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Introduction to Nilia and Albian

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Ying Blanc


Hello all, after a winter being exclusive to the USNW, I have decided to get onto here and show the rest of you my country, so enjoy. For the introduction I'll just show you the application.

Full Member Application Status For:


The Flag and Coat of Arms of Nilia and Albian:


The Flag contains of 2 stars, a larger one representing Nilia and a smaller representing Albian. The 11 red stripes correspond to how many provinces there is in Nilia including Albian.


The Lotus and the Buddhist 8 Fold Path Wheel represent the deep routed Buddhist background of the country while the Blue banner and flowers represent the freedom of their past Communist history and also peace in their time.

Where Nilia and Albian Is:


Nilia lays between Szcheno and Ghuangji while Albian is inside of Nilia on the east coast.

History of Nilia and Albian:

This History starts in 1949 although the history is rich before 1949 as well but forward of this is the main History. In 1949, it starts with the Great Adonian War, the Trentannian advancement into Eastern Althena forced large amount of Szcheno citiezens out of their country away from the ensuing war. To help with the war Posillipo tried to make Ghuangji, which is what Nilia was in that time, by making it a dependency but resistance from Ghuangji and (unwanted from Ghuangji) Trentannia meant that the take over failed.

In 1953, 3 years after the battle with Posillipo to stay independent, Ghuangji is still independent yet almost destroyed after the war, in turn 4 years of communism entails. Nilia then revolted against the Communist Ghuangji and Communism in Guangji falls as result, almost all of remeinants of communism

was destroyed in the new country Nilia to get that part of their history behind them.

1963 and Albian, at that time owned by Trentannia becomes part of Nilia yet not part of the actual country becoming a dependency of Nilia, Albian is one of the last countries to become independent or swap their dependency with another. In turn the large technological/social and importing advances of Albian gets to Nilia who were realing from the Communist regime leading to a large boom.

Until 1982 in which Nilia and Albian had their own recession and lead to many being homeless and depressed. In this time, the first reports of the infamous crime organisation from Nilia, the Macunsa Cartel, appeared and continued as they reigned terror over Nilia and Albian over that time even operate today but not

as much. as their high in the 80s Depression.

In 1985, Large change came, the new president of Nilia, Chi Hebbery Huong, makes great ties with the thriving Sanese bringing end of recession and also

introducing many Sanese citizens into Nilia and Albian. And then many years of nothing that's major to Adonia.

Then came 2010 and shocking result in the Presidential elections when the unknown Negotiate Party shoots up in a surprise win over the 3 main parties to gain a landslide win (They focus on neutrality in war (like Okaiken) and will only fight if necessaries to well being of the world or in defence of their own country). And the year after in 2011, Albian which at time time was rather unknown to the world, becomes known to the world after hosting the large East Althenan Song Contest.

And that is the history until now, the years before 1949 will be shown at a later stage in time.

Pictures for the Application:

(As you can see some of the scenes have not been finished but the focus of the pictures have been "dressed" for the scenes)





Kasai and Sanoinōgyō Province





Taichung City




Now onto the Facts:

Country Name: Merged Parilimentary Democracy of Nilia and Albian

Shorter Names: Nilia and Albian

Capital: Taichung City

population =~ 32,406,347

size =~ 46,950km squared

National Motto: Everybody makes history, no matter how small

National Anthem: Pyeonghwaui Sigan (English: Time of Peace)

Languages: Trentannian, Sanese and Gwangju

Demonym: Nilian, Albian

Current Government: Negotiate Party

Current President: Denzil Somchai

Current Nilia and Albian Foreign Secretary: Henry Shichiro

Currency: Enrieos

Internet TLD: Co.Na/ Co.Ab

National Sports: Football and Cricket

We Thank You For Reading And Can't Wait For The Vote

From the Foreign Affairs Department, Henry Shichiro and Right-Honourable Denzil Somchai

hope this is a good start for a showing out of the comfort zone xD

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