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Chapter 3: World Turning Upside Down

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Theme Song: I Will Remember You- Sarah McLachlan


“…listening to KYPY 93.5, Timbervale’s number 1 hit music station. The time is now 6:30, and it’s time to take a look at the weather and traffic…”

Letting out a groan, Sebastian cracked open his eyes and glared contemptuously at the radio. Reaching over, he slammed his hand on the snooze button and flopping his head onto the pillow, stared at the ceiling.


“Hey! You home Lukas?” he yelled out loud, calling out in the direction of his brother’s room, across the hall from the two bedroom apartment he lived with his brother in. Answered by the piercing silence, he sighed out loud.

Seriously? At Brian’s house again?, he thought to himself as he lay in his bed, trying to wake himself up so he could get ready for the day ahead. It wasn’t that he didn’t think his brother shouldn’t stay the night over at his house. Heck, even HE liked the guy, granted not on the level his brother did. He was truly glad for everything the man done for his brother. And that his brother finally was smiling.

Throwing his comforter off, he sat up and set his feet on the cold, hardwood floor, wincing at the bitterness it brought. He stood up, and slowly trudged his way to the bathroom, grabbing a towel from a small closet along the way.

Flicking on the light in the bathroom, he blinked at the stark whiteness of the tile and made his way to the shower, turning it to the right temperature, and after removing his clothes, stepped under the steaming water. He again let his mind wander as the hot water beat down on his head.

It’s already been eight years, he reflected to himself, reaching for the shampoo. Eight years since their mother died and that man had essentially committed suicide. He’d only been 8 at the time, his brother only 13. His brother, the amazing older brother that he was, had stood in his place, protecting him. He could still remember it like it was yesterday.

He could hear his brother’s pained, muted whimper in the next room through the wall. It really was just like any other night. Their mother was at work yet again, leaving them in the care of that vile bastard that insisted he and brother call him daddy. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that his brother had finally told him of the abuse, but he had always known that what the man was doing to his brother was wrong. There was never a chance to tell their mother about it, not with the man constantly being there watching them.

That night was different though. Unknown to them at the time, their mother had gotten a promotion, and got a chance to come home for the night so she could get ready for working on the day shift. Sebastian hadn’t even known his mother was there until he heard the scream coming from her as she entered his brother’s room and walked in to check on Lukas.

He remembered how she screamed at him, telling him that she was going to get him put in jail forever. Her trying to tell his brother that everything would be ok. Grabbing the bar of soap, Sebastian and began washing his face as his mind continued to wander. 

The worst part was that he could remember how the man’s laugh was so cold. He knew she couldn’t have known was that the bastard had a gun. A gun Sebastian learned many years later was used to keep Lukas from talking. He could feel the explosion of the gunshot going through his body even in the other room, the one that killed his mother and caused the neighbors to call the police.

The bastard had ended up holding his brother hostage for hours in the small house Sebastian being pulled to safety and comforted by the police that day. Eventually, they entered the house, and the man decided to have a shootout with the police, ending his life as the officers filled his body with bullets.

Snapping his attention back to the present, Lukas noticed the water slowly turning cold and shut off the water. Stepping out, he grabbed the towel and began drying himself.

They were in the foster system for three horrible years, so lucky to never be separated. It was sick irony, how such a horrible system was still better than the secret torture his brother had endured. And how his brother, the day of his 18th birthday pulled them from the system and lived on their own.

Walking back into his room, Sebastian turned on the TV, letting the sound of the anchor people’s voices drone on in the background as he dressed. Grabbing his cell phone and bag, he pulled his bedroom door behind him and made his way towards the front door of the apartment.

Locking the door, he made his way down the stair and out to the front of the building. Waving to their neighbor as she walked past him into the building, he walked over to the bus stop and sat on the bench.

He remembered the day his brother started prostitution. He was 11 at the time, Lukas 18. They had run out of money, and his brother sacrificed himself yet again, telling him that it would be the only way that they could pay the bills.  He’d stayed up so many nights, sitting alone in the small apartment that his brother barely was able to afford, all the while putting Sebastian through the best school in the city. He’d always worried that his brother would be taken away from him forever, be it physically or mentally.

Stepping onto the bus, he took a seat and looked down at his phone, sending a text to his brother to remind that he would meet at Lukas’ work since school was out for the holiday. Finishing the text, he closed the phone, and stuffing it back into his pocket, he let his mind wander yet again.

It was two years before his brother met Brain and was, in everyone’s opinion, saved by him. It had been a normal night for Lukas until he was picked up by Brian. He’d never gotten the details out of Lukas, but Sebastian couldn’t have been happier with what happened after that night.


 It had shocked him at first that someone as rich and powerful as Brian would actually take pity on his brother, but before Sebastian knew it, his brother was off the street, had a job as the man’s personal assistant, and  holding a relationship. He was finally seeing his brother truly happy.


Noticing the pregnant woman entering the slowly filling bus, Sebastian stood up and motioned for the woman to take his seat. Smiling at him, he blushed and grabbed the metal bar above him, bracing himself as the bus began moving forward again.


Letting out a yawn, he let his attention drift to the giant glass windows of the bus, looking outside as they began to turn onto an old, metal bridge, the snow finally began to break. As the bus finished crossing the bridge, turned his view to the front of the bus right as a young man began to cross the street in front of them. He yelled out to the driver, but to no avail as bus ran over him, blood splattering the now cracked windshield.


Feeling the bus lurch and begin to sway on its side, Sebastian let out a gasp, and finally lost his grip on the bar. To his left, a semi slammed into the side of the bus, sending shards of glass across the cabin. Trying to scream out, Sebastian felt himself flying through the air, and cringed in agony as his head smashed into one of the metal bars, making him see stars and feel a warm, wet trickle of blood running down his neck. As he blacked out from the pain, he vaguely could hear the screams as the bus finally flipped over.






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