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tTram: Greater Torton's Light Rail System

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20100911161446.pngHuman Transit Corporation

Since 1930

Case Study: tTram / Celebrating tTram's 110th Anniversary

Before building Sepulchral City's rapid transit system, let's study on a city in the Free State of Torbury, who implements light rail transit, since the year of 1965 (the second city in the Free State to implement rapid transit)

Background Information

City of Torton (Population 79,000) situates on the southern shores of Watersauga Harbour. Torton is the third biggest city in terms of population in the Free State. However, combining with the City of Appington (Population 54,000) on the opposite shore of Exterior Port and the City of Springborough (Population 31,000), the metropolitan area forms the second largest metropolitan area in the Free State. Daily commutes and travels are common between the three cities (or the tri-cities region)


Figure 1. Satellite view of the Greater Torton Area (the city on the mainland is Torton, on the island immediately across from Torton is Appington, and Springborough on the furthermost island.


Figure 2. Greater Torton Area's location (Figure 1 corresponds to the area boxed in yellow) relative to the entire Free State.


Torton is among one of the first settlements in the Free State, and the first city to join the Confederation of the Free State in the late 1930s.

It remained to be the second largest city in the Free State, after the capital Torbury. However, with the territory dispute immediately south of the city and relatively poor urban planning, the population growth of the city has been stagnate for the past couple of decades, and recently, the City of Pinecross replaced Torbury as the second biggest city.

Despite of that, Torton still remains to be the most densely populated city in the Free State. And given its large population base, a strong demand for rapid transit has been created.

As such, a light rail transit system tTram was formed in 1968 (back then this idea was innovative), and several upgrades and expansions of the systems have been performed. However, with the stagnant growth of the population, regrettably, HTC Greater Torton Division is easily ignored.

About tTram

tTram is numbered (and known to public by numbers) from 2001 to 2006.

In fact, the entire 20xx series have been reserved for the tTram system, however, currently only 6 lines exist.

  • Route 2001 - Frontline <> Packaging Plant (travels along Riverside Road)
  • Route 2001A - Frontline <> Torton International Airport (travels along Riverside Road)
  • Route 2002 - Ching Fung Au <> Torton International Airport (travels along Yue Pai Road)
  • Route 2003 - Oil Refinery <> Lei Yue Mun Terminal (travels along Wellington Road and Clear Water Bay Boulevard)
  • Route 2003A - Oil Refinery <> Pak Shing Kok (travels along Wellington Road)
  • Route 2004 - Packaging Plant <> Kennedy Town Terminus (travels mostly along Argyle Street)
  • Route 2005 - Appingbury / Cheung Ka Kai <> Torton International Airport (travels along Residence Street)
  • Route 2006 - Kennedy Town Terminus <> Torton International Airport (travels along King's Road)


Overtime, the capacity of tTram has reached a saturation point (each tram carries about 256 to 400 passengers) And with its relatively slow speed (average speed < 60 km/h), the tTram system's attraction as a rapid transit system is drastically decreasing. There have been talks of replacing the LRT with metro since the 2030s, however, no progress has been made since then (it is now the end of the 2070s).


Figure 3. The current system map of tTram


Figure 4. Route 2001's tramway near Boundary and MacDonald Stations in the year 2015 (~ 60 years ago)

simscr130.pngFigure 5. The tTram system on Appington Island in the year 2012. Notice that back then Route 2002 terminates at Presto, it has since been extended to Ching Fung Au. Also, notice that Route 2003 (which travels along Wellington Road) does not exist back then.


Figure 6. Current-day Routes 2004 (along Argyle Street) and 2005 (along Residence Street). Notice the number of passengers waiting at tTram stops are quite high (despite service level has not turned to unsatisfactory yet)


Figure 7. Current day Route 2001 (along Riverside Road) and Route 2004 (along Argyle Street) near Argyle West tTram Station.


Figure 8. Current day Interior Port and Exterior Port, which also shows the relative locations between Torton (on the left) and Appington (to the right).


Figure 9. Appington Channel separating the Mainland from Appington Island. The image also shows Route 2001 along Riverside Road (near Harbour, Appington Village, Wellington West tTram stations), and Route 2003/2003A along Wellington Road (near Wellington West, Sham Shui Po, Teddington/Lung Wui tTram stations).


Figure 10. Springborough Island (the furthermost island in the metropolitan area), and shows Route 2001's service in the City of Springborough.


And that's it for this entry!

Preview of our future projects


Figure 11. Expanding our service coverage as always, we are proposing to establish a new anchor city at Newborough (we will explain our definition of an "anchor city" in a later post about our company strategies), and we are proposing a new rail link between Pinecross (the second biggest city in the Free State) and this new anchor city at Newborough!

So stay tuned!


Remember to check our route map section (UPDATE #2), as we'll update that regularly. Update 2080 is on the way, with MANY NEW RAPID TRANSIT SYSTEM MAPS!

We are online! (Along with other regions of mine). Check out http://gravenhurst.wikia.com

Currently, Torbury only has ~10 articles out of the 159 articles. The other articles are about other regions.

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I'm not sure what game that is (looks like a very well-connected city though), but your maps look sublime :)

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I always wanted to master the game but it's so intricate! You really need to take a lot into consideration right down to vehicle models to the signals on the tracks, to timing the delivery of industrial products to keep demand constant. You've done a bang-up job though, Fantastic work!

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Two things:

1 - DAYUM!! That's a huge game map!! I wonder what size is that??
2 - Did your CJ will be updated weekly or bi-weekly?

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