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The Royal Empire thus far...

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Royal Guard


The Royal Empire


The National Flag of The Royal Empire. The Crown representing the monarchy and the two stars representing the two nations that first colonized the Empire (Britain and Spain).

This CJ is my first and will be retracing the steps of colonists in the three regions of the Empire. The northernmost region is the volcanic Haifon Archipelago. To the southeast is the Royal Islands, and to the southwest is Hadenbow.

The Royal Empire is a Democratic Monarchy. Meaning that the "king" is elected to a forty-year term and is succeed by his next-in-line if he is unable to maintain his rule until his term is up. The government includes a Parliament and a Supreme Court and functions similar to the American government. Residents of the Royal Empire are called Gracemerians (after the capital city) or Imperials. The economy of the Empire was based in agriculture and fishing until the 1890's when a huge commercial and industrial population began to grow. In modern times the Royal Empire is a prosperous modern nation with all the usual modern conviences. The population is generally conservative and the country is generally thought to be center-right politically. Although peaceful since the 1903 civil war, the Royal Empire places a great deal of importance on it's armed forces and joining the military is still considered one of the most honorable and important duties of citizens. Being mainly an island nation, ferries are one of the major transportation networks and even surpass automobile traffic in some cities. Gracemerians believe that a clean environment benefits all sectors of the economy and avoid unnecessary pollution.


Population: 10,583,492 (2000 census)

Ethnicity: 42% English, 38% Spanish,  7% French, 5% Irish, 5% German, 2% Native Americans, 1% Other

Religion: 94% Christian (64% Catholic, 40% Protestant), 2% Jewish, 1% Athiest, 3% Other

GDP: $294,604,000,000.00 (28th largest)

Political Parties (Seats in Parliament): Imperial Party (53), Liberal Republican Party (18), Royal Socialists Party (10), Independent Party (8), Communist Party (3), Green Party (1)

Independence Day: June 14, 1793

Capital: Gracemeria

Largest City (Pop.): San Christos


Representation to the UN: General Thomas Nedal

Head of State: Grand Admiral Daniel Archer

Defense Minister: Marine General Natalia Alexandre

Foreign Minister: Benito Garcia

Interior Minister: Jose Alvedraz

Minister of State Security: Admiral Joesph Merkel

A brief review of the CJ thus far...


The Fortress Isabella in Corrino.

Built in 1715, the Fortress Isabella was the first permanent Spanish settlement in the Empire. The citadel was destroyed in the earthquake of 1808 and a cathedral was built in its place. Thousands of tourists visit the Fort every year taking passenger ferries from the mainland.


Downtown Altair.

Altair was founded by Spanish settlers who crossed the Hadenbow mountain range to avoid conflict with the British to the north. The city's large moat once surrounded farms and a citidel. Today, however, the city has outgrown the origional moat and has spread rapidly.


The Island of Rhodes.

Founded in 1741 by British settlers, Rhodes is famed for the rough landscape and numerous cliffs. Tunnels criss-cross the island and many locals make their living off of just driving tourists around the maze of roads. The lower levels of the island are accessable by a train that runs around the coast while the higher elevations are serviced by a bus system and roads.


The famous Falls of Rhodes.

The Falls of Rhodes are the highest waterfall system in the entire Empire. Consisting of four falls and four lakes, nature viewers enjoy hiking along the many paths that encircle the lakes, although climbing the cliffs is very difficult. In 2003, the City of Rhodes decided to place wind turbines in the lower lake to test the windmills for a possible offshore system. With space on many of the Empire's islands running out, the project is seen as a great achievement for the city and perhaps a future solution to the Empire's energy needs.


In the 1950's the New Hope Deep Core Well project was started. This deep well supplies most of the water needs for much of the East Coast of Hadenbow, as well as the electricity of the city.


Halex City


Capital Square in downtown Halex City

As the British colony grew and expanded, the settlers began to move inland. The British government saw the rapid growth and decided to began planning a capital to station a royal governor and colonial government to make the area into a part of the British Empire. Plans were drawn up for the city in 1713 and work began that year. The stone clocktower in the middle of capital square was originally the only stone section of the otherwise wooden governor's mansion. In 1715 Spainish and Native American forces raize the city to deter the British from moving any farther inland. Due to it's brick construction, the Governor's Clocktower is the only surviving structure from the original city.


Once a large Industrial town that reached its peak in the 1940's, North Point is now regarded as a rundown suburb of Halex City. The canal that once was filled with barges carrying resources to the great industries of the city is now empty of boats. In modern day the town is attempting to make a comeback, new businesses are moving into previously abandoned buildings and high tech industries are attracted by North Point's low taxes and Halex City's large workforce. The elevated avenue (known as the downtown ring) was the site of the largest automobile accident in the country's history. The famous image of a station wagon that had veered off the avenue and crashed into the Brentian Insurance Building (credit to Ill Tonkso), led to massive traffic law and automobile industry reform. Survey's indicated that 98% of citizens in the country began to wear seatbelts following the accident.


San Lorenzo

SanLorenzoBeach.jpgA close up shot of the Goldiva Bay, playground for the wealthy of the Empire.

The town of San Lorenzo was founded in 1732 by a Spanish expedition which noticed the benefits of the large natural harbor. The island survived the Civil War in 1876 by siding with the Royal Capitol and Catalonia as a neutral island. After the war, tourists became attracted to the pristine reefs and beaches that existed on the island. Today, the city is the largest tourist attraction in the Empire, attracting an estimated 1.5 million people every year.


The Massive cruise ship R.S.S. Aurora next to the smaller R.S.S. Royal Artemis

San Lorenzo's protected bay is a popular stop for cruise liners. The water taxi's that carry passengers around the island are specially designed for taking people on and off of cruise ships. Scuba diving and boating are extremely popular. Somny Cruise Lines maintains several ports and docks for it's liners on Isla Bello, the site of the Burj Lorenzo Hotel and Resort.


At the top of the photograph, the Royal Aquarium is visible. To the south is the former governor's mansion.


Street Cars in Altair


A High school Football game in Altair

American Football is by far the most popular sport in Altair, a fact which regularly confuses the citizens of the rest of the Empire. It used to be said that when the first settlers crossed the mountains, the long journey left them uncivilized and led them to follow the American version of football, rather than the European.

Furthur Updates will lift off where the previous CJ ended, The restoration of Leeandra, See you there and thanks for everyone who has commented so far!

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Alot of nice info and time you have put into this. If you were looking for realism, you might of missed it on that first picture of the fort and citadel. The grass looks really fake. Other than that, nice job. I give a 9/10. :D

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