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The Resources of Rooleyson

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qoisrm.png 2pqs3z9.jpg fvfrja.png

Rooleyson has continued developing as a strong city while filling the expectations of its residents. The council has been a very co-operative council, helping the development of the city. A lot of people wonder how the council has built such a great city so fast with the current world wide conditions and how they've been able to stabilise its ecnomy without so much hassle in the council. But one thing that people have been wondering the most is how the city can balance out resources.

As shown in previous entries in The Rooleyson Journal, the city has a strong production of heavy industry, manufaturing and high tech and offices in particular. This has provided with great export opportunities and deals. The production of these will continue, though the heavy industry production may come to a stop due to environmental concerns, forcing the council to rely on imports from other cities. But, as for the natural resources, the city currently produces most of its own natural resources but does rely on some import.


The city of Rooleyson has a major production of water, being built at the intersection of two main rivers, the Kanga and the MacJohnson Rivers. There is no problem with prodcution when it comes to water because of this. It also allows for the city to provide exports to other nearby cities in need of water. The council at the moment is having debates about the future development and how this can impact on the water production. More water towers, storage and treatment centres will be built though, along with a proposed plan of a dam.

The water storage and treatment plants on the western slope of Morawee Hill, beside the MacJohnson River...


The new water treatment plant on the western slope of Morawee Hill...


The newest water tower and storage plant, in East Greenwood in the eastern suburbs along the Kanga River...



Agriculture is another major important natural resource, and another major production in Rooleyson. Once again, the major production also allows for the city to export to other cities in need. The council is also debating about this issue too, especially as areas of fertile land are running out due to the new farms built. The farming community of Laree is the only area of agriculture in the city and probably only will be due to the plans of development of the southern suburbs being built over spare fertile land.

New farms in Laree...



Onto the more pollutive production, electricity currently is in a stable state of production. No overproduction, no underproduction. Environmental concerns though have come in the way, but the council have come up with two solutions being put in place. One of them is a proposed new area for waste centres and power plants, while the other, currently being put in place, is wind farms ontop of Morawee Hill and possibly on the Old Rooley Range. Current power stations are located in the Tamewood Industrial Project.

The main power stations in the T.I.P....


The new windmills ontop of Morawee Hill...



The dealing of waste in the city is also another quite stable production. Waste dumps, landfills, treatment and recycling centres are all located in the T.I.P.. Just like with electricity, it has come in problems with the environmental concerns, though new waste treatment centres and dumps will be located in the planned section of the city where new power plants will also go.

The waste dumps and landfills from the top of one of the chimneys of the nearby power station...


The waste treatment and recycling centres...



Oil production has been a more minor production in the city due to the limited areas of oil. With the further development of the city, it may have to start relying on imported oil. Currently, there are two major areas of oil production, the Morawee Oil Field (located on the south slope of Morawee Hill) and the Rooleyson Oil Fields (located in a hidden valley in the eastern slopes of the Old Rooley Range). These oil fields will still keep producing oil for the city to provide on, and are currently the only source of oil for the city, but is still able to stabilise the city. Trade deals with other cities to import oil are currently being arranged.

The Morawee Oil Field...


The Rooleyson Oil Fields and oil storage facility...


Stay tuned to The Rooleyson Journal for more on the eastern suburbs, Brokeford and Kathine Hill.;)

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That's a new side I havn't seen before of Rooleyson. Certainly a neat side of it. Keep up the good work! :D

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Wow, I have to say this is impressive, the whole city. I wish i had a good strategy for Cities XL, sadly mine tend to fail at about 80,000 or before, I wish i could build like you, i mean your highway system is amazing and your city looks really good and realistic.

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 you couldn't put this up for a download or something could you?
How do i get 2 million habitants please pm me with info.
Also check out my city ValleyVIlle with capital i and tell me how to make it better plz.

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