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How's my driving? Feedback poll time!



Format of Department Briefings  

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  1. 1. How would you rate the current way briefings are delivered, with a picture of a word document page attached to the journal entry that you can click on to expand?

    • Awesome! Don't change anything!
    • Not bad.....maybe consider some small changes to make it better
    • Awful! Change immediately!!

The way I am doing this city journal is a bit unusual, but here it is in a nutshell:

My name is Timothy Simm, a journalism student at the University of Alaska - Anchorage in the year 2547, and I have chosen to chronicle the development of Emerald Basin, a metropolitan development project in Alaska in the year 2014. Technology now allows me to travel back and fast forward through time at will, so that I may view long term changes quickly. As the region progresses, I put in journal entries coupled with a briefing from the applicable department tasked with whatever it is I'm writing about at that time. The current format has me writing journal entries like I am now, but then creating the briefing in a Word document and PrntScn'ing it into Paint and attaching it to the journal entry, so that you can click on it and it will expand. This is the quickest and cleanest way for me to do this, and it frees up the types of pics I want in these reports. However, I'm not sure how its playing with the reading public, so this entry has a poll where you can give me some feedback.........Attached pic of Word Document page, or direct pasting and attaching of pics into the window. Let me know!


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So, a number of things I noticed while perusing your archives.


Firstly, SC4 Pictures are too small. It's really nice to have a back story, and in fact it's quite alright if you only even include one picture per update, but it would ideally be large and of good quality, instead of thumbnail size.


Secondly, I would recommend using an image host, lick flickr, dropbox, or imgur, as it will ultimately let you use more images with greater flexibility regarding storage on ST, image size and quality, etc.


Thirdly, Slope Mod. Some of your avenue slopes are the worst I've ever seen, even among CJs that don't use slope mods. It also adds a decent level of realism into your CJ, while the 60 deg angles on the avenue slopes really detracts from the image as a whole. The slope mod, really, can be basic, just to eliminate the absurd slopes; doesn't have to be uber-realistic.


Fourthly, I would clean up your plugins folder. You have a number of mods installed, like the Project Symphony/Maxis Highway override from the NAM that you aren't using properly. You opted for the auto-generated Maxis diamond interchange instead of using the appropriate method by combing RHW and PS together. If you stick with one (like pure MHW) that would be acceptable, but the scale differences between the two and the sudden transition from RHW style to MHW style is jarring and generally unacceptable (imo). I also noticed carelessness in zoning next to rails. Although NAM developments in rail tiles mean that FARR lets you zone much closer to the track, it doesn't mean that you should. A number of pictures show the rail track being interrupted by a closely zoned CS$, which is not only poor design, but also demonstrates an attention to detail that is poor at best, and generally not caring at worst. If you don't care how your city looks and functions, why should we?

On a similar note, I notice that despite having the standard RAM package, you also installed Rivit's RUM (Railway Upgrade Mod) for the RRW, and not the standard package. Why you would do that is beyond me, but as further evidence of a lack of attention to detail, you simply dropped the whole thing in your plugins, without reading the readme and choosing only the files you needed. I can tell because there is a RailxStreet crossing that has Rivit's tarsealed streets in the middle of a bunch of Standard Maxis styled streets, and this would only happen if you installed the whole thing without removing the unnecessary components.


I don't mean to sound harsh, angry, or callous. Understand that this is intended to be constructive criticism, and my voice is intended to be imperative and serious, not flaming or angry. I actually have found your take on the CJ interesting, but it needs work if it's going to gather interest or be successful in the long run.

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Lol yah pretty coarse, but extremely informative so my feelings are intact :), that's why I made this entry, I want to know what to improve on from more experienced sc4 players. Some of the problems you mentioned I'm aware of, like the MHW/Avenue interchanges....while incredibly ugly, they remain functional, and it's just a matter of me not knowing what the problem was. 95% of my plugins are done correctly, you've done a nice job of laying out the 5% i screwed up on lol, but thank you, you saved me a lot of time figuring out how to make these things work and now I can set to correcting them. Anything else you can think of please pass along to me, despite the sad shape of my city I really am a stickler to detail, ive just never dealt with so many plugins at once. Thanks again!

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Deleted the RUM and installed a slop mod.,...will I need to redo the entire network or will it mod itself?

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Slope mods only affect new and redrawn networks. Old roads remain functional, but won't change until you click on them. Be careful of what you try to correct. Once you demolish a road, it may be extremely hard to put it back again until you rethink the curve, network, intersection, or what have you. Straight sections typically convert much easier than curves and poorly placed intersections, but thankfully if the slope won't take, it'll simply leave the network as is (as opposed to demolishing it and leaving you stranded).


Also, I manage lots of plugins at once, but I'm a fairly advanced user. The main deal here is to read all the readmes, and then read some more. It's not the simplest of games for modding/adding CC, but it can be deciphered and understood with careful reading. If you read all of the NAM documentation (or enough to get the gist), as well as some of the other documentation for things like slope mods and the RUM, you would have been able to see the answers to your questions. It's all a matter of time spent learning vs. time spent playing, but you can do a lot more with less play time if you understand first why and how a mod works, rather than trying to beat your head against a brick wall. The PS FAQ, for instance, mentions that no custom HWY interchanges are included besides the basic T interchange and that everything else is modular and must be done in conjunction with the RHW.


The 3 most important things in Real Estate are location, location, location.


The 3 most important things to do to understand mods in SC4 is read, read, read. Then ask some questions if you don't understand still (but only after reading). Questions like why my list of three things has four listed? (I have no idea)

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