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Trip 21: From AGSC Building to The Tower

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gotsomemilk: Thanks for your regular visits and comments! Well, you're right, those trees shouldn't be there, it's my fault; thanks for noticing them.
Vinaa: Thank you too for your comments! In fact, this is one of the places in Alarconia that makes me more proud...
k50dude: Thank you (once again) for your visits and comments! I've shown Hope Project twice in this CJ to make a shocking contrast, all major cities have slums and this is Alarconia's one. And I wasn't sure the farms were going to be nice. I barely use no farms in my SC4 gameplay and I always tend to do them as small as possible. I know it isn't very realistic but seems to be a good idea.
Meshari: Thanks for your comment, too! You can find Torre Agbar in the STEX or Capital SimCity.

Carrer de les Punxes (Thorn Street), 12:34 a.m.

Again in the downtown, driving along streets with less cars than other times. The first tram line (called AlarcoTram) had brought severe headaches for drivers during several months, but now it is completed and fully operating. These days, driving in the downtown is a less painful experience.

I was in this kind of thinkings, listening to a humour radio program, when I saw somebody making me signs to stop. I was besides AGSE Building and this part of the city is where the Old Quarter and the CBD meet.

I stopped the taxi where I could and a person got into. It was a woman. Blonde, in her 40's, she wore a white T-shirt and jeans. She seemed a little short and she was carrying a toolbox.

"Good morning..."
"Good morning." she said. "Can you take me to The Tower, please?"
"Of course, here we go..."

She was referring to the National Telecommunications Tower, placed 350 meters above sea level and with a height of 368 meters it is the tallest structure in Alarconia. Without it, we could not watch our own TV channels or listen to our own radio stations.

"Is there any problem in The Tower?" I asked, nervous.
"We have to replace a couple of devices. Nothing very serious, but if we don't do it, you know what happens..."
"I know, I know..."

The crossing of Carrer del Mil·lenari (Millenium Street) with Carrer Diagonal (Diagonal Street) was in building works, so I had to take an alternate route. I had to go down Thorns Street towards Plaça de Correus (Post Square) and then, taking Diagonal Street.


Traffic tends to be horrible during rush hour in this part of the city, but at this time we had no big problems to take Diagonal Street.

"Do you come from AGSC Building?"
"Yes, I've working there all morning long."
"Can I know why?" I said, with my usual curiosity.
"Yes, you can. I've been repairing the 17th floor conditioning air system."
"Are you a kind of technical service?"
"More or less... I'm a kind of "handywoman"..." she laughed.
"Do big companies like AGSC rely on you?"
"They haven't complained yet..."

AGSC stands for Alarconian Group of Strategic Corporations [see Alarconian History Chronology] and the AGSC Building housed the main offices for Alarconia Telecom, Alarconia Motors, Alarconia Airways and Alarconia Oil. Nowadays, the four companies have changed a little bit and have their main centers in other buildings, but AGSC Building is still where the big shots work.

I took Carrer D (D Street) to the right, seeing the Alarconia Port Authority [appeared some entries ago] building in front of me.


"Why are you going to the Old Quarter?"
"B Street is cut to traffic during this month and there's no shorter route..."
"I see..." she said, resignated.

I kept driving, until the crossing with Avinguda de l'Electricitat (Electricity Avenue).


Behind this narrow blocks of flats begins the Old Quarter [described in some entries ago]. It was designed by the Founders, who laid a grid with six east-west streets and six north-west streets, and they named them A, B, C, D, E, F and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 respectively.

"I have to recognise that I don't carry "handywomen" very often..."
"Absolutely, I don't know any more women doing this job. I'm rounded by man all day long."
"How do you deal with it?"
"I haven't any problem. I'm used to, I guess." she made a pause "Do you know any taxi driver woman?"
"We are more than 3000 taxi cabs in Alarconia and I've never known a woman yet. I'm pretty sure there has to be someone, but I've never seen her..."
"Why are you so sure?"


I took Carrer 3 (3rd Street) northbounds, passing besides Daniel J. Alarcón Square and the Four Seasons Shopping Center. We were now in the historical center of the city.

"Statistics are there to be broken..." she said.
"I tend to say the same when talking about football statistics."
"For your information, I don't like football."
"That's more usual... I know few woman who like football or American football."
"That's not me. I get bored when seeing a bunch of guys running in shorts."

I took Carrer A (A Street) after passing besides the Old Administration Building and took Carrer del Funicular (Funicular Street).


Funicular street features a so steep slope that the goverment built a funicular to help people living in Ca'n Rics district to go down to the city center. I had to shift to the first gear and my customer was now in silence.


When we were uphill, I took Carrer del Tenis (Tennis Street) andwe went round the Olympic Tennis Center.

"You should have seen the day the first game was played here..."
"What happened?"
"Don't you remember from the news? There was a very windy day and wind took down the roof... Luckily, it is a plastic roof, or something like that, very light, and it didn't hurty anyone..."
"Now you say this, yes, I remember. I thought that it was going to give a horrible international image of Alarconia..."
"As a taxi driver, you must know what vision have foreigners..."
"They usually like the country but when they're new, they don't have any idea where are they going. We are absolutely unknown almost everywhere..."

I rounded the Tennis Center, and took the road that leaded to The Tower. Some meters later, we were under its shadow.


"OK, we're here." I stopped the taximeter. "There will be 22.85 AL$, please."
She took the money inmediately, she seemed to have the amount prepared.
"Can you print a recipe, please? I have to declare all expenditures..."
"No problem." I activated the machine and it printed instantly a bill where the price was written. She gave me the exact amount of money without a tip because she couldn't give anyone.

I said goodbye while I was staring at her, carrying that heavy toolbox. When she dissapeared, I started the engine and headed to the city center again.
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great update, am planing a new district development in my city and am gonna name it  Alarconia Nuova, under your permission.

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 I really like the update! In 21.6 where did you get the GLR station? I have the one for the avenue but I lost track of who made it and am feeling a bit lazy  

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