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City Highlight - Town of Maplewood

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Located somewhere west of downtown is a sleepy little burg. Sprouting up along the banks of the Blue River lies Maplewood, a blue-collar town that would become one of the largest suburban cities of Centropolis. This highlight looks at Maplewood as of Development Stage 2 of the regular city journal updates.

locator map of Maplewood in Grant County

Above is a Wikipedia-style locator map showing Maplewood's location in Grant County at Stage 2. And following are some quick facts about the town.

    -Located in it's namesake township (Maplewood Township), Maplewood is centered four miles west of Downtown Centropolis.

    -Maplewood was founded by a group of Irish immigrants who moved to the area after being displaced by a molasses tank explosion. Now that's what I call a sticky situation!

    -It is possible to reach Maplewood from Centropolis and St. John by floating drunkenly down the Blue River in an inflated inner-tube.

    -Maplewood is run under a strong-mayor system, meaning the mayor is given vast powers to destroy things, plant trees and spend city funds on very elaborate landmarks of questionable benefit at his or her whim. Actually, this is the case in all of Grant County, so it isn't really that notable here.

And here are some historic photos!

Houses in Maplewood

Easy rail access linked the town's factories to the greater rail network and allowed for commuting between Maplewood and the offices in Centropolis, fostering early growth as a major suburb in Grant County.

More houses in Maplewood

[image resized. The max size is 800x600 or 600x800 pixels. Thanks - Chptrk]

Affordable housing for lower- to middle-class workers was an early draw for growth in Maplewood.

Baseball Field in Maplewood

Kids of all ages would meet at the ballfield to toss around the old apple. This ballfield also hosted an adult squad, the first Class F-and-a-half Very-Minor-League-affiliated team in Grant County, named the Maplewood Cow-Tippers.

Downtown Maplewood

The old downtown section of Maplewood, showing a bit of the small-town charm.

A vertical panorama of Maplewood, along Cerulean Avenue and the Union Specific rail line:

Maplewood panorama, topMaplewood panorama, bottom

...And finally, a high-up aerial shot of the whole town:

Full shot of Maplewood

Maplewood also had a municipally-enacted early bed-time, so this is all for now! Take care until next time!

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Recommended Comments

I love the simple Black & white zooms. Just a field + a few small houses. They somehow look like they were taken with a real camera.

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I should be paying more attention to this CJ.  Yes, I'll be interested in this CJ in the future if I find it realistic enough.  I really think the historic photos are nice.  The town in this update seems very midwestern.

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This is very nice. I tooka  peek in here a while ago, and liked it too. I'll remember this so I can look at it.

@Retep: The curvy rail is for the realism on the regional map. It is very unrealistic to have a sharp curve go through any city, unless it is at a junction or conforming to natural barriers(which, in middle America, it isn't.)

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N106, spot on with the "midwestern" observation. My aim is realism, but I fear I will ultimately diverge from it somehow. But that's part of the fun!

Retep Molinari, the baseball field shown above is part of the AGS Rec Baseball Expansion and can be found at http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm?id=17770.

Raysfan16, Thanks for the support. I will try to update more regularly (and more than once a month), but you know how real life can get in the way. It is a tough choice with making those non-diagonal or non-orthogonal networks, but purely straight lines look almost as bad as the "real" jagged network lines...

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