the supply we have is shortening. We are in the process of building a new water tower across the Bistritza river. That project should be completed by January 1998. No more questions, thank you.

Extra: Here are the current satisfaction levels of the citizens as of September 9th, 1996. 

Health 70% (-3%)

Education 53% (-29%)

Police 77% (-3%)

Leisure 53% (-13%)

Fire 83% (-2%)

Retail 99% (-)

Nature 80% (-1%)

The current population is 69.982



@citiesxlfan42: Thank you. I am trying a new approach. I hope I am not boring people with it.

@Skimbo: Thanks :) Come back soon. Intersting stuff is happening. Soon, the "interactive" part will start.

@Larks 2242: Thanks for both you messages. It's people like you that keep me interested in this game. I like the fact that people anjoy this. Come back soon! :) Let's now watch the news: 

This is Antena 3 Live. Today is September 8th, 2006. After more than two months of silence the mayor will step up tomorrow and talk about the building that is rising next to the Patriarch District in Eforie. This gigantic project has been started at the end of May and till now nobody was able to find out the purpose of this building. There has been constant building going on since then. Over thirty supporting columns have been built, and the mayor has promissed to lift the mistery tomorrow at 6 p.m. The conference will be live on Antena 3.


Also, the mayor said this will be an informative meeting, and other issues will be discussed. Even if he himself has not mention anything, there are a few subjects that have been in the mind of many people recently. One of them is the fact that since April Bechtel has not built more than 100 meters from the Eforie Ring Road, and the construction workers have not been seen in the area since late July. Also, the Intra-agricultural road network construction seems to be going very slow, with only 2.1 kilometers built from a road that should have at least 15 kilometers of road. The construction of the intra-agricultural road began, coincidentally at the same time as the mystery building, so one can wonder if some construction has been transfered over there. Hopefully, all our questions will be answered tomorrow evening. 


 April 14, 1996

Mayor: Four months have passed since I have been appointed mayor. In a town hall meeting in January we approved together new retail areas, that have been built and are functioning to capacity right now. The citizen satisfaction in retail has shot up from 69% to 99%, in the three retail areas we have built. Here they are:


This is the new mall in the executive district (Constanta)


Here we can see a new superstore in the Patriarch district.


An here you can see a market and a superstore in the Delft district, and three new areas for sale that have already been bought by retailers with construction starting very soon.

Second item on the agenda is the construction of the ring road. I have to mention that none of us were expecting this fast rate of completion of the project, which is almost half done. The Eforie Ring Tunnel has been finished, which will be named after the founder of the country, John Tromson.



This picture is taken right at the exit of the Tromson tunnel, and the farming area can be seen in the back.


This is where the road ends momentarily and the Bechtel Group, which is in charge of construction, is continuing the expansion. Most of the future road area has already been dug up and pouring of concrete will begin soon.


This is where part of the construction meets one of the roads leading to the agricultural area, which will be discussed in the second part of our meeting.


Finally, as you can see from this satellite image, the current ring road construction area ends where the Patriarch District meets the Telerik High Tech Park. This is an area where some houses and industries have to be demolished to make way for the ring road, and we are working with the people who live and own the land in the area to see what the best solution for relocation is. Bechtel has mentioned that a tunnel is out of the question since it would almost double the cost of the construction and take a very long time to plan. 


This is an image that shows better the area. Technically, at least 12 buildings have to be destroyed in the process. Bechtel will take care of also building the intersections with the other roads in the area. The construction of the Ring Road till the need for demolition should be done in no more that two months, since the only things left to do are to start pouring the concrete. 


This will be a tricky intersection to build, but Bechtel has proposed some pretty convincing plans, and as of last week we have paid the entire amount to the company. 



Next and last today is the list of plans for the near future. You can see in the picture the part of the ring road that has been completed. Since the city council has voted against the motion to build a major avenue to connect the downtown area to the Agricultural area, the Agricultural Development Commission of the City Hall has come up with a plan to build a network of roads inside this area, as can be seen above. The road, which will be a simple avenue, two lanes each side would allow trucks to access the silos and fertilizer plants much easier, without destorying their equipment. Mr. Airlington is the head of the Agricultural commission, if you have something to add?

Airlington: I hope the council will vote for this proposal, since it should bring a lot of income to the town, since right now the farms are struggling with bankruptcy because of lack of proper freight in the area. 

Forthwin, City Councler: Would this road be cutting into any farms?

Airlington: Yes, it would, Mr. Forthwin, but we have talked to the farmers in the area and they agree to cease a little of their land for this, and two farmers that are in an area that needs a lot of space have agreed to relocate their farms.

Forthwin: On whose expense?

Airlington: City Hall's, but the money we are paying to relocate that farm will be miniscule in comparison to what we will gain in taxes once those farms start producing at full capacity.

Mayor: Any other questions? If not, we shall vote.

All in favor: 11, Against: 1, Abstain: 0 Motion passed. 

Finally, to end this meeting, there are four new areas for residential and industrial expansion. One is the telerik high tech park, which we need because of the ring road displacement issue, the next is the Patriarch District of unqualified workers, where we need more houses, since the ones we have are filled to capacity, and we anticipate more jobs being created for these people, especially once we start building the intra-agricultural road network. Third, would be phase three of the initially agreed Delft District Plan. The previous mayor has made a plan of the entire neighborhood; we just need to start building it. And fourth is a small expansion in the Constanta district of executives, a maximum of 17 lots distributed to whoever wants to build there. If there are any comments?

If not, we shall vote: All for: 12 Motion passed

Before we go, here is a population satisfaction poll as of last week:

Health 73% (-4%)

Education 82% (+1%)

Police 80% (-7%)

Fire 85% (-4%)

Leisure 66% (0)

Retail 99% (+30%)

Nature 81% (0)

We have seen a significant drop in Police satisfaction, and I suggest we take action once this level goes beneath 70%. Also, it appears our citizens want more leisure activities, and we shall discuss those options next meeting. Till then, we will hire contractors for the infrastructure of the new developments, and we will keep a close look at Bechtel's activity on the Ring Road. We will post a bid for a single contractor for the Intra-agricultural road network. 

Thank you, goodbye. 


 This is the first City Council meeting of the town of Eforie after appointing the new mayor. The topics on the agenda are as follows:

1. Agricultural area expansion.

2.Manufacturing shortage

3.The Avenue that will connect downtown with the industrial quarter.

4. The Enlargement of the street that connects the farming area to town.

5. The City Center rebuilding plans.

6. Mass Transportation.

7. Satisfaction of citizens.

Mayor: First of all, in the last two days, since I was appointed mayor I have given the first emergency ordinance of my term. I am allowed to do that without prior notice to the council, if I feel that there are issues to be solved urgently. I have authorized the zoning of 14 new farms in the agricultural area and the building of a silo, because of a major lack in agriculture. 

Alex Forthwin, Council Member: That was a very uninspired decision, Mr. Mayor, since the roads are very bad in that area, traffic is congested going to the farm area. We will only have more problems because of that.

Mayor: We will add this on next week's agenda, there are plans considered for that. 

Second, the manufacturing shortage problem has been fixed, we are now buying manufacturing from another city at a competitive price, so there are no more problems in that field. 

Fourth, the avenue connecting the industrial quarter to the ring road. You have seen the plan for it in the last meeting. We shall vote wether to start contracting the construction companies to build it.


Alex Forthwin: First, we need to build the ring road, second we have to get rid of this polluting area. Building a major road leading to it can only result in more industrial zoning which will affect the quality of air in the region. It is way too close to the city center. 

All in favor: 2

Against: 10

Abstain: none

Motion not passed.

4. Enlargement of the street that connects the downtown to the farming area

Mayor: As you can see above, the road is becoming congested and we have to make it into a three lane avenue to make it work. Discussion?

Council Member Angela Heller: Currently, as Mr. Forthwin has mentioned the roads inside the entire agricultural area are also congested, I think a better idea should be devising a plan to also have an inner-agricultural area major road, that would pass all the silos, in order to improve their efficiency. Currently, the trucks bringing fertilizers to the silos have to drive on small farm roads with very low speeds, and many transportation companies refuse to do this, because they destroy their vehicles. I propose to study this till next week and come up with a plan on that.

Mayor: OK, noted. Let's vote on the initial plan. All in favor: 0, Against: 7, Abstain: 5 Motion failed. We will look into a new proposal till next week. Mrs. Heller, you are in charge of that.

6. The city center. Mr. Forthwin, you put this item on the agenda, please explain.

Forthwin: Of course, Mr. Mayor. As you know, the city center has been like it is now for 40 years. But it is the same center that was part of a 10.000 population. Now we are 47.000. I propose to start de-zoning all the houses there, and maybe relocate those people to the suburbs and build offices and retail, since we are missing a lot of it. 


The picture you see shows the center of a city. It is not possible to have something like this, when there are so many businesses that would profit from being located downtown, rather than houses facing an avenue.


  Right now, as you can see this area is not used at its capacity, and relocating those people would not be such a big deal if we think about it. We can move them into a new, low-density residential district, and leave this expensive land for retail and offices.

Mayor: Mr. Forthwith, I will veto your decision regardless of the council vote throughout my term. I have promised my voters that this will not happen, and I intend to keep that promise. If you have another issue, please present it, otherwise sit down.

Forthwith: As much as I disagree with you Mr. Mayor, I will not comment further. My second proposal is to build three new retail areas throughout town, since people are complaining of not enough shopping possibilities. The plan is outlined in this next slide.


There will be three retail areas, each low or medium in each major residential area.

Mayor: All in favor: 9, Against:0, Abstain: 3 Motion passed.

Construction will begin soon. 

Finally, here are the most recent stats on citizen satisfaction:


Education: 81%

Police: 87%

Fire: 89%

Retail: 69%

Leisure: 66%

Nature: 81%

The current population is 46.973 and the budget surplus is 60k.

We will talk next time about the possibility of building a park in the city and more leisure.


 The town of Eforie is a pitoresque little settlement in the country of Freedonia, a small nation set in between Romania and Bulgaria. The country has over 5 million people, but Eforie is a small place, of only 47.000 residents. A new maypr has recently won the elections, promissing change and prosperity. This is a journal about him. His name is John Clover.


Live on LOCAL TV, the number one network in Freedonia (transcript)

John Clover: My dear townspeople, thank you for voting me. It was a hard run, but the best one. However it is time to start working, because we live in a city that truly needs it. Before I start let me show you one remzarkable photograph I have found. It was taken in 1967, when our city was only 10 years old. It is the very first store in our city, Dutra's, and it is still there today


Nevertheless, there were 1000 people back then, but the city has thrived, and we are proud. But things are not as easy as they seem. I have heard your complaints and I am going to care for them. That's why, first here is a map of the city, and soon I will explain to everybody what my plans are, given of course, the city council approves of them.


We see, in the north the Constanta district, one of our newest districts, filled with new houses built by executives and richer people in the city. Half of it is completed by now, and we are in talks with the citizens and the council wether to expland this area or not. The Efferon district, out historical neighbourhood is fileld with low desnisty developments, so just houss for the unqualified and qualified workers.  There has been and will be a lot of debate about this area, but I have won this election promissing that I will not relocate this people and I will not re-zone it to medium and high density. The Delft district, again is a new district built ten years ago, housing only qualified workers in medium denisty residences. The Patriarch district houses unqualified workers in the same medium denisty zoning. The telerik district is fomed of high-tech factories that bring a lot of income to our city. Finally, the most disputed, and the smallest area is the Gollard District, where there are a mixture of heavy indisutries, manufacturing and a power plant plus a dump.

This is pretty much Eforie. The Eforie Ring Road, a very expensive road will be completed before I will finish my term, as planned. This plan has already been approved by the city council and the previous mayor and construction will begin in the next few month. 

Now, I know about the dump. It is placed in one of the most pitoresque areas of our town, together with the entire heavy industry district. THere is nothing we can do about it at the moment, we are in talks with environmental experts to see what options and solutions there are to this problem. 


The people in the Constanta District have been complaing about lack of leisure facilities in the area. We are currently doing all we can to figure out how to slove that problem. There will be a special meeting just on that issue.


Also, the Delft District will not be expanded right in the near future, as some of its citizens fear high traffic volumes.

As for the Patriarch district, we know about the Graffiti problem, it will be solved soon. Also, if new expansions will be done to this neighbourhood, a park will be added. 


Behind me, on the projector you can see one of the most wonderful shots of our city, with the Central Business District in the front, and the Gollard Industrial area on the hill. We have a beautiful city, and it's time to start doing good for it. That's why the next slide is my plan for the near future.


First of all as you know, the Eforie Ring Road will be built. If construction starts in a few months, as planned (March 1996), we expect to have it finished by June 1997. The only problem will be demolisihing one or two buildings in the telerik area, in order to make room for the road. It will have three lanes on each side, and it will be one of the most expensive endeavours our town has ever seen. Also, the second item on the agenda will be upgrading the road that links the Central Business District with the agriculutral district into a large avenue, also with three lanes on each side, since traffic is starting to become heavy in this area. The other heavy traffic area si between the city and the Gollard District, in the upper part,on Serpentine Road. Since the road goes up a hill, it is extremely difficult and expensive to upgrade it. That's why the plan is to build another three lane way from the ring road to the entrance to this area. Another plan will be upgrading the farming district with at least twenty more farms, since agriculture has proved to be one of the most profitable businesses in the area. 

Now, to keep this short, there are two more items on the agenda I have promissed to solve in my campaign. 

One: the extremely high price of manufactured goods in Eforie. Since we only have a small industrial and manufacturing area, we import all of this. However, the previous mayor has found towns that sell us heavy industry at a reasonable price, but no manufacturing momentarily. This will be solved very soon. We will have these goods ready in less that three months. 

And Two: The city center - more exactly the Efferon district. I know, it does not look like a real downtown, it is only housing, but it is a historic piece of our town, and even if it would be more profitable to re-zone it to medium and high density, I will be against it till the end of my term. This is it, the first Town Council Meeting is in 2 days from now. See you there, where we will hopefully approve all of this.

(feel free to comment, anybody can take the role of a city council member, and express their opinions, and then vote after the town council meeting agenda is posted. hope this works. cheers)

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