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First City Council Meeting - plans

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 This is the first City Council meeting of the town of Eforie after appointing the new mayor. The topics on the agenda are as follows:

1. Agricultural area expansion.

2.Manufacturing shortage

3.The Avenue that will connect downtown with the industrial quarter.

4. The Enlargement of the street that connects the farming area to town.

5. The City Center rebuilding plans.

6. Mass Transportation.

7. Satisfaction of citizens.

Mayor: First of all, in the last two days, since I was appointed mayor I have given the first emergency ordinance of my term. I am allowed to do that without prior notice to the council, if I feel that there are issues to be solved urgently. I have authorized the zoning of 14 new farms in the agricultural area and the building of a silo, because of a major lack in agriculture. 

Alex Forthwin, Council Member: That was a very uninspired decision, Mr. Mayor, since the roads are very bad in that area, traffic is congested going to the farm area. We will only have more problems because of that.

Mayor: We will add this on next week's agenda, there are plans considered for that. 

Second, the manufacturing shortage problem has been fixed, we are now buying manufacturing from another city at a competitive price, so there are no more problems in that field. 

Fourth, the avenue connecting the industrial quarter to the ring road. You have seen the plan for it in the last meeting. We shall vote wether to start contracting the construction companies to build it.


Alex Forthwin: First, we need to build the ring road, second we have to get rid of this polluting area. Building a major road leading to it can only result in more industrial zoning which will affect the quality of air in the region. It is way too close to the city center. 

All in favor: 2

Against: 10

Abstain: none

Motion not passed.

4. Enlargement of the street that connects the downtown to the farming area

Mayor: As you can see above, the road is becoming congested and we have to make it into a three lane avenue to make it work. Discussion?

Council Member Angela Heller: Currently, as Mr. Forthwin has mentioned the roads inside the entire agricultural area are also congested, I think a better idea should be devising a plan to also have an inner-agricultural area major road, that would pass all the silos, in order to improve their efficiency. Currently, the trucks bringing fertilizers to the silos have to drive on small farm roads with very low speeds, and many transportation companies refuse to do this, because they destroy their vehicles. I propose to study this till next week and come up with a plan on that.

Mayor: OK, noted. Let's vote on the initial plan. All in favor: 0, Against: 7, Abstain: 5 Motion failed. We will look into a new proposal till next week. Mrs. Heller, you are in charge of that.

6. The city center. Mr. Forthwin, you put this item on the agenda, please explain.

Forthwin: Of course, Mr. Mayor. As you know, the city center has been like it is now for 40 years. But it is the same center that was part of a 10.000 population. Now we are 47.000. I propose to start de-zoning all the houses there, and maybe relocate those people to the suburbs and build offices and retail, since we are missing a lot of it. 


The picture you see shows the center of a city. It is not possible to have something like this, when there are so many businesses that would profit from being located downtown, rather than houses facing an avenue.


  Right now, as you can see this area is not used at its capacity, and relocating those people would not be such a big deal if we think about it. We can move them into a new, low-density residential district, and leave this expensive land for retail and offices.

Mayor: Mr. Forthwith, I will veto your decision regardless of the council vote throughout my term. I have promised my voters that this will not happen, and I intend to keep that promise. If you have another issue, please present it, otherwise sit down.

Forthwith: As much as I disagree with you Mr. Mayor, I will not comment further. My second proposal is to build three new retail areas throughout town, since people are complaining of not enough shopping possibilities. The plan is outlined in this next slide.


There will be three retail areas, each low or medium in each major residential area.

Mayor: All in favor: 9, Against:0, Abstain: 3 Motion passed.

Construction will begin soon. 

Finally, here are the most recent stats on citizen satisfaction:


Education: 81%

Police: 87%

Fire: 89%

Retail: 69%

Leisure: 66%

Nature: 81%

The current population is 46.973 and the budget surplus is 60k.

We will talk next time about the possibility of building a park in the city and more leisure.

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