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It gets better

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As Widening has reached 15,065 inhabitants it is developing all kinds of shortages. The general purpose utilities building the city started with is now falling short when it comes to electricity production and waste treatment. Demand for electricity showed up in the red, so a small power plant has been constructed, to be seen in the first picture of this update. It produces a reasonable amount of power, but it is with its maintenance costs of 5,000 among the most expensive services the city offers. It also produces some pollution, but I’m not sure yet how much. Is it more like the heavy industry, or more like the manufacturing industry?


Furthermore Widening now lacks one token of waste treatment. Since overall satisfaction still is in the green, I think I’m gonna leave that for a while. The same goes for the lack of one token of food. It will cost the city 9,100 to buy that from OmniCorp, so I’m gonna postpone that a bit too. Widening is located on the fertile plains, so there is a large area where agriculture is possible, but it is at some distance from the oil fields and I don’t want to put homes in an area far away from where the services are. I don’t think overall satisfaction is going to benefit from that. So when it really needs be I’ll buy the necessary food until the city has expanded so far that the fertile plains are near by.

The next picture is a nice shot of some heavy industry.


Because I fail to supply these needs the city budget is doing really well. At the moment 20,153 is accumulated each turn, which has resulted in a total of 8,430,567 in the vaults of the city. The industry has with 17,820 paid each turn in taxes taken the lead in the race for the biggest tax payer, leaving the offices behind at 14,796, so the gap has widened considerably. The difference between corporate taxes paid and income taxes paid is also very large. All businesses together pay 36,648, while the citizens pay only 11,700. This seems very logical. Businesses of course have more money than individual people.

The next picture shows some manufacturing industry.


Town hall has sought to supply the city with all the offices, shops and hotels it can possibly use, since these cause no pollution, and the quality of the environment is really in danger in Widening. It has succeeded at that. The city now produces three tokens of office services, and supply in these sectors is almost all the time more than satisfied. But town hall has not gone over the edge, since all businesses are still 100% satisfied with the city.

The next picture shows a nice office building next to one of the avenues.


In the next picture of a qualified worker’s home you can see the three large, white luxury hotels the city has in the distance.


I have been trying to improve the environment by moving some of the industry around in the unqualified workers area, so that the burden of bad air would be spread more evenly over the populace. This has worked. The unqualified workers appreciate their environment by 46% now, which is 6% more than in the previous update. I was thinking about putting some industry in the qualified worker’s area, but decided to not do that, since at the moment both groups are about equally happy, so it would only result in less happy qualified workers and happier unqualified workers. Qualified workers are already more difficult to satisfy, so let’s not make it harder. I wouldn’t want to create a situation where the unqualified workers are happier than the qualified workers. That just wouldn’t feel right and would probably cause more trouble than the current situation.

The next picture shows a part of the qualified workers area where there’s lots of clean air..


Widening now can construct a new kind of plaza, the modern plaza, and it is shown in the next picture amidst some qualified worker’s homes. Satisfaction on the whole has stayed the same at about 82%. The satisfaction with the services the city offers is diminishing, probably because of growing distances to the homes, so at some point extra services have to be added, but not just yet. Also for some people the shops are maybe a bit far away, so it has been decided to not add shops any more to what is now the central area of the city, but to instead place them on what are currently the edges. Traffic flow in Widening is smooth, with a stable satisfaction level of about 91%. I guess the nice, geometric road layout, combined with keeping businesses close to homes, works very well. All in all things seem to stabilize. A downward trend in the levels of satisfaction has been stopped, for the moment. There will undoubtedly be more challenges ahead, but we’ll cross those bridges when we come to them.


More and more qualified workers find their way to Widening. Their share of the total population has risen to 57%. This will probably continue, since town hall’s policy is to build as much offices and as little industry as possible when striving for a balanced growth. For this reason a new qualified workers area has been set up on the other side of the unqualified workers area. Next to it will be the area where the new high tech industry, that now wants to establish itself in the city, will be placed. This also means that from now on executives will come to live in Widening, as you will see in the next update, which will be when the city has more than 20,000 inhabitants.

The next picture shows a liquor store early in the morning.


The final picture of this update shows an unqualified worker’s home I like a lot. There are nice little shops at ground level, even though the building has no shopping function in the game whatsoever, it’s just a home.


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