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Update 2: Koningstad

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Hello and welcome to the King's City, Koningstad. To begin I'm going to show off some general maps of Laagvlatke.


First is the three communities of Laagvlatke, Laag (south), Vlatke (west), and Palanzia (east).


A cities map, highlighting the main cities. Middenstad is the largest city, followed by Altstad and Noordstad. Of the above cities, Koningstad is the smallest.


Highways Map of Laagvlatke.


Talking of Highways, Along the coast is the beginning of the A12, right off the B636.


Followed soon by Exit 1, the A12 exit for Koningstad, a Dumbell interchange.


About a mile up the road is the A12/A8 Interchange (A8 goes top/bottom in this pic) just Northwest of the city. Here we'll take Exit 2 onto the roundabout and take it to the A8 West ramp (it's going south at this point but because the road goes E/W for most of it's length).


Getting off at the A8 Koningstad Exit, we go left into downtown where we spot St. Barend's Church and the adjoining Cemetery.


St. Barend's Church, built in 1579.


Going slightly north, we see Spoorweg Winkelcentrum, built in 1967, it is the largest shopping center in Southeast Laag.


Further up the road we see the voorgevel straat overpass, which is used by the Grote Prijs van Koningstad as one of the signature corners, Haarspeld.


Koningstad Spoor het station, further along Voorgevel Straat.


Tunnelbeheerder Straat, which goes under the Laag Communautair Spoorwegsysteem's Southeast A-Line.


Just past the Tunnelbeheerder Straat is Koninklijke Stadion, home of KV Van Geleiders.


And into the town center, we see a Zeester Fuel Station. Currently 4.98 Geld for Regular Gasoline.


And home of King Thorbe, PM Tijani van Weenen, and the Wetgevendemacht, is Hoofdstad Tuin.


Back along the other side of the A12 is the training center of KV Van Geleiders.


Now out in the country, we come across some farms on Zee Weg and B636


And then the interchange where Zee Weg leaves the waterfront.


And a nice Farm shot I liked... :)


Unfinished pic because I can't get into LE and modify a lot into a grandstand which i'd put in along this site :\

Thanks for viewin ya'll :)

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Recommended Comments

super update here Will !
I especially enjoyed all your transit pics in this update
and my favorite wa your pre planned out ,highways map :)


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I can only see one of your pictures (the football fields). The others say that the images exceed bandwidth. :(

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thank you everyone, gamgus, my mistake, I forgot I was near that limit, i'll upload them on my other account right quick and all will be fixed :)

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Brian: Thank you

vivapanda: Ik heb geen Nederlands spreken, ik google het. :P Dank u :)

greg: Thank you :)

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The infrastructure can be useful as a heliport, so helicopters will carry food, farmers, animals or pesticides :)

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So beautiful! I love those pictures with the farms near the shore side :D

I don't mean to be rude, but what are those buildings with the orange roofs? I've been looking for similar buildings for a while now :P

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I encourage you to get a mod to replace those palm, unless your country is supposed to be located in semi-tropical climates, I don't think you should have them in an european styled city.

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Terring: I'm not quite sure what your referring to actually :\
Oohforf: Thank you, as for the orange roofed buildings, I didn't bother to pay attention to what everything was but the way I went about creating the plugins folder for this city was I just downloaded everything I could find by Haarlemgold and Vanderaap, I believe those would be by Haarlemgold though from a rough guess.
Mithrik: a bit embarressed but I didn't even notice those, I certainly can do so though, and thank you for your comments :)

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Beautiful upload, I just find it's a shame that every single house is exactly the same as it's neighbor... but that's just my point of view...

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ziet er goed uit, maar kleine tip: om al steden te laten eindigen met ''stad' wordt een beetje saai..
Looks good, but one little suggestion: it's going to be a bit boring if you end all of your cities names with 'stad'

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kraboomjing: I suppose but I just need to get everything else to grow, still breaking in my plugins :)
Miguel: Thank you :)
edw8: Not to sound like an idiot but I didn't even think about that, I think i'll screw around with that some. :)
halenbyname: As long as we don't bring that bro thing from chat over into the CJ section :P Thanks bro :)
IL.: Thank you :)

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