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Election Day

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k50dude: Thanks again for your comments! BTW, have you solved your problems with tram stations?

Trabucco: Thank you for commenting! Let's see... the tram-in-road tracks come with the NAM, the stations are from the RTMT Interim T-Ram Stations and the train skin is Barcelona's Trambaix, everything from the STEX.


Sunday. It wasn't one more Sunday, today it was an special day. Election days are always special, at least for me. Routine is broken and TV and radio are flooded with special programmes. For the ones we like politics, is a nice day; all others hate it.

During this days, I had been thinking which party to vote, instead of voting always the same one, or voting the same guy because he looks cool. If we all thought further, if all people cared about the people they vote, our countries would be better places. If decisions were taken responsibly, politicians wouldn't do and undo what they want. I decided to vote for Citizens for Change.

I woke up a little bit early 10 a.m. and I washed myself and had breakfast watching TV. The polls were open since one hour before, so before leaving home I took my keys, wallet with my ID card inside and the sunglasses. Alarconian sun was harder these days. I only had to walk a couple of blocks to arrive to my polling station, what we call "electoral schools". All polls are made inside elementary or middle schools nationwide from 9 a.m. to 8 a.m. Going there, I was about to be ran over by a crazy AlarcoTram driver.


I entered in IES William McCormick (William McCormick Middle School) and looked for my table, there are three. If your surname begins with letters from A to H, table 1. With I to Q, table 2. With R to Z, table 3; so I had to go to table 1. But first of all, I had to prepare my vote. I headed to the place where the envelopes and ballots are placed and I took the one I wanted and I prepared my vote right there, I don't need to go to the cabins.

Then, I queued for a couple of minutes until the table president requested my ID to check my identity in electoral lists. When I was ready, I put my vote inside the transparent ballot box and said goodbye, heading home. That's it. It's not so difficult, but more than 40% of Alarconian population doesn't think so. They're the ones that don't vote and they still complain about politicians.

At home, I had a rest until tomorrow, following up to the minute the TV programmes.

The day after, I bought the English edition of Alarcònia Avui (Alarconia Today) newspaper. The scrutineering and results were announced all night long, but I was pretty sure that there would be lots of customers who hadn't heard the news already.


We could say that the Centrist Party had "lost" the election. The political arithmetics don't allow a solid coalition, so the task of governing the Atlantic Democratic Republic of Alarconia will be a tough job the next term.

Here's a presentation of the national political system in Alarconia from far left to far right, according with the colours in the newspaper:

Partit Comunista Internacionalista d'Alarcònia / Alarconian Communist-Internationalist Party [PCIA/ACIP] (3 seats)= as all other communist parties, their aim is to take down capitalism and the establishment of an only workers union among other things. Their daily routine is supporting and presenting the most social measures.

Libertarian Party (LP) (8 seats) = this is what we call an "americanist" party with a not very clear left-right ideology but with clear aims. Abolishing all Catalan-native heritage in Alarconia and the establishment of English as only official langauge in the country, because as they say, "all this traditionalist junk carries huge economical costs".

Unió Feminista / Feminist Union [uF/FU] (2 seats) = it is a party only composed by women, because men are prohibited to enter in the organisation. With a center-left ideology, they will always support laws in favour of equality between men and women and generally, the social laws.

Aliança Catalanista [AC] (8 seats) = theycould be considered as the counterpart to Libertarian Party, trying to minimize the impact that American-native inmigration has brought to Alarconia and trying to consider English a "minor" language. The law they proposed a year before; which tried to remove all US flags of Alarconia brought one of the hardest controversies ever seen in the nation.

Partit Socialdemòcrata d'Alarcònia / Alarconian Socialdemocrat Party [PSA/ASP] (17 seats) = they are the party that continued the task of the Socialist Party during the second half of the 20th century. With a great relationship with the worker unions, they are one of the favourite options for the low-class citizens.

Partit Centrista d'Alarcònia / Alarconian Centrist Party [PCA/ACP] (20 seats) = the centrists are the governing party right now, and they say they're in the middle of left and right. They don't seem to hesitate on passing a socialdemocrat law and the day after, taking neoliberal measures on economy.

Ciutadans Pel Canvi / Citizens on Change [CC] (4 seats) = the CC claims that none of its members is a professional politician and they are the truly people's voice. Without a defined ideology, they usually vote for the measure that would benefit the most number of people. They appeared on the last elections as the great surprise and have become the most active party in the Parliament.

Alternativa Cristiano-Demòcrata d'Alarcònia / Alarconian Christiano-Democrat Alternative [ACDA] (12 seats) = they're on the line of all major center-right parties in Europe and part of the European People's Party with very clear positions about abortion and the presence of Christianism in public life. They're well known for doing a tough opposition to the goverment and the secondary relevance they give to the social affaires.

Moviment Nacional / National Movement [MM] (1 seat) = they are the only far-right party in the nation and don't hesitate on recognising this fact. They ideas are very clear, as the deportation of all non-white people in the nation and accepting only the "useful" inmigrants. Nowadays, they're been investigated looking for connections with European neo-nazi organizations.

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 I really liked the first pic! and YES I finally got the stupid stations to work after two weeks.....  but at least I have them now 

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