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New Market

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When we last saw the town of New Market, it was a small, hardscrabble frontier town reeling from a devastating fire. But thanks to the sawmill (which survived intact), the new railroad line, and several waves of gold rushes on the Fraser River and the Yukon, the town soon grew even larger than before. Here is New Market in 1935:


Here is the (amended) town incorporation map, showing the main legal organization of the town.

1) The small brown square is the original pre-fire borders of the town

2) The large mauve square is the 1898 town plat incorporated shortly after Washington became a state.

3) The green corridor is the Northern Pacific railroad and right-of way

4) The blue area is an area held under a 100-year lease to Northern Pacific in exchange for their building rail inftrastructure throughout it.

5) The red square is the first new residential zoning since the 1898 plat. It will most likeley be added to the main town incorporation, once the paperwork goes through City Hall, but this remains a bit controversial, as the location contains the local "Chinatown."


While there have been occasional negotiations to open up the NP land to development, they have always broken down in the face of unfavorable terms offered by the railroad and the vast acreage of land practically free for the taking throughout the region. The only buildings are rail infrastructure. Also, unlike most of the nearby area, it has never been logged, leaving an impressive stand of old-growth forest.


Even though the economic base of the town has grown and diversified greatly since the old days, the Holden Sawmill is still the town's largest single employer.  Logs are delivered by rail to the main complex in the center, and finished lumber is stored and shipped in the facilities to the left.  The original sawmill building is obsolete, and now mostly used for the storage and repair of industrial machinery.


A closeup of the main mill complex:


Industrial development along the river:


A closeup showing rail access to industry. Northern Pacific has made a fortune in rent from the factories in the area, long ago recouping its original investment in infrastructure.  But the town has also benefited from all of the economic activity. The river is rather polluted though, prompting many a citizen to propose renaming it from the White River to the Black.


The original town plat specified a strip of stores and other commercial development through the town center on Columbia Street, so the street is lined with old brick buildings from the turn of the century:


Since then, though, most new commercial development in the last 2 decades has been concentrated in the area between Main and Spruce streets, on the south edge of town, near the factories. This 1916 department store was once considered the finest shopping establishment in the state, and remains popular to this day:


New Market even has one of these new "super-markets" that are starting to spring up all over the country:


Most of the housing in the residential areas is solidly middle-class:


Along with a few blocks of mansions:


Most of the poorer residents live in the rowhouses and apartments built between Spruce and Cedar Streets. Zoning for this was a huge political fight, but the only realistic alternative was to build many blocks of substandard housing around the edge of the city:


To everyone's surprise, one block in this area soon attracted many of the upper-middle class residentes thanks largely to the proximity to the excellent Seward Elementary School, and many of the most prestigious office buildings in town. The cheap apartments were quickly demolished, and new luxury condos were built in their place:


This area also boasts the largest church in the region:


Most of the civic buildings in town are centered around 5th and Columbia Streets. From right to left, the firehouse, the main library, and the State Supreme Court building. Underneath is Garfield High School. To the right is the town courthouse and City hall. Underneath those are the State Capitol and Governer's Mansion, New Market having narrowly been selected as the location of the State Capitol over Vancouver and Seattle.


Here is a front view of Garfield High, since it is such a great BAT:


The city leaders were also able to arrange for New Market to be selected as the site of the University of Washington. Part of this deal was for a campus to be built within 5 years of Washington becoming a state, so a small campus was built near the high school. Recently, many prominent locals have begun to spread the feeling that the state university deserves a grander setting, and a philantropic trust has been established for the purpose of acquiring land and building a new campus. But this is it for now:


Here is the local Chinatown (so-named - actually a majority of the residents are of Japanese origin). As mentioned earlier, this is the first new area of residential zoning since the town's 1898 incorporation. Despite the political fight over incorporating this area into the town proper and a vague reputation as "unsafe," the markets and shops are very popular among the locals.


Well, that's New Market in the '30s. Next update will be the small logging town of Lakewood.

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I am impressed! Nice real layout here with a real history. The industrial land lease to Northern Pacific is perfect! You also stayed true to the quadrant way of city growth, west of the Ohio/Mississippi rivers!

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