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Trip 29: From Downtown Americana to Daniel J. Alarc

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Comment Replies
k50dude: Thanks for your comment and congratulations because you're the writer of the 100th one! I didn't had a doubt you were going to be the chosen one. Seems where won't be more foggy mornings in Alarconia...
Retep Molinari: Thank you too for your comment! As I said above, I'll try to not over-photoshop my pics again. Thanks for the advice both!
Kiefer: Gràcies! Som pocs catalans a Simtropolis, sempre és agradable trobar-se amb algun!

Finally, after days of struggling with the Imageshack upload tool, here's the update!!!

Although I've showcased this places, you'll see a major modifications today...

America Avenue, 1:37 p.m.

It was lunch time and I hadn't had my lunch yet. I promised to stop and eat something when I've carried one more passenger. The Central told me to go to East Americana and I thought it was going to be a long midday...
I had always found funny the idea of Downtown Americana. This part of East Americana was composed of a bunch of skyscrapers and apartment hi-rises, all besides the e2i Field, the largest ballpark in the nation. For me, there wasn't any more downtown, always called CBD than the one in Alarconia City.


Then, a young couple appeared from the building I was stopped in front of. They were carrying large bags and trolleys and I bet they were going to the airport. They seemed to have enough money to take a plane and not a ferry.

I helped them with their baggage and I put all of them in the car's trunk. When we were done, I was sweating, but I got into the taxi and asked, as usual: 

"Were do we go?" in English. In Americana, the 80% of the population is American-native.
"Can you take us to the airport, please?"
"Sure, here we go!" I switched off the GPS device because I knew very well the trip we were doing. It was something like this:


I started the engine and made a U-turn when I was allowed, and I took America Avenue to the south.

"Don't tell me... Honeymoon, right?" I said to the couple.
"Yes! How do you know?" the girl said.
"I've seen dozens of happy young couples requesting a trip to the airport..."
"Of course, taxi drivers..."
"We have to meet lots of people day by day... when we retire, we should be given a degree in sociology..." I joked.
"And how do this happy young couples come after the honeymoon?" the boy asked.
"Well... there's everything. Some seem they're going to get divorced once they hop off, but others, the majority, are absolutely in love each other."


America Avenue is long and pleasant. This part of the avenue runs inside East Americana, a typical North-American styled suburb of Alarconia City. As I always say, this is the only place you will see more US flags than in the US.

"Where are you going?" I asked.
"Paris, France. But we're going to Chicago first to see my relatives." the boy said.
"Paris, very nice...!" I said convinced. "I had been there some years ago but I didn't enjoyed the trip because the friend I was going with got ill during the trip".
"Oh, that must be a pain..."
"Yes, we were touring around Europe, when we were young, you know... But when going from Rennes to Paris, by car, he got a problem in his kidney and we had to stop in Le Mans hospital..."
"Did he got well?"
"During the stay in Paris not much, but once we went south to Lyon he found better and we could go on."


There wasn't much traffic in Americana streets, so I relaxed a little bit. I turned the radio up to hear the news, as we were aproximmating to 2:00. I had heard them during all the morning, but I guessed my customers didn't.


Some meters later, we were leaving Americana and entering in Universitat Politècnica de l'Atlàntic (Atlantic Technological University) campus, usually called Atlantic Tech. The metro line works as light rail from the edge of Alarconia City to East Americana, going through the campus.

The first thing you see is the Computer Science and Mathematics School and its impressive (and controversial) architecture.

You will notice major changes here...


The boy checked his photo camera and took a couple of photos with the flash on. It annoyed me a little bit, but I didn't say anything, he seemed to realize by himself. We went round Plaça del Nordest (Northeast Roundabout) and had to pass besides the Civil Engineering Technical School, the Pujol Building, along America Avenue.


We could see the Library Gardens once we left behind the Pujol Building, and kept straight on. Traffic was light and some students were enjoying today's sunlight studying outdoors.


We passed now between the stadium and the Architecture Technical School, another controversial building in Atlantic Tech.

"Do you know where to go in Paris?" I asked.
"Yes, we have bought a tourist guide to go everywhere on our own..."
"I recommend you walking a lot. If you want to see things, you need to walk..."
"We'll do. We were between a romantic honeymoon in Dominican Republic or an active one making tourism in Europe and... well, I think we stay in the middle of the road..." the girl said.
"I haven't experienced the romantic side of Paris so I can't say anything about it..."


We arrived to the place where American Avenue and Avinguda de l'Aeroport (Airport Avenue) join, very near the Atlantic Tech gymnasium. I could see a sign pointing to the airport, we will have to get into the airport through the secondary entrance.


The top of the hill offers the best sights of the airport, we could see a large plane taking off and the boy did a couple of photographs. The sun reflected in the airport's roof and I had to put on my sunglasses to keep driving, besides the main fishing seaport in the nation. Now, we had to go through a little refinery very nar the airport, the most part of the kerosene produced here is used for refuelling the planes.


"Well, we are arriving... Are you nervous?"
"We are used to take planes to see our family in the US, but we are nervous... At least, I am..."
"You'll still have to wait a lot in the airport... This is the worst part of all!"
"The waiting is the hardest part, as the song says." the girl said.


"I guess we're going to the American terminal, right?"

I had to take the highway and follow the signs to the American terminal, because we were in the European terminal now.


I was thinking that this crossing is one of my favourite parts of Alarconia, while I noticed the couple were preparing all their objects to hop off.


I decided to leave them outside instead of taking them underground because I wasn't very sure where they were going. I stopped where I could and also stopped the taximeter.

"There will be 31.25 AL$, please."
"Can we pay with Euros?"
"Sure, no problem!"

The girl have me 35 euros with two 10-Euro banknote and three 5-Euro banknotes and told me to keep the change. It was a very nice tip!

"Have a great time on Paris!" I said, while taking the heavy baggage from the trunk. It seemed they were staying for a year in Europe...
"Thank you!"

When I saw them dissapearing through the glass doors, I looked for a place to leave the car because I wanted to get into the McDonald's restaurant inside the airport. I was really hungry!
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