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The New Kingdom of Sierrastare is a Full Member of the SCJU. Follow the story of a nation that it quickly growing and a young queen and her family.

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August 2013


July 2013


June 2013


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Marelles District


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The Marelles District is home to 203,000 people that live within the City of Joliendroit. A central hub of transportation within the country and the region, it is estimated that within the matter of a day, over 1 million people will be traveling through this area between city residents, suburban commuters, and tourists. As the area has grown, the district has developed neighborhoods and communities that all have historical presence within them.


Place Toussaint is named after a resistance member which allowed Sierrastare to escape from the dictator regime of the 1970's and spearheaded economic and social reform during the 1980's into the 1990's. After his death in 1995, the park was dedicated in his honor and the botanical gardens was inaugurated in his honor in 1998 with the official designation as a neighborhood.


La Abourî del Place Toussaint is the botanical garden that rests at the bottom of the hill that comprises of the complex. During spring into the summer it is usually the host of many celebrations and in addition is one of the venues of Mode Nacht Fashion Week


About a half mile to the north the Marelles neighborhood is area full of usual wall to wall homes that are an assortment of European styling with some American influences mixed inbetween. Most of this area was constructed during the urban construction boom of the 1920's and while originally many of the homes were single family homes, many have turned into apartments. The first urban elementary school Chateux Albené Learning Centre was opened here in January 1872. Since then, the elementary school has reconstructed their school building twice, with the location and address remaining the same for the last 141 years.


Opened in 1932, the Marie-Therése Academy is the first magnet public high school catering to some of the best minds in the country. The building closed after the 2012 school year in December with the school's relocation three quarters of a mile away in the Siena district. The school is expected to turn into the the Grammatia De Marelles et Champs, the first Grammatia opened in the country since 1929. Renovations are expected to be finished by summer 2014 and the Grammatia should open by January 2015 accepting students.


Joltracen is an English syllabic abbreviation which stands for Joliendroit Transportation Centre. This neighborhood was designated in 1981 with the completed construction of a subway station at the Joliendroit Rail Terminal. The area is known for being a place for a lot of commercial activity and high number of tourist traffic. During any point of the week there is over 1 million people trying to catch connecting trains, buses, or subways to travel further into the city or to make their way out to the suburbs and beyond. The Joliendroit Rail Terminal's construction had started in 1899 and finished with the construction of Platform 14 in 1919. Today the rail station is considered to be sorely obselete and is in need of a replacement terminal. Studies done indicates that in 1992, the terminal should have been overhauled and by 2022, it will be twice beyond it's operating capacity.


Wèllèska is housing development which grew into it's own neighborhood on the fringes of Marelles jurisdiction in 1982. During the city's housing crisis in the 1980's, many of city's poorest residents demanded housing. The city and national government constructed this area with it becoming a planned paradise in mind. After it's completion in 1989, the area has fallen into some slight urban decay with little coverage of mass transportation services and no school for this area. As a result, the city has slated the Wèllèska Comprehensive School to be opened in 2015 for residents of this neighborhood as well as those in the neighboring low-level jurisdictions.







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Hello everyone, It's been well over a year since I've posted and I've been away for quite a bit working on my collegiate pursuits as well as attempting to keep a great GPA.I am now a junior at college and I just celebrated my 20th birthday. In addition I've been on Simtropolis for six great years and it's been great. Now, I'm not going to say it's the end, but I am trying my best to keep connected with everyone of you. So I'm going to post while I can and try to make some beautiful work for you guys to enjoy!

:-) Thanks everyone!




Adeline is a mid-sized city that was developed throughout the 1920's into the 1960's. The population of the city hovers around 89,000 and has developed into the one of the most densely populated cities in the country due to it's compact size. The city has one of the average incomes per household and while the city has become a shining beacon of a commuter city it has been left in-between an era of urbanization and a residential paradise.


Downtown Adeline is a product of the construction boom of the 1960's. Many of the buildings here are rather small in footprint size and concrete clad. Sandstone streets were preserved from the original era of it being a small railroad town which was incorporated in 1877. The city center's plaza has not changed much since the 1960's and Adeline was spared from the blight of the 1970's.


Ebausi Hill is a residential neighborhood that is immediately east of the rail station. The development of the area happened in two spurts between 1929-1938 and 1959-1967. In between those two points, there were very few buildings built. After that point, construction began in the area again during the late 1990's. Rents for apartments here are relatively cheap and most young professionals stay in this neighborhood.


Mondégast Hotel is the first hotel built along the Central Avance Railway in the early 1910's. It was the first hotel of it's kind servicing many famous people during it's time. Inside the hotel, there is a 2 floor suite that is dedicated to being used by the royal family. The view of the railway from the hotel became blocked in 1998 when a noise barrier was put in place against the railway to reduce the effects of noise pollution in the area.


South Adeline was developed mainly during the 1960's. The older and derelict housing was torn down in the late 1990's to make room for newer wall-to-wall apartments and a high rise that helped to raise property values.


Due to the small core of the city, many homes outside of .75 miles of the CBD are single family homes. Many of these homes are products of 1950s and 1960's construction.


Cîva is located southwest of the city center and is home to larger single family homes. Most of these homes usually run for 240,000 SDL (403,200 USD) on average. There is also a house owned by the prime minister Marianne Delsa which is in this area.


Gaumont Mall opened in 2008 as a premier retail outlet in the area. It's construction marked a new era of development that would help bring this small sized city into a more modern age.


Even though it is not Adeline on a map, the Township of Prassienetta is administrated by the city of Adeline. Prassienetta lies north of the city center is bounded by the Sylie Highway to the south and the suburb of Rhyeswhile to the north. Prassienetta does not have it's own school, fire department, police department, and it is serviced by the Adeline Bus System.





Happy 2012!

I decided to leave you guys with a nice gift for the New Year so here it goes!


I will make sure I make another update and respond to all of the replies before the academic year continues at my college! Until then may you have a great start, middle, and ending to a fabulous year!


Around Inverhattan


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Note from the Author:

Hello everyone! I'm back from college for the break and I know that I have been really lousy when it comes to providing updates for you guys. I'm trying to balance posting new things along with making updates. But it's been quite challenging due to my course-load ( 6 classes but two are one credit :-P ).I'm enjoying college and I've had some of the most memorable times there. But aside from that, everything is going well. I'm making this update extra special and making it large for you guys because I've let my CJ fall into some level of neglect :-S. So without further a-do, here is the update!





The Wallusa Development is the only public housing development within Inverhattan and acts as the Northern-most district within the City bordering Nottinghamshire. The first set of buildings were built in 1965 while the second set of buildings were in 1980. This area is deemed to be one of the safest areas within the city and also is one of the most modernized with many students making this development their home. All buildings have WI-FI internet connections in which are included in the rent payments. Units range from studios to 2 bedroom apartments.


Sierrastare Interstate 3 is the main highway that runs West to East in Landis Province. This highway was built during the 1980's and had to be built using several improvised methods around and in the city limits of Inverhattan. As a result, the highway has tight banking curves and trucks are not allowed to drive within the city limits. They must exit at this pictured exit in order to make it to the city. This exit is Notthinghamshire-N. City Limits.


The main road in Nottinghamshire is Old Landisian Way, which runs 79 miles up the Western Landisian coast. In it's Southern Reaches, it takes the form of a highway however as it travels further north it takes the form of an avenue. There are plans to upgrade the Old Landisian Way north of Costrand which is located past Lenfest. Northumbria is a municipality located just north of Notthinghamshire and south of Lenfest. It was formally incorporated in 1990. Since then it has become one a hotbed of discussion as it has set provisions for linking the Inverhattan metro system to it's above ground rail system. As of right now proposals have been drafted by the municipality to let it travel on a right of way above ground and then go through a portal just north of Nottinghamshire. Nottinghamshire only has agreed to allow the metro to be built underground and have reject all other options.

-------TO THE EAST-------


Fletcher is the Eastern-most neighborhood of Inverhattan. Construction in this neighborhood began in the year 1919 and prior to 1980, it was it's own suburb. It is known for it's 2 parks that were part of an effort to incorporate the " Forestdale Standard" with lakes an trees in the midst to development. While the results have proven to improve the aesthetics of a neighborhood, the idea never caught on in the large scale or in it's purest sense.


The Carlise Natural Gas Plant was built in 1992 and has been serving Landis Province with electricity since. Providing power to 1,000,000 people in Landis , the plant is known to be the cleanest in the country and is the most efficient of the 3 fossil fuel plants in operation in Sierrastare. While the plant is less than 30 years old, it is expected to be outmoded by 2025 due to huge advances in Wind and Solar technologies.


The Coventry Development is the oldest sturctures built to house workers in a development format that is still. Built in 1950, the Coventry development was built to house workers in the industrial districts to the East of the railway tracks for SNR lines. These currently house many of those of lower income however the average income of residents has steadily risen since 1990.


The Beauford Industrial District is a growing industrial center employing as many as 8,000 people. Currently, emissions levels from the industrial center have reached an all time low thanks to strict efficiency standards. However, there are concerns that the expansion of the industrial district may cause problems when it comes to keeping the pollution levels at an acceptable level. Even still, it won the Industria Award in 2002 for the Most Improved Beautification during the year.

------- A SATELLITE CITY IS BORN -------


Old Landisian Way runs up the hill towards the Hilltop district while the surface rail lines run in the middle of the avenue. To the right in the picture is the Germanotta Hospital named after Dr. Léon Germanotta who advocated that the first public hospital be built in the 1910's. In the Suffolk district of Lenfest, there is an expected development of a midrise commercial district bring it Satellite city status.


As evidenced by this picture, some surface lines were abandoned fairly recently ( some as recent as 2000 ). Most tracks of abandoned lines were torn up. But some are still existent.


At the Lenfest Transportation Center, there surface line station is in it's first phase of construction to allow surface line trams to arrive at across the street from the Entrance to the SNR station allowing better passenger connections. From this area you can also see Western Nottinghamshire and many points north and east.



Skimbo - That is also one of my favourites as well, perfectly shows how diverse the landscape is in Sierrastare's urbanscape/suburbanscape, Thanks for stopping by!

Note from the Author:

I'm at college and classes have started. Still trying get settled into life away from home and a tad bit homesick. But other than that life is looking up. I'm being challenged in my classes and I am happy about that! In terms of SC4 I still play it inbetween outings with my friends and my homework and studying. I'm still feeling quite bad about not updating as much I would like, but it's been a hectic summer. I hope you enjoy this update and until then, I will still be back and forth. In short, I'm still here!

-Much Love , Ervin




The City of Aeternum is located in between the cities on Celestare and Joliendroit in Avance Province. The city is administratively new and is the first planned city in Sierrastare with it's framework completion in 1968. After 30 years of construction the city was granted it's charter in 1968 and since then as been steadily growing.


Characterised by it's many midrise buildings and the wide called the Via Aeternum, Aeternum is a city with a little more than 88,000 inhabitants. In this picture it displays the Ciela ( Sky District ) which was constructed in the 1950's with pedestrian attitudes in mind. This picture also showcases the multiple directions taken in planning each section of the city to the likening of it's purpose. Commercial sectors are normally walkable while residential areas are spread out allowing space for those who live there.


Aeternum was built in several stages and today each stage of the development can be evidenced by street orientation along with subdivisioning used by the planners during the Devanroux Period (1952-1959) a main feature of Devanrouxian planning is the use of greenspace between developments as borders. In this picture the Johannes District is pictured off to the left with single family homes. A Devanrouxian greenspace and the Via Anastaçie seperate it from the Prunxstall District


The Ellonie District is home to former city of Ellonie. Prior to the Consildation of 1920, Ellonie was it's own city that was bordered by other smaller villages. By 1920, the city ended up being the smallest in the country and it was absorbed into the Aeternum Project produced in 1922. Since then, Ellonie has managed to retain it's identity as it's own subdivision. It was formerly home to Aeternum's city hall until it burnt down in 1944. In addition, many boutiques call this area home. Plans are currently in place to move several embassies to some of the buildings in Aeternum as there is a crowding of embassy space in Joliendroit.


The Grand Chapel used to be the home of the Sierrastare Protestant Church when it began in the 1800's. The current buidling here was built in 1900 replacing the old wooden one that collapsed after heavy rains. The Grand Chapel closed in 1961 and it sat empty for 40 years. In 2002, the Embassy and Counselate Commission moved the Casanarean Counselate here to this building. Since then it has been declared a Nationally Protected Landmark by the votes of 2004,2005,and 2011.


One of the most prolific natural landmarks in Sierrastare is Florin Rock. Florin Rock is interesting because it features a petrified tree jutting out of a rock formation. Testing has revealed that the tree could easy be over 2000 years old and in it's petrified state for about 1900 years. This natural formation is unique because it also is the main landmark of the Sierrastare Protestant Church. They claim that the rock shows the signifigance of life after death and the ongoing legacy of Christ. There is a pilgrimage to the rock every even numbered year which attracts 700,000 people from in and out of the country.


In regards to architecture, most of the architecture is Greek Revival styles from the 1890's-1920's. This prospect encompasses the ideal of Marconian planning. Marconian planning was initiated during the late 1920's when Aeternum was being drawn up. The housing style was to produce an old world charm while providing a fresh face to the world of Sierrastarin residential architecture. The popularity quickly became apparent and since then it has remained one of the standards in Sierrastarin construction. Most suburban and even urban homes build between 1925 and 1960 along with a brief period in the 1980's followed this sequence in some form or fashion. Marconian planning has produced many beautiful neighborhoods, like the Marconlexus District pictured above.


This picture showcases medium-high density development using the Marconian method. This became standard in many district bordering the Ellonie and Ciela districts to smoothen the transition between medium-low density development and high density development within the core of Aeternum.





Note from the Author:

It's been a busy couple of months, But I have finally made it out of high school. I graduated this past week and I find it to be quite odd to be left with all of this free time on my hands. I'll be leaving to Howard University on August 13th, But until my part time job and some social functions are the only things in my schedule. So I will be updating much more regularly for your entertainment!

-Much Love , Ervin




The Township of Providence is located due southeast of Inverhattan and it's eastern suburb of Sowenyo. Providence houses around 10,000 people and is divided by Southern Farthbinghamton Freeway ( Southfarth Freeway ). Providence was founded in 1800 as an industrial village. Since then it has steady grown over the last 211 years.


Southfarth Freeway is the main road running the entire length of the township. It starts in Southern Inverhattan and then snakes it's way to the mid-sized city of Oxbradshaw 50 miles to the east. The speed limit has been raised on this motorway several times in the past few decades. Originally when it was built in 1980, it stood at 45mph. Since then it has been raised to 65 mph. Adorned with trees, this was also the marker of the first green belt in Metropolitan Inverhattan.


The southern half of residential Providence is situated on a hill and hosts quite beautiful views of across the highway and Southern Inverhattan. This area was first settled in the orignal 1800 settlement and was set up for the sake of defense. The small fortification was decomissioned in 1806 when Landis gained it's independence. Since then the area has flourished with nice housing for the population of suburbanites. Another feature is the Crown which is a retaining wall built around the hill in 1950 when Croixdexter Rd was constructed. The design called for the placement of trees to help further secure the soil to the side of the mountain. Practices like this did not come into common use until the 1990's Green Construction Movement.


The northern section of Providence is home to Maylou Rd which is home to a old commercial district that is one of the most well known in Landis. Since it's conception in 1920, the area has drawn a rather large number of residents who now own businesses in the area. This area is also known for it's high concentrations around Maylou Rd. Most rent runs from 300 SDL to 600SDL ( 555 USD to 1110 USD ) a month, one of the lowest rent schemes on the area.


As with most areas of Sierrastare, Providence has a great diversity of trees. It ranked number 2 in the vote for Arbor Capital 2011, while the first place winner was Méfaire. It is part of the culture in Providence to have the forest act as a public park and this has been the guiding doctrine since 1990. Almost all wooded areas within Providence ( except within 10 feet of the freeway ) act as parkland for the public. This has boosted tourism and a number of movies were shot in the wood of Providence.


While the industrial area has grown substanially since it's beginnings, there has been several changes in this area. One of the main features of the industrial area was a creek, but the creek died up in the Summer of 1889. Since then the amount of flora has sharply decreased. Throughout the 20th century, developers continued to build on the landscape and refused to fixed the problem of restoring the missing vegetation. The situation came to a head in 1991 when a drought bout about many cracks in the soil. Situation was fixed with an irrigation system in 2000 and since then, some of the vegetation and plant life has returned to the area.









Lenfest is the largest northern suburb of Joliendroit with just over 30,000 residents within a 1.1 kilometer area. The area recieved it's charter in 1881 as the towns of Folkstowne, Darthditch, Merrimont, and Oxwell. The Lenfest Consolidation of 1900 re-established the area as one suburb. Over the last 30 years, the population in Lenfest has steadily declined from 35,000 to 30,000. The loss was accounted for in the Landisian Demographical Review of 2008 with 90% of the population emigration having it's destination as Inverhattan. Today the area is very densely built up and it's transportation system has become the most comprehensive for a mid-level city or 'ulsen' of it's size.


Aside from that, Lenfest is known to be very quaint and quite picturesque, especially in the spring. With it's roundabouts and it's tramsystem snaking throughout, the ulsen is known to be home to middle class families. The housing market here has also become good with selling prices increasing in comparison to other surrounding suburban municipalities.



Just north of Inverhattan lies the bustling suburb of Nottinghamshire. Nottinghamshire was established in 1843 as the towns of Sulfolk, Westgale, Hampshire, and Nottings . After much rearrangement, the area was consolidated in 1863 as Nottinghamshire. The suburb today is one of the working class with many people living in the area and working within the confines of Inverhattan. The area is home to many small single family homes facilitating the population of 28,000 people. At it's peak, 44,000 made this place their home. But over the course of the city border change in 1950 and 11,000 leaving the area for Inverhattan's better urban life, the area has kept it's charm.


The industrial sector in this town is one of the oldest in Sierrastare with it's establishment as it's own town in 1791. The town of Thane was absorbed into Darthditch in 1881 and has since become known as it's own neighborhood within the town.




[ None ]





Abney is the youngest and perhaps most characteristic cities in Sierrastare as it has no determined core. Abney was originally a collection of islands known as the Etten Series. Prior to the 1970's , the area had limited access to the rest of the country and was considered to be extra-rural. It was established in 1970 at the beginning of Naepolian's Regime which resulted in many deaths and emigration. As a result, people who wanted to escape from the main 3 islands moved out to the largest island in the Etten Series known as Olokinandrï or Olok Island. Within a matter of 10 years the population exploded to over 16,000 people. Today, most buildings are still from the days of isolation. Porte Liberation is the most famous docking station in Sierrastare for ferries.


Abney has been rapidly developing over the last 15 years as people have continuously been moving here due to the quality of life and the lower cost of living in comparison to the rest of the country. While people have been moving into the area due to these reasons, the older populations have been leaving in order to live in areas that are more accessible to healthcare and other services. In addition to that, most elderly citizens complain that in order to live on the islands you have to have car ownership, which is something that has been frowned upon continuously by the general population.


The Seron Neighbourhood is the initial settlement area of refugees that moved to the area during the 1970's. The area was constructed in the old style, however many interiors are modernised. The modern interiors also feature smaller square-footage per apartment than those buildings found in other areas in Sierrastare.


Île de Heismann is named after the person who primarily discovered the island chain in the 1830's. It was also a seperate incorporated area until 1990 when the Census Administration and the Municipalities Bureau combined Île de Abney, Olok Island, and Slough Isle into the Municipality of Abney. Île de Heismann lies on a island that is low lying on it's north side with hills on it's southern side. On the northern side, there is a high population density with rather old housing that was built during the 1900 to 1930 period.


Back on Olok Island, there is an increasing sense of industry as industrial growth has been rather high within the past 10 years. Many buildings are state of the art and enegry efficient, however they may not look it. They are also considered to be the home of domestic manufacturing.


Olok Island also is mountainous, the reasons why this island has a large mountain are not entirely clear to geologists, however the mountain is home to the lowest speed limits, the most beautiful views, and also the most hair-raising roads ever paved and even drafted in the country. Aside of that, the drive is also one of the proving grounds in Sierrastare for expert drivers who take several training courses here.



Update : Opalesses


[ None ]





Opalesses is the largest city by land area within the New Kingdom of Sierrastare. The official name for the city is the Municipality of Opalesses. This special designation has only been reserved for two cities within Sierrastare due to their large land area coverage. The only other city to have this designation is the city of Joliendroit. Opalesses's Centré District is centered on an long and narrow Isle that is hilly. One of the most prominent features of the isle is that it is terraced with walls. The area on the Isle has a very high population density that

lives in countless apartment buildings and townhomes. The area is known as one of the most beautiful urban areas within the region.


In the western Centré District, the retail and commercial district is adorned with the Le Metropolitanè or the Metro that runs under Opalesses hills and narrow streets. There are numerous open air parking facilities for mass transit dotted across the city.

There are many apartment buildings located away from the city center and housing is more polarized; some people own single housing while some reside in housing blocks.


Theron Square is framed by Boulé de Opalle , Le Quarté de Français, the Bonnett Projects, Central Hospital. The menagure of trees and lights make this area very prominent during the evening and twilight hours of the morning. This area used to also be home to the Ratarinta Office of Immigration.


The Lornstall Projects is home to the only exclusively low-wealth housing block within the province. The buildings are amoung the tallest in Opalesses and due to their large size and their construction in the 1950's these buildings are known for their rather large apartment sizes. The Ratarinta Province Housing Comission has decided to keep the low-wealth housing due to the need for people to have a residence. To the north of the housing development, the Opalesses Expressway runs along the North Valines river. To the east lies Le Marche.



In Sudocentré ( literally translated as South Central ) , there is a lower population density with many single family homes, tries, and interesting road features. It also is known to be one of the few places where there is limited and indirect rail service. The Emézipikian'oa Mound or Emézipi is also located in this section of the city. The neighbourhood in which Emézipi is located is called Hattingsfaux pictured above.


Pictured above is Emézipi, a mound which was discovered in 1690. This bound is known to be ceremonial mound that was built by the native tribes in the area. There was formally stairs built by the natives to reach the top of the mound and a small temple was located at the top. Analysts suggest that the mound was representative of the ascenscion into heaven from the North or the site of burial. This was an ancient belief that has contributed to the growth patterns in Opalesses well into the 20th century.



Where to Next - Teaser


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The Joliendroit Commuter Rail Lines and Sierratare National Railways transit agencies have recently completed the beautification of the  Joliendroit Corridor leading to Joliendroit Central Station. The project employed 1700 people and had a price tag of 30 million dollars.



The project has allowed the formal establishment of The Woods at Joliendroit. The Woods at Joliendroit is the first urban green space of it's kind that has a focus of maintaining plant diversity and decreasing soil erosion on the hills that the rail lines travel on. In addition to that it is found to be improving air quality in the area by great leaps and bounds.


The hills of Marelles posed a great challenge to any builders and architects during the early years of growth in this area. However today, this area seems to have a natural feel all it's own.


In addition to that topography, another interesting feature of Marelles is it's large quantity of tunnels for the railines which run under and criss-cross the entire area. Oddly, the tunnels were built during the 1800's, well before the area was developed in a urban fashion.


One of the most famous intersections is the Roundabout of Amillia Springs. Amillia Springs was a series of small springs on top of Marelle Hill in Marelles. Over the years the other springs were drained or piped, and built over. Amillia, the largest of the springs, was turned into a small circular lake and during the 1900's the road network in Marelles branched from this one point, making it the focal point of the area. It also set the stage for the area around Amillia Spring to become the second comercial hub of the city.




Dioxcourvait-sur-Lionnes is a suburb that is due north of the Marelles district of Joliendroit and northwest of the Vä'entä district of Joliendroit. Due to it being a directly neighbouring suburb, the area is very densely populated. One of the main issues with this suburb and also it's interesting feature is how close people live to the rail lines in the area.


The sub-neighbourhood of Dioxcourvait-sur-Lionnes is the area known simply as The Strip. The area was constructed during the 1960's when the area was going through a housing boom. In a desperate bid for space, developers bought the land between the two rail lines and build houses on it. Today it is one of the most characteristic pieces of land in the country and is also well known in the urban planning world for it's awkward placement.  


Aside from it's odd characteristics, Dioxcourvait-sur-Lionnes has one of the best secondary schools in the country. Le Instité Claymontaine, founded in 1880, ranked 3rd in the country in 2010 on the national assessment. During the 1960's, it was seen as the worst school in the country with high drop out rates, but after the re-organization of the 1980's, the turn around has been proven to have been massive.


The area around the school is working class family homes, apartments, and businesses. But it is located next to the Wá'en River, one of the natural rivers that flows into the Central Sierrastare Channel from the Sinjonique Outlet.


VÄ'ENTA (Joliednroit )


Located on the border of the City of Joliendroit and Dioxcourvait-sur-Lionnes, lies Vä'entä (Vah-inn-tah). Built up during the 1950's into the late 1960's, this area is extremely urbanized. Recently censuses place the population of this small area to a staggering 85,000 with less than 5% owning their own homes in the area. Part of the reason the area developed was due to the sandwhich effect of two municipalities unwilling to either give up land or spread out the population someplace else. The post WWII housing crisis in Joliendroit caused the construction of many apartments and highrises in the outlying districts of the city. Vä'entä just to happens to be the epitome of the blights of that time. 


The streets are lined with grey apartment buildings that over the years have went through major improvemtns. There have been several proposals to paint the apartments different colors in order to improve the atmosphere. The city council has decided that painting the exteriors of the properties will help improve the property vaues in the area.






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Southnverhattan6.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

The first thing someone enters South Inverhattan is the Steepingshore Walk which was constructed throughout the 1880's. When it was completed the area was full of lush gardens and at it's center, a richly decadent town hall. Before the area was absorbed into the city it was known as Steepingshore. Steepingshore was the area where the rich made their home. The area changed very little until the late 1920's when it was absorbed into the city of Inverhattan. The area became known quickly as South or Southern Inverhattan. Today , the area is known for it's assortment of trees, many of which have descended from the lush gardens that adorned the area. As a result, some spots in this area have been deemed aboretums, under the Species Protection act of 1983.

Southnverhattan6.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

The mishmash of architectural styles have been caused by area being built and destroyed in sections. This area has been known as the Promenade-upon-Channel, which offers a view of the Central Sierrastarin Channel between Landis and Avance provinces. The promenade was constructed in 1909 when several retail stores and apartments were built there. The entire promenade was made with stone and brick and took over 3 years to complete. Originally, it was meant to have an accompanying pier, but plans were scrapped in 1911. Pier construction was deemed too costly due to the steep drop off into the channel right infront of the promenade.  The promenade was rebuilt in 1968 when the Western Landis Highway ( SI-18 ) was constructed. and has become a partial retaining wall for the eastern lanes. 

Southnverhattan6.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

This area is known as Exton Corner, also known for it's high density of retail stores and apartments, the area has been influenced by almost every architectural group. This area was part of the original construction of Steepingshore. During the early 1900's this area was known for it's numerous small banks which grew into the larger provincial bank of Gwyndllan Finance. The area still has many businesses, however there are alot more apartments now in comparison to then. Typically rent can run a person 1000SDL (Around 1,870USD) a month.

Southnverhattan6.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

Central of South is Inverhattan's second CBD. The area has it's own skyline and it's own uniqueness. Looking from a map from google, one would be able to see that the Center of South is located within an area shaped like and octagon framed by an avenue. This arrangement was found to be very common in Sierrastare in terms of urban planning during the earlier part of the 20th century. As a result, the main concentration of businesses in the area is located within this very small area. It is framed in two corners with plazas in addition to smaller neighbourhood businesses and local landmarks.

Southnverhattan6.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

South Inverhattan, aside from being sophisticated still has an partial identity as small town. It's market, Brighton Marketplace  is one of the oldest in Sierrastare. First built in 1799 , it has catered to the people of the area for over 210 years. In addition to it's long history, it has underwent 5 overhauls and a major setback.  After experiencing a fire in 1884, the market was drastically cut back to 40% of it's original size. In additon to that, the bricks have been changed from sandstone, to clay, and then back to sandstone with a coating. Presently, the marketplace has been in the same state for 40 years, which is the longest time between alterations.

Southnverhattan6.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

This picture displays the Ixbridge Corner. The main feature in this picture would be the heavy transition between contemporary and classic building styles. It has been suggested by city council to tear down this corner and replace it with more contemporary accomadations. Representatives from this part of town have stated they would like to keep the area as is due to the high level of history value.






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The Marelles District of Joliendroit is the most populous area in the Joliendroit metropolitain area. With over 100,000 people, over half it's area is dominated by railways and parklands. In addition to that this area is home to one of the oldest churches in Sierrastare and possibly the southern portion of Africa.

SierrastareBannerWiki.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

Our Lady of Benevolence Church was originally built in 1620 as the city of Zedentwa ( the ancient name of Joliendroit ) in order to allow the traders and their families a place of worship. After 390 Years it has undergone 11 renovations and 1 rebuilding after extensive smoke damage from the Great Fire of 1754. Over the years, as the city has grown out, there has been a problem trying to keep the church a landmark that is protected by the government. During the 300th anniversary of it's opening on April 9th 1920, the church was given protection status. Paperwork regarding it's protection status was destroyed in the 1970's by the dictatorship regime and during the 1980's heavy amounts of high rise construction went on around it. In 1992 it regained it's protection status and is preparing to undergo another renovation for it's 400th anniversary.

SierrastareBannerWiki.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

The Artimean Stairs is a neighborhood inside the Marelles District that has been built on terraced hills. This area didn't become fully developed until the 1920's and before complete development, the land was covered with trees along with a smalll lake. Since then the lake has been dispersed and the construction has taken presedence over the landscape. During the 1950's , a ring road was built marking the city boundary during that time. As a decade passed , the ring road became a elevated highway by 1965 and hasn't recieved an upgrade since. Even though the ring road hasn't recieved a major upgrade in over 45 years , it remains a marvel due it's engineering complexities. The highway had to be built through neighborhoods, over railroad tracks, and major roadways. The space restriction was so tight that in some instances , the highway came within a mere 4 feet away from houses. Since then, most older developments of the sort have been demolished and moved closer to the street.

SierrastareBannerWiki.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

The Joliendroit Commuter Lines bobs and weaves throughout the district of Marelles through a series of tunnels, switches, underpasses, and overpasses. Even though the system was in place since the 1910's, most of the newer aspects didn't arrive until the 1980's when the economy was jumpstarted. Since then most of the original works around the railways have been beautified and improved upon. Presently, SNR ( Sierrastare National Railways ) in partnership with JCL ( Joliendroit Commuter Lines ) are undergoing a complex review of the system which may involve cutting some of the services to underused stations along with repairing or removing lines and branches deemed obselete.

SierrastareBannerWiki.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

Le Memorialé de Toussaint is considered to be the final resting place for the king who overthrew his brother in on the New Years Eve of 1979 , and bought the country to prosperity and fruition in the 1980's. Toussaint Redstone and his wife, Queen Gracea Redstone were laid to rest here after a car accident on Sierrastarin Independence Day 1994 ( May 28th 1994 ). They were buried in Celestare originally however. But they were moved here in 1996 , when the memorial was completed. Daily over 80,000 people come to visit Toussaint and Gracea , leaving messages,cards, flowers, and the occasional prayer. Yearly , on May 28th, HRH Claudiya Redstone and her sister HM Queen Daiowne Redstone have a private visit between the hours of 10am-12pm to have time to remember and leave gifts for their father and his wife.




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MÉFAIRE ( mae-fair)



Méfaire is a industrial town located immediately to the east of Celestare. The town has been an industrial town since the 1920's since the first factories moved into the area. Since then the area has matured into a more sophisticated industrial zone with some of the tightest pollution controls in the nation.  As a result, Méfaire as alot of vegetation to mitigate the effects of any lingering noise and air pollution.

Mfaire-Mar22581277334596.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

Since the 1980's the area has begun programs to eliminate the factories that were inefficient, unsafe, and produced the highest levels of airboure pollutants. Since then, there are very few emissions from these factories, however there are some that release their emissions into the air.Normally, in places like Méfaire, factories that have emissions over a certain level or consume electricity in excess have higher taxes than in areas where there are no emissions at all. Even though smokestacks still release pollutants, they are not toxic to the point where immediate danger is warranted.

Mfaire-Mar22581277334596.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

The trees surrounding the industrial area also serves a second function. It serves as a arboretum displaying trees that are found in many parts of Sierrastare as well as those that are non-native. Checks are done yearly to make sure that invasive species do not destroy the biodiversity of the plants and trees in the area.

Mfaire-Mar22581277334596.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

The residential areas in Méfaire are also a sight having the highest number of trees per capita in the entire nation for any town with over 2000 residents. This gives Méfaire the fame of being called " The Arbor Capital of Sierrastare " for the 20th year running.






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Tancony-Mar23.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

Tancony is the satellite city of Opalesses situated less than 15 miles from the downtown area of Opalesses it'self. Before the city became marked as the most beautiful in Sierrastare it was a sleepy farmtown that only a couple hundred people lived. But mass immigration transformed the town almost overnight.Since the 1940's the population has been home to a heavy Dutch influence. Many of the citizens are descendants of people who moved from the Netherlands during the late 1930's and early 1940's to escape the Holocaust in Europe. Also a second wave of Dutch immigrants came during the 1960's.

Tancony-Mar23.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

The city is also known for it's architecture. During the 1960's the limited space and cramped conditions in the city center caused many people to think of a new way to build. No one would ever think that by using an old concept , the city would classify it's own architectural revival of the Amsterdam Style. This revival of architecture was deemed as the Dutch New Wave. Another reason why buildings of this style were built , was to be able to have grand and classy boutique entrances to every commercial outfit in the city.

Tancony-Mar23.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

Tancony is also well known to host the tallest building in a city with under 80,000 residents in Sierrastare. The Hollandia Tower was built in the 1980's as a premiere center of commerce in Ratarinta Province. Even though most companies now have their home based in Opalesses other businesses and international embassies have taken their place there.The Sierrastare Uniovision Association is also headquartered here.

Tancony-Mar23.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

Another unique feature of the city is it's canals. Orignally locals used irrigation canals that overtime grew to supply the area with water. As a city began to grow out of the farm town , they became more sophisticated along with it's mechanics. In 1969 , a new pumping station for water to be pumped from the river into the newly brick laid canals opened. The release system was installed in 1970 which allowed water to leave in order to keep the water clean and produce some electricity. Today the canals are now the pride and glory of the region and extend to farming areas that are several miles from the city.

Tancony-Mar23.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

As of April 2010 , the area surrounding the Haare Canal is deemed as one of the most expensive places to buy real estate due to it's proximity to the town center and the fact that is right next to a landmark. Most of these homes are also tested every 6 months to make sure that the canals are not posing a risk to the foundations. To date , not even a single home has gotten a flooded basement due to the canal's location. Engineers state that thanks to deep core wall made from steel that extends 24 feet down and outer walls made out of concrete that extend into the ground for 20 feet, the canals will last for another 50-60 years before needing or considering a wall change.


Ervin M. Hall





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S i e r r a S t a r e



Siena16.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

Spittalhattan Square in the middle of summer , This area is known for being surrounded by 5 star resturants , boutiques , and it borders with the Sinjonique Outlet, where Sierrastare's major waterway empties. The area used to host the old city hall for Joliendroit , it was demolished in 1892.

Siena17.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

The intersection between Southern Liberties Blvd and Canne Av. have bridges at 2 of it's 3 sides. One leading to Boulévard Siena the other , leading directly into Le Marche Minor. The surrounding area has been seeing less and less traffic yearly through the area as people have turned to the subway system.

Siena18.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

The Parké du Coummuníon is the oldest park that is associated with a church in Sierrastare , being established in 1688. However due to the road revolution of the 1960's and the rebirth of road building in the 1980's , the park has been divided. Currently ,  NKSH 1 is planned to be tunneled through the downtown district. But more studies are being done for it's viability.

Dolesen1.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

This Area is called  Dolesen Park , home of the first river walk in Sierrastare , built up and developed for that purpose in 1899. Since then most cities and towns in Sierrastare next to water have followed suit in some fashion.

Dolesen2.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

The South Dolesen Area is home to the most densely populated part of Joliendroit presently. As many as 100,000 in habitants are squeezed into this area that is sandwiched between Ali'ne and Violons and the Sijonique Outlet.





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Christmas Presents | Presétents Natijity = Part 2


Celestare2-1.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

Palais du Norde

As the word had came around to the guests in the room everyone began to head to the closet. One by one the main handed each their coat. However Florenca, the one to be independent in all of her actions grabbed her own. As they began to put on their coats a ring on Claudiya's cell phone stopped a couple in the group to look in her direction. Claudiya grabbed the phone and in a matter of a second had it to her ear. " Hello? " 

" Hello , this is Senator Olga Isek, I was calling in regards to your sister and her baby , are you sure you will be able to come into the meeting in the place of your sister or not?  "

" I'm not sure , Remember , I did legally step down from the throne , so for me to do so without written consent is a problem..." Claudiya stated while putting on her light jacket.

Meanwhile everyone began to file out the door into the main walk and walk around the Northern Building to the waiting limo. As they walked the Ariel and Loís would look at the lush green ground that lay around the paths.

" I wonder.." Loís stated somewhat mischeviously

" Don't even think about it!" Florenca stated her son very quickly " No wild parties here."

" Why would it have to be wild , It could just be a dinner with dancing. " He beamed , even though in his mind he knew that with all this space a wild outside party could take place if it wanted to. 

As everyone walked around the corner the limo pulled up slowly and it's driver got out.Claudiya was helped into the car while everyone  else decided to get in on their own accord. With the doors closed and the driver back in the driver's seat , the limo was started up , and it pulled off down the cobblestone lane towards the palace gates.

CelestareRoyalHospital.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

Within a short 5 minute drive they all arrived at the hospital. The driver had pulled into the parking lot and quickly guided them towards the rear entrance of the hospital. As they entered the hospital and jumped on the elevator to the 5th floor Corey had then asked Claudiya a question. "Why in the world do we go in the rear enterance? I mean any other time you would go through the front entrance too. "

Claudiya raised an eyebrow and answered " Well , it's a tradition to us when there is someone in the family having a baby , Plus we were notified ahead of time to arrive at the hospital to visit."

Corey didn't completely understand still and kept a puzzled look upon his features for most of the time he was on the elevator. As it reached the 5th floor , they were met by a doctor.

This doctor was a short woman with peppered hair , she was probably in her late 50's and indeed seemed to be the head of the maternity ward based off of her aura. She was also very thin as well and wore glasses that weren't thick , but did infact  help her sight in terms of magnification. As everyone stepped off into the white corridor she greeted everyone and looked down at her PDA.  " Ah , the Redstones! I see you're here to see the Queen and wait for the arrival of the new baby , I will let you all sit in the large family waiting room and Claudiya , I will like for you to come with me. " Everyone followed her into the room that was a few steps from their last position. As they were seated Claudiya stood up and followed the doctor to her office down the hall.


As they both walked into the office of the doctor , Claudiya was gestured to sit down by the doctor. The kind demeanor of the doctor made her think something was wrong. As the doctor sat down, she took off her glasses  and set them on her desk still opened out. She would let out a slight sigh and speak to Claudiya in a soft tone. " Claudiya , are you planning on having anymore children anytime soon? "

Claudiya became puzzled as to why the question was asked , the concern and worry in her mind mounted with the question as well. She answered " Probably in another 3 or 4 years but no, not in the near future."

"Then I would advise you don't.. "

Now Claudiya became concerned  " Why? "

" Because , after examining your last pregnancy , somethings appears to be abnormal , and the tissue samples also came back as irregular.."

Claudiya's anxiety began to slowly overtake her thought process. " Is...is it cancerous? "

" No! no! no! , It's not. But the tissue that was tested was infact structurally irregular. "

Claudiya relaxed alittle bit and calmed herself...



After hours of sitting and waiting most of the party have napped. Their Christmas dinner party had to be postponed and changed into a New Years one due to the extended absense and the expected arrival. Claudiya however stayed awake from the prospect that something was infact , internally wrong with her. As 9 o'clock appeared on the clock there was a light knock on the door by a nurse. "  You're able to see them now." she said softly. Claudiya was the only one awake at the time and proceeded to get up from her chair. As she walked with the nurse to the room she smiled when she saw Garét and Daiowne in the room , and with Garét holding the bundle of joy that had just arrived in the world.

" So what's his name? "

" Wes Taixwyn Redstone - Hargrove " Daiowne said in a tired voice , looking ready to fall asleep at the mere movement of any limb.

" I love the name, and Taixwyn is a beautiful name as well..."

" Yes , Daiowne picked it out. It means 'new era' in Sierrastarin , I think it's fitting for this little guy "

" It's fitting for the times as well." Claudiya smiled.

She walked over to Garét and smiled " He's going to definitely do well as a leader one day , I can sense it."







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Christmas Presents | Presétents de Natijity 

There had been months that had passed and the Royal Family has once again continued to flourish along with the nation of Sierrastare. As Christmas began to appear right around the corner a sudden change came to the palace , Claudiya , Queen of Sierrastare since the age of 13, had given up the throne to her older sister Daiowne. Daiowne herself was experiencing a growth of her own family. She had married in the summer and is expected to give birth anyday now. Even more surprising is that the Isabella Branch of the family was finally added into the line of succession after months of voting and appeals and going through the process of authorization. This Christmas presents some of the biggest changes for the palace and the nation as a whole .


Celestare2-1.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

Palais du Norde


It was Christmas Eve , the family had been bought to the palace. As the entire Royal family sat in the main living room of the Southern wing , Florenca was in the process of getting pushed out of the kitchen by one of the chef's assistants  " Hey wait a second, You said I could help! "

The chef assistant responded back nervously " Em, You aren't helping getting flour all over the place. Heh heh "

Florenca then pushed the assistant to the side and went past him as he fell over onto the shiny corridor floor infront of the door to the living room. Everyone looked over including Corey, her husband " Hun! " He yelled alittle bit walking over to the man to help him up. Claudiya would snicker alittle bit and talk to Corey and Florenca's children , Ariel and Loís  " The chef really hates it when he has company in the kitchen , He almost tried to call security on me for trying to make myself a sandwhich "

Ariel would laugh  " Wow , someone likes their job too much! "

" No , he just likes to be control of the kitchen. I love Chef Voilé greatly , but sometimes he just does too much. I mean it's like he's in the army , Unless I say 'you're dismissed' then he will continue cooking."

Loís raised an eyebrow " Maybe we should just leave him to his own devices to cook the dinner for this evening. I mean sure he may like his job too much , But it is his job ya know. He's a 5 star chef and he's going to have that kind of complex I would assume.


Suddenly there was screaming in Russian being heard from the kitchen not too far down the hall , And Florenca came running back into the room tossing the apron down and was covered in flour. The chef came following not to far behind in a rage. Corey the stopped the chef and spoke to him to calm him down " My wife didn't mean to cause trouble , she just likes cooking and wanted to help." 

The reply that got came back in a rough Russian accent with a slight French undertone " She helped all right! She turned about a quarter of the kitchen white with flour! , That's enough to make about 3 cakes and she wasted it. Hay! "

The chef fumed while Claudiya continued to talk to the children. " Even though you know how protocol is , I would like you to remember to be yourself , Heh , I never followed royal protocols" she said to the two teens " Just be yourselfs and everything will be just fine at the dinner. Nothing will go wrong as long as you follow that rule. " 

Following that sentence , there was a maid that showed up infront of Claudiya and she had a look of delight on her face. " Your Highness , the Queen , your sister , just went into labour. " Claudiya smiled with delight and called Corey over to her after he had finished calming down the chef. " We need to make a trip the hospital and check up on Daiowne , from what I'm hearing she just went into labour. "  Ariel then gained a ill look on her face. "Do we have to see the birth? "  Florenca responded quickly " No , not if you don't want to . To be honest though , I think that she just wants her husband to experience it. It would be amazing you know. You know your father was there for both of you , He was the first to hold you guys. That is after me of course " She laughed. Loís slightly twisted his lips " T.M.I mom..."






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Sights around Sierrastarinta | Siiera'ty  Sierrastartina

AbneyIsland1.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

Click for Full Resolution

SouthErviltyne1.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

Allendale1.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

Fredere-aux-Yevanroh1.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

Fredere-aux-Yevanroh2.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

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Southern Liberties


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Notes from the Author :


Well ,  where to begin , between the failure of my lovely HP laptop and their denial that something was wrong , I have been working on SC4. Except the process for updates have gotten slower , MUCH slower. Even though there is some spark left in the flame and there is an update the flame must be tended to start burning correctly. There is also another obstacle that any person who graduated from high school would know about [ esp. if you're from the U.S ] , grade 11. The busiest year of high school and perhaps the most confusing and difficult. Sleepless nights , standardized tests , college exams and perhaps an entrance exam or two. So even worse , more time being gobbled up. If it can't get worse it does. Try debate and mock trial :P on for size in addition.


El Reino Nuevo del Sierrastarinta | La Sierrastarinta Del Zonta Newe

Southern Liberties District, Joliendroit | Districte Libertie Sud de Joliendroit

oct4024copy.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453 

On the AH-1 Traveling south will bring you to the Southern Liberties section of the city. The AH-1 is the most heavily used city motorway in Sierrastare and due to this noise pollution ordinances called for the planting of trees around the viaduct to absorb some of the noise and pollutants.

oct4027copy.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

The AH-1 continues to travel into the Souther Liberties surrounded by the green space. One side single family homes rest on one side while the dense cityscapes lies on the other.

oct4029copy.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

Apartments and lofts adorn the Southern Liberties along with the busy lives of commuters heading into the Siena District. Within recent years , many people have ditched their cars for subway usage , even though with the population increasing in the area , car ownership is  beginning to increase again. This area is also very family friendly hosting schools and hospitals along with recreation within a walkable distance in the community.

oct4030copy.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

Traveling more further out past the South Central High School, of 2650 students . The atmosphere seems more suburban with homes being more single family oriented and cars being more common due to the availiability of driveways. An artificial lake have also made this area attractive and the area is home to licensed and limited fishing. Annually boat contests are held yearly in the artifical lake as well by the South  Central High School Engineering Class.

oct4025copy.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

By travelling even further out, even closer to the suburbs. Industrial areas also begin to take form. One of the first in Joliendroit rests here and it is currently under the Environmental G.R.E.E.N program evaluation for tree planting to help counter carbon emissions. This picture was taken , perhaps a few weeks before the brief fall last year. [ I seriously fail to understand how this ended up here , darn picture sorters...]



[ Media Update 2 ]*

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____________________________Media Update 2 [DEUX]_____________________________


April 2009 - Avril 2009


May 2009 - Maï 2009


June 2009 - Juin 2009



July 2009 - Juilliette 2009



August 2009 - Août 2009



*The asterisk in the title denotes that this update contains content rated as PG-13 or TV-14 . Reader and Viewer discretion is advised.



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The Grass on the Other Side Part 2| Le Solsieq dans le ortert side - Parte Duex

Florenca was in shock. " Hay dios....mio.." She said , speaking in Spanish , She put a hand to her mouth and began to read the letter to herself on the porch. Looking over each word carefully , trying not to skip one due to her jumble of emotions.

ClaudiyaLetter.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

She turned around and began to head back into the house. As she made it through the door she would pick up speed and as she called for husband, Corey , She would run right into him! A cup of water was in his hands at the time when she made impact. A thud would be heard as she would fall on her behind. The letter , with a couple droplets of water on it from the collision would fly  off to the right of her. But she quickly got up and went into wife mode immediately.  " Oh gosh , Honey , are you alright ? " She would asking taking the cup out of his hands and setting it on one of the side tables in the living room.

" I'll be fine...Thank goodness it was just water." He said brushing his white button up shirt off. " And what's up? " Corey looked at her in a slightly puzzling manner. "A letter! It's from the Queen!" Corey's eyes narrowed alittle bit but he then asked to see the letter. Florenca would hand it to him and in disbelief would look at the signature. It was indeed an authentic personal letter from the royal desk. He knew that something was interesting until about now. But he then looked at his wife and exclaimed " We head off tomorrow! " Florenca would smile at him and also cheer slightly in the nature of the news.

InverhattanCollege.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

Meanwhile at Inverhattan College ...

Ariel had snuck out the backdoor to see her friends and was beginning her summer preparation sessions for College since she was already 2 years ahead. She would be walking around the indoor campus with her 2 female friends. Stephané and Xarria.

" Thank God I got out of that house! , You know how younger brothers and parents are." Ariel exclaimed

" I know what you mean , My mom was trying to give me chores. " Stephané said making a face.

" Did you do them? " Xarria said smirking.

"Erm...I had no choice.."

" Wait, wait... I spy with my little eye, a college junior." Ariel said biting her lip alittle.

"Putting your fingers near your mouth while doing that isn't a good way to go Ari."

" Yeah and didn't you get in trouble for sneaking your boyfriend in the house and making out with him...and your parents were upstairs.."

Ariel turned alittle red in the face.

" Erm,Uh, *ahem* No I did not"

"Should I call Erik to ask him?" Xarria said smirking.

"Heh heh , No need! no need! " Ariel said nudging Stephané

Ariel then turned to Stephané and got close to her and whispered in her ear. "Can you get his number for me. He is someone I would like to know."

" Ahem! " Said Xarria standing  right behind the two. " Apparently you two can't whisper to save your lives."

Suddenly there was a ring on Ariel's cellphone she grabbed it out of her purse and  looked at the screen. " There they go again.. One sec. ".. Ariel pressed the accept button and took the call. " Ouis? , Hey mom...

' Honey , I need you home as soon as you are finished with your sessions today okay? We have to talk '

"Okay." Ariel hung up.

"Someone's in trouble? "

" No, I'm not."

" After what you did last week at your house while your parents and brother were away , I would think you would have your head served on a platter." Stephané said laughing alittle.

" Let's not talk about that now shall we? " Ariel said laughing. But she felt that today was going to be one of those days , where some part of her life was going to change , or where she was going to have a pivotal moment occur in the near future. She continued to go into her devices and approached the junior in the hall with her friends. Even though due to her being so nervous , she dropped the ball on getting the digits.

-To Be Continued-



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Sierrastarinta del Zonta Newe

9:17 am at The Baez House , Johnson Ave. , Inverhattan

BaezHouse.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

" MOM! She's hogging up the bathroom again! "

"Louis , leave your sister alone  , she's only taking a shower.."Louis looks at his mother in amazement and points at the door. "'She's been in there for 35 minutes. I think it's time to let someone else go to the bathroom! "

His mother , Florenca  , knocks on the door. " Ariel ,Time to get out , your brother's bladder is going to bust soon.

In a matter of 10 seconds Ariel comes out of the bathroom almost fully dressed. " Okay , It's all yours . " She states with a slight tinge of an attitude. Louis runs into the bathroom and slams the door. Florenca looks at Ariel and then shakes her head as Ariel heads to her room.

Florenca begins to head for the downstairs in the house towards the living room.


The Living room , Clad in light colours and soft tones was an area that was relaxing to her and her husband Corey , who was sitting on the couch looking through the newspaper for the day and drinking a cup of green tea. He looked up to see his wife coming downstairs and put the paper down. " Are you alright , Other than the kids arguing? " He asked raising an eyebrow. Florenca walked over to the couch and sat down letting out a sigh. "I'm alright , I think that we may need to invest in a new bathroom. Because Ariel is taking her diva times and applying it to the bathroom."

" Hm , I think she got that from your side of the family " Corey said laughing alittle. 

" I'm not sure about that. Mr. 'I would like to show up to my wedding 2 hours late because  the hair and shoes weren't exactly quite right.' " She said smirking alittle.

"Okay , You got me there" He said putting the paper down alittle more. "

Suddenly both of them looked towards the door hearing the sound of someone walking up to the door. They thought for that second that it might be the mail carrier so they didn't think much about it. " It's nothing but the mailman. Eitherway , what do want for breakfast? It's my turn to cook it. " Corey said.

Meanwhile Florenca had the thought in the back of her head still of the odd interruption. " I want scrambled eggs with bacon and perhaps some pancakes. "

" Okay then ,  I will get to it then . " Corey got up and put the paper on the coffee table and headed into the kitchen. Florenca sat on the couch and for about 30 seconds remained in thought. She then got up and went to the door and went outside. She looked to the right and opened the mail box. She remembered something in her train of thought...The mail always came around 10:30.. She picked the piece of mail out of the mailbox and looked at the back feeling a seal. Her eyes widened....The royal seal was on the envelope.

Envelopewithroyalseal.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

--To be continued--



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Sierrastare | eratsarreiS

Inverhattan , Landis Province


Inverhattan Station North is the norther rail terminus that was built in 1953 to replace the fire damaged Central Station that expirienced two fires. One in 1931 and a more serious one in 1951. The station however expirienced a problem during construction in which some of the land from the original station was sold off. Consequently instead of having 4 platforms like it's predecessor, It ended up having only 2. However this has not been a problem as there was a sub-at-grade system built that ties into the network to help siphen off some of the ridership to manageable levels.

Inverhattan1-1.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

The Carin Cut is famous because it was one of the first areas in Sierrastare to have an open cut railroad in 1860.

Surrounding the cut are apartments and neighbourhoods of mixed architecture.The Carin Cut is scheduled to be rebuilt as there are concerns about the turns in the rails and the walls being uneven. Many people who live in this section of town claim Irish ancestry.

Inverhattan1-5.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

Bedstuyvesant Boulevard is the main thoroughfare in Northern Inverhattan running well into the suburbs and into another city of 80,000 called Norman-upon-Galevesty. This is also the birthplace of the Dutch New Wave. A building style that was almost exactly copied from the Netherlands.The Dutch New wave arrived in 1964 and today is going through a renaissance in the construction of urban housing.

Inverhattan1-6.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453

Downtown is an eclectic mix of several different kinds of Achitecture. However with the arrival of skyscrapers, Downtown's older buildings built in the Parisian Style are now in danger of now being replaced with more modern buildings that will provide more space for offices. The Landis Mucipal Centre is located off to the far left in the picture which was constructed in 1956 making it the oldest midrise in Inverhattan. The Carmichael Building ( Middle Right , Dark Building next to the blue glass one ) was built during the Naepolian Regime and was completed 8 years after it's construction started. It was completed in 1977. Then in 1985 came the Brëlna Place ( middle of picture , light pink cladding ) This building became the tallest in Sierrastare until 1997. However the city counsel that is in charge of the city stated that "until the skyline becomes more balanced, buildings over 749.9 ft can no longer be built.  In 1990 the 1900 Islas became the first fully glass clad building ( the building is on the right of the picture.)

The most recent addition is the Islingtyne Marketing Building built in 2002 what that is also fully clad in glass. ( Building built at an angle, top of picture )


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