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Update 7/Big Storm Update 1- Storm Rollo Headed Towards Portland

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Heads Up: My photo editing is a bit "shabby" in some of the pics since I haven't did it in so long...


raynev1- Thanks! And yeah, it is a challenge considering its all large tiles...

wcraig- I only used those roads since its an expressway, which is more like a road than a freeway, and I have RHW.



Today's Focus



2012 has already been an strange year, the first half was around average, and the second half is highly above average. October brings an average of 1.99 inches, but this year October has brought 4.76 inches of rain. As many Portlandiers think this is bad, they don't even know what is about to come...

November 18th, 2012: "Rollo" Forms


After a very wet September and October, rain continues to pour into the PMA. In the picture above, rain has halted construction of a new subdivision in Portland. Meteorologists in California have discovered a storm that is supposed to head towards the Pacific Northwest (hint hint). The group of meteorologists have named it "Rollo" and say it can dump anywhere from 7 to 13 inches of rain in just 4 days. Cities such as Seattle, Vancouver, and Portland (Oregon, not my Portland) are taking precautions as this storm heads straight for the Pacific Northwest. In the PMA, Gulliman's Creek, Pine Valley, Erosion, and Dion have had to order evacuations as the storm is expected to dump 11 inches in the PMA.

November 20th, 2012: Horrible Evacuation Conditions


In this picture, construction has halted construction of a soon-to-be master planned community in Gulliman's Creek. As you can see, evacuees are driving to Eaton, or at least trying to. Gulliman's Creek has been evacuated since the actual Gulliman's Creek is supposed to permanently fill by Mid-December, and this storm might speed that up. 18 days of continuous rainfall has already put the city under a flood-warning and caused the evacuation of 3,400 people. This and the other evacuation are the first full-city evacuations to ever occur in the PMA.


By now, you can tell how fast the metro is growing by looking at all the construction pics, don't worry, this is the last. This picture shows suburban development in Pine Valley, the smallest city in the PMA and the only other city that lies on Gulliman's Creek. Pine Valley is also one of the richest cities in the PMA, as stated in the Census Update. Pine Valley, is a few feet higher than the City of Gulliman's Creek, and has completed it's portion of the "Gulliman's Creek Canalization Project", so it hasn't been under a flood warning from recent rains. But "Rollo" is expected to flood every single structure in Pine Valley, which scared so many people that many evacuated before they had to.

November 21st, 2012: Coastal Cities Evacuate


We are now in Erosion, a city next to the City of Portal, the ending for the Loop 305, and voted the city with the worst zoning in the state for 11 years in a row. In this picture, the rain has taken a break, and evacuees can now easily evacuate into Portland using the Loop 305, well, besides traffic that is. Erosion has been picked for evacuation since most of the city's elevation hardly rises from the coast. Which means a small 5 ft. tsunami will flood the whole city, if there ever was one.


This is another part of the "Erosion Strip", which is also visible on the map at the top of the page. This area has been cut off from it's neighbor, Portal, from previous storms. Now that the residents must evacuate, they have to drive 4 hours just to get to Beaverton (Portland's neighboring city). This November, the PMA has already seen 4.09 inches of rain, and "Rollo" will dump 11 inches and bring 95 MPH winds with 115 MPH gusts.

November 22nd, 2012: Evacuations Are Almost Done


In this you can see the Loop 305 Light Rail (non-freeway section), Brickside Elementary School, which serves all the 8,000 residents of the "Erosion Strip", and no cars. Almost all residents of the Erosion Strip have evacuated. Residents that chose to stay behind say the roads were never this empty, even when Erosion was just a bunch of farmland. Many people have confused this for a hurricane, which is why so many evacuated early, but it's a regular storm, it doesn't even look like a hurricane. As for Gulliman's Creek, residents are having a harder time evacuating. With the added pressure of Pine Valley evacuees, all this does is add to Eaton's already terrible rush hour traffic.

November 23rd, 2012: The storm hits

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TayMay27 hey in your previous update there was a bridge and some power lines just thought you should know bridges carry power but not water so you don't need to have power lines across the water as long as you have a bridge.

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