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Christmas Presents | Pres

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Schulmanator - Indeed and yes Indeed!, Now it's time to figure out which one of the presents is , It is a girl or a boy? :P

pipishere - Thanks alot Pip!

tankmank - Well , I try my best to make it natural and interesting as possible so that way reading it is as interesting as possible. I'm glad you like it!


Christmas Presents | Presétents Natijity = Part 2


Celestare2-1.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

Palais du Norde

As the word had came around to the guests in the room everyone began to head to the closet. One by one the main handed each their coat. However Florenca, the one to be independent in all of her actions grabbed her own. As they began to put on their coats a ring on Claudiya's cell phone stopped a couple in the group to look in her direction. Claudiya grabbed the phone and in a matter of a second had it to her ear. " Hello? " 

" Hello , this is Senator Olga Isek, I was calling in regards to your sister and her baby , are you sure you will be able to come into the meeting in the place of your sister or not?  "

" I'm not sure , Remember , I did legally step down from the throne , so for me to do so without written consent is a problem..." Claudiya stated while putting on her light jacket.

Meanwhile everyone began to file out the door into the main walk and walk around the Northern Building to the waiting limo. As they walked the Ariel and Loís would look at the lush green ground that lay around the paths.

" I wonder.." Loís stated somewhat mischeviously

" Don't even think about it!" Florenca stated her son very quickly " No wild parties here."

" Why would it have to be wild , It could just be a dinner with dancing. " He beamed , even though in his mind he knew that with all this space a wild outside party could take place if it wanted to. 

As everyone walked around the corner the limo pulled up slowly and it's driver got out.Claudiya was helped into the car while everyone  else decided to get in on their own accord. With the doors closed and the driver back in the driver's seat , the limo was started up , and it pulled off down the cobblestone lane towards the palace gates.

CelestareRoyalHospital.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

Within a short 5 minute drive they all arrived at the hospital. The driver had pulled into the parking lot and quickly guided them towards the rear entrance of the hospital. As they entered the hospital and jumped on the elevator to the 5th floor Corey had then asked Claudiya a question. "Why in the world do we go in the rear enterance? I mean any other time you would go through the front entrance too. "

Claudiya raised an eyebrow and answered " Well , it's a tradition to us when there is someone in the family having a baby , Plus we were notified ahead of time to arrive at the hospital to visit."

Corey didn't completely understand still and kept a puzzled look upon his features for most of the time he was on the elevator. As it reached the 5th floor , they were met by a doctor.

This doctor was a short woman with peppered hair , she was probably in her late 50's and indeed seemed to be the head of the maternity ward based off of her aura. She was also very thin as well and wore glasses that weren't thick , but did infact  help her sight in terms of magnification. As everyone stepped off into the white corridor she greeted everyone and looked down at her PDA.  " Ah , the Redstones! I see you're here to see the Queen and wait for the arrival of the new baby , I will let you all sit in the large family waiting room and Claudiya , I will like for you to come with me. " Everyone followed her into the room that was a few steps from their last position. As they were seated Claudiya stood up and followed the doctor to her office down the hall.


As they both walked into the office of the doctor , Claudiya was gestured to sit down by the doctor. The kind demeanor of the doctor made her think something was wrong. As the doctor sat down, she took off her glasses  and set them on her desk still opened out. She would let out a slight sigh and speak to Claudiya in a soft tone. " Claudiya , are you planning on having anymore children anytime soon? "

Claudiya became puzzled as to why the question was asked , the concern and worry in her mind mounted with the question as well. She answered " Probably in another 3 or 4 years but no, not in the near future."

"Then I would advise you don't.. "

Now Claudiya became concerned  " Why? "

" Because , after examining your last pregnancy , somethings appears to be abnormal , and the tissue samples also came back as irregular.."

Claudiya's anxiety began to slowly overtake her thought process. " Is...is it cancerous? "

" No! no! no! , It's not. But the tissue that was tested was infact structurally irregular. "

Claudiya relaxed alittle bit and calmed herself...



After hours of sitting and waiting most of the party have napped. Their Christmas dinner party had to be postponed and changed into a New Years one due to the extended absense and the expected arrival. Claudiya however stayed awake from the prospect that something was infact , internally wrong with her. As 9 o'clock appeared on the clock there was a light knock on the door by a nurse. "  You're able to see them now." she said softly. Claudiya was the only one awake at the time and proceeded to get up from her chair. As she walked with the nurse to the room she smiled when she saw Garét and Daiowne in the room , and with Garét holding the bundle of joy that had just arrived in the world.

" So what's his name? "

" Wes Taixwyn Redstone - Hargrove " Daiowne said in a tired voice , looking ready to fall asleep at the mere movement of any limb.

" I love the name, and Taixwyn is a beautiful name as well..."

" Yes , Daiowne picked it out. It means 'new era' in Sierrastarin , I think it's fitting for this little guy "

" It's fitting for the times as well." Claudiya smiled.

She walked over to Garét and smiled " He's going to definitely do well as a leader one day , I can sense it."





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