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Christmas Presents | Pres

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SeahawkFan121 - Thanks greatly! , Also the suburbs took alot of trial and error to get right , I'm glad you liked them! :-)

Daan300 - Thanks , Photoshop is a Cj'ers best friend when you want to add elements to a picture , and it did that task this update. Thanks for coming by!



Christmas Presents | Presétents de Natijity 

There had been months that had passed and the Royal Family has once again continued to flourish along with the nation of Sierrastare. As Christmas began to appear right around the corner a sudden change came to the palace , Claudiya , Queen of Sierrastare since the age of 13, had given up the throne to her older sister Daiowne. Daiowne herself was experiencing a growth of her own family. She had married in the summer and is expected to give birth anyday now. Even more surprising is that the Isabella Branch of the family was finally added into the line of succession after months of voting and appeals and going through the process of authorization. This Christmas presents some of the biggest changes for the palace and the nation as a whole .


Celestare2-1.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

Palais du Norde


It was Christmas Eve , the family had been bought to the palace. As the entire Royal family sat in the main living room of the Southern wing , Florenca was in the process of getting pushed out of the kitchen by one of the chef's assistants  " Hey wait a second, You said I could help! "

The chef assistant responded back nervously " Em, You aren't helping getting flour all over the place. Heh heh "

Florenca then pushed the assistant to the side and went past him as he fell over onto the shiny corridor floor infront of the door to the living room. Everyone looked over including Corey, her husband " Hun! " He yelled alittle bit walking over to the man to help him up. Claudiya would snicker alittle bit and talk to Corey and Florenca's children , Ariel and Loís  " The chef really hates it when he has company in the kitchen , He almost tried to call security on me for trying to make myself a sandwhich "

Ariel would laugh  " Wow , someone likes their job too much! "

" No , he just likes to be control of the kitchen. I love Chef Voilé greatly , but sometimes he just does too much. I mean it's like he's in the army , Unless I say 'you're dismissed' then he will continue cooking."

Loís raised an eyebrow " Maybe we should just leave him to his own devices to cook the dinner for this evening. I mean sure he may like his job too much , But it is his job ya know. He's a 5 star chef and he's going to have that kind of complex I would assume.


Suddenly there was screaming in Russian being heard from the kitchen not too far down the hall , And Florenca came running back into the room tossing the apron down and was covered in flour. The chef came following not to far behind in a rage. Corey the stopped the chef and spoke to him to calm him down " My wife didn't mean to cause trouble , she just likes cooking and wanted to help." 

The reply that got came back in a rough Russian accent with a slight French undertone " She helped all right! She turned about a quarter of the kitchen white with flour! , That's enough to make about 3 cakes and she wasted it. Hay! "

The chef fumed while Claudiya continued to talk to the children. " Even though you know how protocol is , I would like you to remember to be yourself , Heh , I never followed royal protocols" she said to the two teens " Just be yourselfs and everything will be just fine at the dinner. Nothing will go wrong as long as you follow that rule. " 

Following that sentence , there was a maid that showed up infront of Claudiya and she had a look of delight on her face. " Your Highness , the Queen , your sister , just went into labour. " Claudiya smiled with delight and called Corey over to her after he had finished calming down the chef. " We need to make a trip the hospital and check up on Daiowne , from what I'm hearing she just went into labour. "  Ariel then gained a ill look on her face. "Do we have to see the birth? "  Florenca responded quickly " No , not if you don't want to . To be honest though , I think that she just wants her husband to experience it. It would be amazing you know. You know your father was there for both of you , He was the first to hold you guys. That is after me of course " She laughed. Loís slightly twisted his lips " T.M.I mom..."




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