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Lyhoko Leaci



February 17th, 0165AL (2021)


The Valmal began shaking and the view of the wormhole turned into nothing but a blur as they left the Hasaq system. 

blankqw1.jpg Computer: Warning, wormhole is unstable.

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: Shut down the Wapbervklex drive!


The Valmal began coasting as it shot out of the wormhole into a thick reddish-purple cloud.

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: Where are we?

cormanibm9.jpgCormani: According to the sensor logs, we are somewhere in the middle of the Sarim Nebula, about 950 light years from our previous position.

ltkalmulsc1.jpgLt. Kalmul: Wapbervklex drive is currently offline, and there is some moderate hull damage on the rear section of decks 6 and 7. Long range sensors and communication are also out due to interference from the nebula, short range sensors and communication are up, but there will be a lot of static.

chatakrarl1.jpg1st Officer Chatakra: But how did we get here? We should still be close to the Hasaq system.

mardonve9.jpg Mardon: At least we are away from those ships.

cormanibm9.jpgCormani: I think that last beam that hit us caused a power surge that pushed us all the way here.

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: Go to 25% sublight, and hold present course course, and start a continuous scan of the surrounding areas and try to reduce the interference. Cmdr. Chatakra, how long before the Wapbervklex drive is back up?

chatakrarl1.jpg1st Officer Chatakra: Engineering reports that it should be operational in about 10 hours.

mardonve9.jpg Mardon: I'm picking up something nearby on the sensors... It appears to be a rouge planet.

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: Change course, and head for the planet


As entered orbit, the planet slowly appeared out of the clouds of the nebula.

mardonve9.jpg Mardon: As far as the sensors can tell, there is no stargate on the planet. Hold on, there appears to be something else in orbit... possibly a small moon.

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: How long before it is within range?

cormanibm9.jpgCormani: About 5 minutes until both visual range, and effective sensor range.


As they approached, a dark shape appeared out of the fog and slowly formed into a Blikora.

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: Yellow alert!

mardonve9.jpg Mardon: Scanning now... The good news is that there is no one on board, and it is disabled. The bad news is, there is no sign of what disabled it in the first place.

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: We will leave as soon as the Wapbervklex drive is back online, and we will stay at yellow alert until then, in case whatever disabled the Blikora comes back.

To be continued...



This is the town of Bargor, located on the southern coast of the main island of Atlankynam. Along with Wolema just to the north, Bargor is the closest major town to the Seldonian border.


Bargor's beach. There seems to be competition between the blue towel and orange towel sellers...


The rest of the waterfront area, including the ferry terminal and a place to go on a boat cruise around the area.


To the south of town there is Minstra Island, which has its own ferry terminal, as well as several houses and a farm. For some reason several people have cars, even though there is nowhere to drive on the island, and the ferry to the island does not carry cars...


The entire island, as well as an incoming ferry.


Smarty218: I'm glad you like it!

Schulmanator: I don't know... ask Lauren.

Joetropian1: There is actually 2 territories on Earth. Galaenther Island, which is in between Fiji and New Zealand, and Myoria. As for cost, it would probably be similar to the cost to get to other nearby places like Portugal.

Simfan34: Are you sure that they are totally out of it?

nihonkaranws: Thanks for the comments!

crushedcar: Actually I was thinking of Mloret's muphridians and Kull Warriers... but replicators work too.

zelgadis: Thank you for the comments!

Leech10: Now the only known species that aren't in the character list are al'Hasiq... (There is a Blitkarni in the list, but he is hard to find and has no control)

gabry85: Glad you like it!

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