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Chapter 2: In the Blink of an Eye

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Theme Song: Brick- Ben Folds Five



“…. Health officials are urging everyone to get a flu shot this year due to the extreme nature and unusually cold weather this year.

…. In other news, the highly anticipated Tricomm and Interlink merger is set to take place later today. The ill-fated Windsor Park based company, Interlink Communications, is expected to be bought out by the Timbervale telecommunications giant Tricomm Wireless for an estimated $42 billion. Tricomm CEO, Brian Handover declined comment.

Now let’s go to Katie in the Weather Center…. Katie, what can we expect for the morning commute?

Well Tom, it looks like the overnight snow will be slowing down in most parts of the metro area with the clouds breaking up in many areas, but don’t expect it to get any warmer today with yet another cold front moving in from the north…”


Looking away from the small panel near the train car’s door as the train began to move again, he turned his attention back to the girl sitting next to him.

“So, seriously! You have to tell me!” she continued, the pleasure bubbling into her chipper voice, “When are you going to do it?”

Sliding his hand into his left coat pocket and feeling the small ring box, Andrew turned to his little sister Jenna with a smile creeping on his face.

“Now just why would I tell you? You are the worst at keeping a secret and if I tell you, I’d have to take your precious phone away,” he replied, poking her in the forehead and getting a disgruntled sigh from the much younger girl next to him.

“You’re just chicken.  A REAAAAAL man would have gone and proposed to the girl they’ve been dating for the last 3 years ages ago!” she replied, pushing him on his shoulder as the train began to start slowing down and a loud ding permeated across the nearly empty car.

“Next station: Riverside Expressway and Central Plaza. Estimated arrival to station in 35 seconds. Left doors opening.”

As the train’s breaks began their squealing protest, he grabbed the metal bar above his head and yelled out to his traveling companion. “If you really must know…. I’m going to propose to her tonight at Starlight Tower after work…. Going for the whole ring in the champagne bit and everything! Very classy! I’ll even make sure the waiter gets some pictures for us!”

“Oh my god! That is so romantic! I’m so jealous!” Jenna yelled her reply as the gleaming station slid past the windows of the rapidly slowing car. With a jolt the train stopped and the doors opened, allowing the cold wet outside air to enter the train, chilling both as they made their way to the door.

“So how about you?” he asked, stepping out onto the lightly populated platform, automatically turning towards the escalator upward. “Mom said that your friend April set you up with some guy from your school.  Tell me about him…”

“Well….” She said, looking down at her feet and began blushing, “Daddy only let me go on one date with him, but Sebby…. I mean Sebastian is actually kind of cute. A little nerdy, but still…”

“Aw…” he cooed, tilting his head side and making a face at her, “My wittle sister has a cwush!”

“And your little sister is going to kick you in the groin if you don’t stop with the baby voice,” she growled, and upon stepping off the escalator, got a evil smile on her face, made her way to the coffee counter near the entrance of the station, “You’re going to make it up to me by buying me coffee and a bagel.”

“Am I now?” he called out to her, making his way towards her.

“Yep, unless you want me to text Mom while you’re at the hospital and tell her every little detail about you getting engaged tonight,” she continued, pressing the buttons on the order screen and then waiting for her older brother to swipe his credit card in the machine, “Which can easily be arranged while I’m in class.”

“Black-mailer!” he shot at her, entering in his order and waving the thin plastic card over the reader.

“You know I prefer the word extortionist,” she shot back, smirking as she brought the promptly dispensed bagel to her mouth.

Grabbing their drinks they made their way outside and walked up to the crosswalk outside the doors. Pressing the button, the stood in the cold morning air and began to eat their breakfast.

“So why are you going into work so early today?” she finally asked, breaking the silence between them.

“Well, they are planning on shutting down half the ER later today and are going to hand off the overflow to the free clinic,” he replied, beginning to walk across the intersection at the changing of the light, “And I’m in charge there today.”

“Oh…” she replied, cupping her hands around the warm cup against the chilled air.

“Why do you….” He began looking around to her as he noticed the black car flying towards her, its driver turned in the seat and apparently yelling at the smaller passenger.

“Jesus!” he yelled, pulling her as quick as he could out of its way to him, getting scalded as the coffee she was hold began to pour down the front of his jacket and scrub bottoms.

With his younger sister gasping, he raised his fist and began to shake it at the offending car and scream profanities at it. Looking back to his sister he noticed she was visibly shaking.

“Are you ok?” he said looking her over and checking for signs of injury.

“Yeah…” she answered shakily, finally unclenching his arms as her attention was suddenly drawn to the large crashing noise coming from the direction of the car.

“Oh my god…” Andrew gasped out, looking at the horrific scene unfolding before their eyes and began to take a few steps toward the accident.

“Andrew…” Jenna began, trying to reach out for her older brother as she heard the screeching of the tires on something large coming their way.

“Dear god, we need to go help them Jen...” he began as the large gleaming bus hit him before her eyes.

“Andrew!” she yelled out to him, barely flinching at the specks of blood hitting her skin and the sound of the bus that had just hit her brother wildly fishtailed and began to flip over, and other vehicles began to impact it.


“OH GOD! ANDREW!!!! ANDREW! SOMEONE HELP!” she continued screaming as the world around her erupted in a cascade of broken glass and protesting metal.

-end of chapter 2-


Extra Pictures Time!!!




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