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The high tech industry has found a place in Widening, as you can see in the first picture of this update. As all other businesses are, they’re very happy with their stay in the city, since satisfaction is at 100%. This is a bit strange, though, since the factories are located near the polluting industry in the unqualified workers area, which results in a bit less than optimal profitability, so I don’t see them being one hundred percent satisfied.


Where there is high tech industry there have to be executives, since one factory requires one qualified worker and one executive. These executives live in big houses in a small neighborhood next to the factories, as you can see in the next picture. Here the pollution is a bit less, but still the executives suffer from it a lot, since they appreciate their environment by just 58%.


The next picture shows an environment satisfaction overlay of the entire city. You can clearly see the dark area in the middle where the unqualified workers area is with its polluting industries. At the bottom is a red area that I should probably do something about, maybe move a few manufacturing plants. On the left at the top is a bright green square that is the executives area. The strange thing is that it is green, since that would mean they like their environment a lot, but all the other information panels show otherwise: the color should be orange.


The next picture shows an impressive home of an executive. With 78% satisfaction the executives are still quite happy about their stay in Widening. But they are hard to please. They enjoy the services the city offers for just 84%. They’re especially discontent about education and retail, with numbers going down to 62%. For the two other groups in the city satisfaction levels have gone up a bit, by about 2%, thanks to some new services that are now being offered. Also a couple more factories have been moved, resulting in a raise in the environment appreciation of the unqualified workers of 2%.


With the arrival of the new and rich inhabitants town hall found that another display of Widening’s grandeur was needed, so again a large plaza was laid out, as you can see in the next picture. This time a modern urban plaza has been used. Widening’s population is now at 20,708, mainly qualified workers. Continuing investments in offices keeps their numbers rising. The executives account already for 4% of the population, which means that the unqualified workers have again given up some terrain.


One of the new services the city offers now is a small fire protection, to be seen in the next picture. I really like this building. It does however not increase satisfaction levels, but it will protect against fires. It is among the most expensive services town hall has to finance.


Widening finally has a real park, to be seen in the next picture. It is however not a real service to the city. It is meant as an avatar meeting place. When visiting a city that is saved online the avatar will be placed in such a park, so there is no point in having one in Widening, since it is played in solo mode. However, I like parks, and I like this park, so I’ll keep one in the city. At the moment it covers a heavily polluted area, which is a good thing, because otherwise I would have to put high tech industry there, which they wouldn’t like.


One peculiar thing is that in the list of most profitable businesses the heavy industry is on top, except for the luxury hotels. I’d expect offices and the other types of industry to be wealthier, but that is not the case. Financially Widening is still doing great. For a long time income was at more than 36,000. Due to the introduction of new services it has dropped to 24,063. The total capital available to the city has risen to 15,688,942. There’s a lot you can do with that. It’s a pity you can’t convert this into tokens, because then I could buy a lot of stuff from OmniCorp.

The next picture shows a close up of a high tech factory.


At the moment the remarkable situation occurs that while Widening produces three tokens of fuel it runs short one token. Apparently the general purpose utilities facility now also cannot produce all the fuel the city needs. I haven’t ended a contract with OmniCorp yet, because one of the first things that are going to be done is laying out new fuel extraction fields. Widening is going to drill for all the oil it can get. This means the executives and the qualified workers are going to face some more pollution, since their neighborhoods have been chosen as new drilling sites. There is no way around this; it has to be where they live.

The next picture makes me really happy. The real Santa is in Widening and is bringing gifts. I’m gonna get my presents after all.


The final picture of this update is a night shot of the first large plaza and its surroundings. If you look closely you can discern the new leisure facility: a go-carting. It’s in the middle in the lower half and the people that live here enjoy it a lot.

We’re going to take bigger steps now. New buildings will be unlocked when Widening reaches 50,000 inhabitants, so that’s when a new update will be presented.


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nice! kinda like my city when it started out. My city has got to about 250,000  people now and has a large buisness district.
Keep up the good work and good luck with your city!

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