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About this City Journal

Enlighten Yourself in Nilia and Albian.

Entries in this City Journal

Ying Blanc

First off thank you all in general.

Thats a nice entertainment district you got there. Very well planned!

Not much of an entertainment district, as said more like Olympic Park xD

I agree... But AIN will win the Simlypics.

Just a little friendly trash talking.

Truly I hope you the Best!

meh, I just hope I win the Equestrian Sports, Nilia and Albian is a country of horsemen and all xD Good luck to the AINers

You're using some rarely-seen buildings, always great to see some new stuff in the CJs!

Really rarely seen =o didn't know that xDxD

Looks very nice. Good luck.

Thanks good luck to you too ^_^


Here is the Regional view of the part of Taichung Province I am working on, as you can see from before there has been a lot of work...


Starting with a new addition to it, the 2nd airport of the area Kytona Airport. In the top corner you can see actual Kytona Village, shown later, but the main focus is the crowded terminal of Kytona Airport which is planning to add a 2nd terminal and runway some time.


Here is Kytona Village, very small but it's only a farming village for the fields around the airport, because of this village at 11pm to 4am, there are no flights out of Kytona because of noise pollution from it, planes still come in though.


Across from the Kytona Airport Tile on the far end, is a continuation of Taichung into the suburbs and residential areas of Taichung. To start I show you the Cricket grounds we have, it isn't the Pearl Arena but it is a major stadium in the cricket league.


As you seen we have a large rail network, with Taichung as a major, major hub and with a hub comes a railyard for trains not in service. It's empty right now but it should be full soon-ish.



And with the railyard comes the start to the industrial section, mostly fuel storage, the main industrial area will be somewhere else but this is a small part of the industrial part of Taichung. Hope you enjoyed it.

Jesus how hard it was, crashing every 10 mins or something unless I take it reaaaaal slow. I'm a fast computer user though so =/

Ying Blanc

Yes, as well as the Simlympics the Union Olympics are taking place, not really called Olympics just the Adonian Games (as Adonia is the planet the USNW is on)

The Capital, Taichung City is bidding for it against Okashi and here are just a small selection of venues I will be using if I win the bid. Have Fun!


Here we have the Adonian games Stadium of Taichung, it's official name is "The Canopy Stadium" because of the record breaking canopy over the seating. In front is a unique addition to the Adonian games, the Torch Wheel, the Wheel is the visitors attraction that has views of Taichung City in it's excellence and right in the centre of the wheel is a compartment that will fold the flame throughout the games.


Here we have most of the venues in the park, the stadium on the left is SogDom, it is a mix of the words Velocity and Dome in the native language, Sogdo Dom, it will play host to the cycling and also to Indoor Volleyball. To the right is the specialised swimming centre in the shape of a water lily, named just that, the Water Lily. The green on top of the centre is accessible by the public if they want to have a small picnic or just rest and enjoy the activity of the park itself.

Below the SogDom is the Media Centre, Large enough to contain all of the TV and radio channels but if not the Athlete's Village is available.


This is the Grand Entrance and the whole entrance area is themed on our close neighbours, Okaiken, especially their architecture. There is an entrance to a main concourse in the large building but to the side is the entrance to the Tennis Venues, between them are small walkways that contain benches and other street furniture for people coming or leaving to wait for their transport or for friends or relatives.


And this is the Athlete's Village 8 Large towers and 4 Smaller towers, large enough in all to en-company all of the athletes and also TV and Radio crew if they need more space, inside the Village are Gyms, Swimming Baths and a 3 star and a 5 star restaurant.


And here is an overview of the whole Adonian Games park. As you can see the past pictures have covered everything but the Tennis Venue and the Football Venue, very small significance to the actual park but helps out the schedule.

Now these following venues are outside of the Park and have major significance as in hold multiple sports. there are others such as Baseball, Golf, Archery, and Equestrian Grounds as well as the grounds for our Demonstration Sports.


Sponsored by Lily Airways, one of the biggest airline companies in Nilia and Albian, this Arena here will play host to the ball sports such as Basketball and Handball. This may not be a permanent position as the owners have also bid to host Adonia's Best Talent which may clash with the Games so the future is not certain.


Abandoned in 1996, this building has been left unoccupied and unused for 16 years until this year we bought it back and it is now the Taichung National Combat Arena and will hold most of the strength and combat sports such as Wrestling, Weightlifting and Taekwando.


The Final Arena to show is the Fershen E. Ulsna Performing Arts Centre, or F.E.U Performing Arts Centre in short. It was built in 2002 as a homage to the recently passed actress/dancer of the same name. It will hold the performing events such as Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics and the Trampolining.

The Demonstration Sports we would like to see put into normal events are the national sports of Cricket and Horse Racing such as The Royal Mile. We hope that you enjoy our venues and the sports.

But as well as that we also have running a competition, not just something like Eurovision, but a strange breed between Eurovision and the Got Talent series. We have also bidded xDxD

Good Luck to Dan and K50 who are bidding as well to host and good luck to participants.

Good Luck to all other participants in the Simlympics, can't wait to compete with you

Also good luck to Carl on the Adonian games, may the best man win


To play my entry out here is the entry for Nilia and Albian to Adonia's Best Talent

Ying Blanc

Thanks you 2, you both shall be awarded with a day later update xD

Today we will look at some of the outside of the town including the main airport, Akane Yasu Airport. We will also look at some attractions and small small village in the metro area.


First though is the Akane Yasu Airport which is 2nd busiest in Nilia and Albian, it has basically 3 terminals and a cargo port for planes separate from all the terminals. The buildings you see from left to right is Murcure Hotel, the base of Lotus Airlines that have a hub here, and the red buildings are yet more hotels. Below the picture is 1 of 2 stations at the airport which ferries you straight into town.


Across the way is Akane Racetrack which holds the Superbiking Series and also has track days for cars and is planning to host at least some form of car race next year. The track has 3 different routes and all on the concrete section behind the garages. The garage area in the middle being also a small broadcast centre.


Next we travel to the small village of Hirichatmo to the north of Taichung, by train of coarse so you can see the small yet great looking Hirichatmo station. Serving the city on 4 separate platforms.


We go up from the station and we reach one of 2 destinations, either Hirichatmo Clinic which basically caters for all villages to the north not only Hirichatmo, it also caters for a medical college before university.


It could also lead you to a small section of Nilia's history in a few communist blocks still standing, not much of a rare sight but unusual to see in Nilia.


and finally uncensored we can show you the province we will be showing you all. You can see the mass amount of ground still to cover and it won't be quick. We thank you again for looking at this and next update we maaaay have something special to show, depends ;) Good luck to our brothers across the lake, Okaiken and also to the other competitors, I'm sure either way Nilia and Albian will have a swell first time there. See you next time!!

Ying Blanc

thanks everybody for commenting on the 2 updates. It is a shame Radical, if only I knew how to turn Sketchup into BAT.

We start off with the very edge of the CBD with a couple of towers called "The Pinnacle" The mall behind it is the fanciest mall in Taichung, mainly serving to the richest of the rich (like Fortnam and Mason in London).


Then we have 2 other towers and one of the tallest towers in Taichung next to that.


We then have right in the middle a rare site in Nilian cities, an art deco building still up, this one is residential and has a mall and cinema complex at the base. it is called the "Fujina Building"


All of this borders the official city park (name coming later xD) which holds tennis courts, a lake, a vistor centre, a small football ground (still large enough to have an official team play but lack of seating is the main problem.) and a botanical greenhouse. it also has a road running through it which is being tipped to be part of the official Nilia F1 coarse when they sign up their track next season. Albian having a seperate track and team.


This here is a close-up of a rather interesting set of buildings, at the very back is a 4-star hotel called "Emperor Hotel" but the most interesting thing is it's classical look. In front of that is a currently abandoned building but inside, there is much work to change the building into an Indoor Arena for the Adonian Olympic Games.


Another rare site is the presence of Post-GAW Trentannian Architecture from the Trentannians who fled from the horror of war, this or originally a college but not has been turned into a Great Adonian War Museum behind it is the other example, one of the only churches in Taichung city centre.


Over here is another Adonian Olympic Venue and the main arena of Taichung, owned by Lily Airlines, the Lily Airlines Arena holds concerts and indoor ball games and many other games. In front of it is the main station for Taichung as of right now.


and last but not least is the small slither of land across the river in this plate which will hold mostly housing but will have a few commertial areas and hopefully industrial areas as well.


And finally a link to a very very large Collarge. Click to see it please


Next update I will show you one of the 2 airports in Taichung City and one of the small satellite cities of Taichung City.

Ying Blanc

Welcome to the Taichung Province City Journal where we will show off the capital of our country, Taichung. We will begin with the Capital itself, Taichung City. Enjoy


This is the man-made island (as in surrounded by a canal) which contains the largest parts of the government, the actual Government of Nilia and Albian building in the centre, to the left is Taichung City and Province Hall and to the right is a Convention Hall. In front all off of them is a rather new edition to the island, A statue that represents Unity and Peace, with the statues of a brother and sister, seemingly running to the head of all the Peace and Unity, the government. That part of the statues meaning being based off a true story of a brother and sister whose parents were killed by the infamous Macunsa Cartel. They then proceeded to travel by any means from their small home city to the capital here where they're only remaining relative lives and still lives with them.



Here we have the famous walled city of Taichung, the oldest part of the city itself. There is actually 2 parts to the walled city, the outside traditional Sanese houses. Most transformed from the old Ghuangji housing style, and inside the Temple compound there are older examples of Ghuangji housing, much much earlier than the Sanese houses outside of it. Outside of cities, this is the only example of this era in Ghuangji housing. The small vineyard behind the Temple is still actually churning out White wine and every year they reach a spectacular price for it's rarity.


This here is the smallest sample of out Commercial districts. Nothing out of the ordinary about these shopping areas apart from the small Shopping Centre to the south of this picture But don't let a lack of shipping centres get to you, the shops on the streets are in very large numbers, and at night, venders often try to sell their produce on the streets to tourists, the atmosphere at that time is very nice which calls for packed streets of tourists.


And here is a teaser for next update. Hope you've enjoyed looking at the city and we hope to see you again.

Ying Blanc

Hello all, after a winter being exclusive to the USNW, I have decided to get onto here and show the rest of you my country, so enjoy. For the introduction I'll just show you the application.

Full Member Application Status For:


The Flag and Coat of Arms of Nilia and Albian:


The Flag contains of 2 stars, a larger one representing Nilia and a smaller representing Albian. The 11 red stripes correspond to how many provinces there is in Nilia including Albian.


The Lotus and the Buddhist 8 Fold Path Wheel represent the deep routed Buddhist background of the country while the Blue banner and flowers represent the freedom of their past Communist history and also peace in their time.

Where Nilia and Albian Is:


Nilia lays between Szcheno and Ghuangji while Albian is inside of Nilia on the east coast.

History of Nilia and Albian:

This History starts in 1949 although the history is rich before 1949 as well but forward of this is the main History. In 1949, it starts with the Great Adonian War, the Trentannian advancement into Eastern Althena forced large amount of Szcheno citiezens out of their country away from the ensuing war. To help with the war Posillipo tried to make Ghuangji, which is what Nilia was in that time, by making it a dependency but resistance from Ghuangji and (unwanted from Ghuangji) Trentannia meant that the take over failed.

In 1953, 3 years after the battle with Posillipo to stay independent, Ghuangji is still independent yet almost destroyed after the war, in turn 4 years of communism entails. Nilia then revolted against the Communist Ghuangji and Communism in Guangji falls as result, almost all of remeinants of communism

was destroyed in the new country Nilia to get that part of their history behind them.

1963 and Albian, at that time owned by Trentannia becomes part of Nilia yet not part of the actual country becoming a dependency of Nilia, Albian is one of the last countries to become independent or swap their dependency with another. In turn the large technological/social and importing advances of Albian gets to Nilia who were realing from the Communist regime leading to a large boom.

Until 1982 in which Nilia and Albian had their own recession and lead to many being homeless and depressed. In this time, the first reports of the infamous crime organisation from Nilia, the Macunsa Cartel, appeared and continued as they reigned terror over Nilia and Albian over that time even operate today but not

as much. as their high in the 80s Depression.

In 1985, Large change came, the new president of Nilia, Chi Hebbery Huong, makes great ties with the thriving Sanese bringing end of recession and also

introducing many Sanese citizens into Nilia and Albian. And then many years of nothing that's major to Adonia.

Then came 2010 and shocking result in the Presidential elections when the unknown Negotiate Party shoots up in a surprise win over the 3 main parties to gain a landslide win (They focus on neutrality in war (like Okaiken) and will only fight if necessaries to well being of the world or in defence of their own country). And the year after in 2011, Albian which at time time was rather unknown to the world, becomes known to the world after hosting the large East Althenan Song Contest.

And that is the history until now, the years before 1949 will be shown at a later stage in time.

Pictures for the Application:

(As you can see some of the scenes have not been finished but the focus of the pictures have been "dressed" for the scenes)





Kasai and Sanoinōgyō Province





Taichung City




Now onto the Facts:

Country Name: Merged Parilimentary Democracy of Nilia and Albian

Shorter Names: Nilia and Albian

Capital: Taichung City

population =~ 32,406,347

size =~ 46,950km squared

National Motto: Everybody makes history, no matter how small

National Anthem: Pyeonghwaui Sigan (English: Time of Peace)

Languages: Trentannian, Sanese and Gwangju

Demonym: Nilian, Albian

Current Government: Negotiate Party

Current President: Denzil Somchai

Current Nilia and Albian Foreign Secretary: Henry Shichiro

Currency: Enrieos

Internet TLD: Co.Na/ Co.Ab

National Sports: Football and Cricket

We Thank You For Reading And Can't Wait For The Vote

From the Foreign Affairs Department, Henry Shichiro and Right-Honourable Denzil Somchai

hope this is a good start for a showing out of the comfort zone xD

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