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The Scourge

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Lyhoko Leaci


The Scourge

February 17th, 0165AL (2021)


ltbarieljf6.jpgLt. Bariel: I think they are scanning us.

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: Hail them.

ltbarieljf6.jpgLt. Bariel: No response.

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: I don't think Zanapolis or Amanz are in any state to do joint projects, and the other 2 ships are not in the database... Wait... Computer, check the database from the Karoteq for the unknown ships.

blankqw1.jpg Computer: Beginning scan.

ltbarieljf6.jpgLt. Bariel: They've stopped scanning... They're powering weapons!

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: Evasive maneuvers, now! Red alert!


As the Valmal turned around, there was a massive jolt that knocked Captain Vashuri out of her chair, and caused the Valmal to start spinning.

blankqw1.jpg Computer: Shields are at 76%.

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: Switch from thrusters to AGPUs, and return fire! And what did they hit us with?

ensyarinyk1.jpgEnsign Yarin: Power has been transferred to the AGPUs.

ltbarieljf6.jpgLt. Bariel: Targeting beam weapons, and they seem to use some sort of pulsed beam weapons.


As the main thrusters powered down, the Valmal returned fire at one of the enemy ship, while dropping to avoid another beam.

blankqw1.jpg Computer: The specified vessels are controlled by the Pucharok, also known as Extragalactic Scourge by some civilizations.

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: Computer, contact the Karoteq.


vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: Is your hyperdrive ready?

ltkalmulsc1.jpgLt. Kalmul: Not yet, it is currently charging.

cormanibm9.jpgCormani: Shields are at 9%

ltkalmulsc1.jpgLt. Kalmul: Firing drone weapons.


47 drones flew out from the bottom of the Karoteq and began impacting the Pucharok's Zanapolis ship's shields, and shortly after, they made it though ,and ripped though the ship.

mardonve9.jpg Mardon: One down, 4 to go!


Shortly after the first ship was destroyed, another was taken out by the main weapons on the Karoteq.


ltbarieljf6.jpgLt. Bariel: They're turning around?

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: They're going for the Karoteq... Is your hyperdrive ready now?

ltkalmulsc1.jpgLt. Kalmul: Yes, activating now.


Just as the hyperspace window opened, the Karoteq shook violently as a beam made it though the shield and blasted across the top of the hull, and the hyperspace window collapsed.

laurbl7.jpg Laur: Hyperdrive, sublight drives, weapons and shields are offline, all other systems functioning.

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: Get out of there!

ltbarieljf6.jpgLt. Bariel: The Scourge is powering down weapons? What are they doing? 


chatakrarl1.jpg1st Officer Chatakra: They're beaming onto the ship... They don't want to destroy it, they want to take it...

Ensign Martin contacted them on his communicator from outside the room.

blankqw1.jpg Ensign Martin: They're mechanical, I can't see any sign of organic par--

Weapons fire was heard on the communicator, then it went silent, but then the door to the bridge was forced open from outside, and a 6 legged spider-like robot walked in, extended two guns from its main body, and fired both at Mardon. Mardon stepped backwards from the force of the impact, but the blast caused no visible damage on him. He pulled his own gun out and fired at the robot, which shot out sparks and collapsed to the floor.

ltkalmulsc1.jpgLt. Kalmul: More are coming.

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: Set the self destruct and get out of there. We can't let them have a Karoteq, who knows what they will do with it.

The lights on the bridge turned red and began to flash, and Mardon, Cormani, Lt. Kalmul, Laur, 1st Officer Chatakra, the disabled robot, and Ensign Martin's body vanished, and reappeared on the Valmal.


The Valmal began flying back in the direction of the galaxy as several explosions occurred on the Karoteq, followed by one massive on that totally disrupted the ship, and took out one of the Scourge ships in the process.

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: Raise a containment field around the robot, and activate the Wapbervklex drive.


Just as the wormhole opened and the Valmal began to fly into it, and energy blast hit them from behind.

blankqw1.jpg Computer: Shields are at 22%.

To be continued...



Myoria is a province of Myon located on the island of Atlankynam, also known as Atlantica Alba, which is located in the Atlantic Ocean.



This is the town of Meira, located to the east of Kelneim in Karei country. Meira has its own ferry terminal, but it is no used as often as the ferry terminals in Kelneim.


South part of Meira that wasn't visible in the last picture.


Meira waterfront at night.

Myoria pictures will show up occasionally, usually when the story contains few SC4 pics, and when I have time.


gabry85: Yes, the character pics were made in MS paint.

zelgadis: No, not on the Valmal, at least. The boomerang ship (Lauren's) was in two episodes, just from different angles.

Smarty218: She is a Zevinowa.

Schulmanator: Careful... some of them might bite.

Joetropian1: My default update schedule is 1 per week... And there are more SC4 pics here.

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