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Rebuilding Leeandra, A city forgotton

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Royal Guard


Leeandra: A City in Chaos

Rioters in Leeandra.

Leeandra was founded by British settlers in 1749. The city grew rapidly and was the largest city in the region for a time. However, in 1755 during the 7 Years' War, Spanish troops captured and sacked the city. The Spanish abandoned the town after destroying the city's citadel and fortress. This left the city mainly defenseless during the resulting American Revolution, when British troops left to fight in the American Colonies. The city was forced to form its own military units to protect itself from hostile Native Americans. The Leeandran military was one of the major contributors to the Imperial War of Succession that gave the Royal Empire its independence. Military service became mandatory for all able males of fighting age following the war. When the Imperial Constitution was drafted and the first Grand Admiral elected the following year, the people of Leeandra felt that the new Imperial government was too powerful. Tensions boiled over in 1903 when the Island of Greater Leeandra left the Empire to become the United Federation of Leeandra. The Royal Empire, under Grand Admiral Childress, declared war and promised to recapture the city and kill the rebels. Since most of the Imperial military's best officers had left to join Leeandra, the rebels gained several early victories. Compounding the Empire's difficulties was the declaration of nutrality by the islands of New Catalonia, San Lorenzo, and Westmoreland. The Empire was being split into three parts. However, the tide turned in 1905 and Leeandra was eventually recaptured. After the war, 78% of the city lay in ruins. Invading Royal forces specifically targeted civic buildings and government structures. The government then refused to rebuild the city, leaving it to be a slum for most of the 20th century.


Footage of police brutality during the 1998 riots.

Protesting the poor conditions of the city, riots erupted in 1998. The police reaction was violent and deadly, dozens of rioters and police were killed before the situation was brought back under control. Millions of dollars in damage was reported.

LeeandraRiot3.jpgYet more rioters and police.

After the destructive riots, Grand Admiral Archer decided that enough was enough. In 2000, the Leeandra Environment and Development committee (LEAD) was formed. Chaired by Interior Minister Jose Alvedraz, LEAD had these goals:

1. Clean up Pollution to acceptable levels.

2. Restore basic services to the citizens of Leeandra (Fire, Police, Health, Water, Power, etc.)

3. Eliminate 75% of Crime.

4. Create and Improve the Leeandra School District.

5. Attract businesses and Commerical offices to return to the city.

6. Build a modern seaport and transportation system.

7. Create parks and recreation areas.

8. Create respectable public housing projects.

9. Improve efficency of the city government and create a government district.

10. Restore Leeandra to one of the premier cities of both the Empire and the World.

Rumors also circulated about a secret 11th goal, which was not immediately released to the public: Host the 2012 Olympic Summer Games.

LeeandraOverviewBefore.jpgLeeandra at the start of LEAD. (this will serve as the Before pic, once the project is completed there will be an After one)

The University of Leeandra, formerly one of the nation's premier universities, now it struggles to exist in the slums.

South Leeandra, the worst neighborhood in the city.

LEAD was given the designation "Hero Project" which meant that the committee had direct access to both the national treasury, and the treasury of the city of Leeandra. they also had access to 3/4 of the military's engineers. They would be needed.

LeeandraPollutionfighter.jpgA pollution disperser in Leeandra.

Goal #1 of LEAD was finished first. Thanks to restrictions on industry, and pollution fighting structures such as the one above, the city was cleaned up rapidly.

LeeandraPark1.jpgOne of the first new parks in Leeandra, notice the massive amounts of construction around the site.

LeeandraHealthComplexBefore.jpgPlanned site of the new Leeandra City Hospital. This would replace the numerous clinics that dot the city and provide inadequate coverage.

LeeandraHealthComplexAfter.jpgAnd there you have it.

Coming Soon: Leeandra, The Improvements Continue


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