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Dust and Debris

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WOW, has it really been over two years? Two years since both work life and family life became chaotic? Judging by all the dust, I think so. Well, first to fix all the links.... [Lots of tinkering sounds] .... Okay, the links are now working.

Hello everyone, welcome back to the Greater Bay Area. With the announcement of the next SimCity, which I have some reservations about, I have been bitten once again by the SimCity bug and hope that life has settled down enough to make some progress on this journal. I was not great at journaling, this is my first attempt, and what little skill I had I'm sure has atrophied. Feedback welcome as I once again attempt to learn to Journal! I have updated my NAM mod, and I have the custom content from the plug-ins folder from when I was first working on this. However, I would have to do quite a bit of work to figure out what exactly I have. Anyone who has suggestions for other terrain or building mods that may fit well is welcome and encouraged to let me know.

I can see the last thing I was looking to do before the enforced hiatus was finish up with Leeside Harbor and Twin River City, so off we go.

Leeside Harbor

Almost of the Greater Bay Area is experiencing their first growth primarily due to farms and very limited commercial shops, Leaside Harbor was founded first and foremost to be a place for whalers to stop. There is industry already building up along the coast, several smokestacks, buildings to process the oil, and some warehouse capabilities.


The other feature of note is what looks like a small park, don't be fooled though, this area was not left alone due to environmental concerns. This is the neighborhood swimming hole! there are times where swimming out in the Bay is already somewhat nasty from the waste being poured into that area from the industry, so this was a place for the children, and some adults, to rinse off.


There's one other new feature, making its first appearance in Greater Bay here at Leeside Harbor - improved roads. little more than crushed rock and gravel over dirt these roads still can get bad during the rainy season. However, an attempt to improve some of the roads so that some of the larger wagons bringing goods to the industry didn't get stuck quite as often was a large focus of the majority of the towns youths, as well as the industry workers when they were waiting for their next ship to come in.

Twin Rivers City

The vision for Twin River City as a major transportation hub has not yet come to fruition, although there are some early signs that this may not be completely beyond the realm of possibility. What is already him happening as farmers are developing downriver on the strip of land between the two rivers.


On the bank across the East River from the city center we are starting to see the first indications of industry developing.


Whether Twin Rivers City will develop into a commercial or industrial of remains to be seen. However, the city does boast one first for the region...


Distressed housing. Despite the fact that Twin River City is being built later than some of the other cities, it seems like it was not built as well – at least not on this residential street.


My thoughts now were to continue to develop the starting towns, run the region another 10 years or so, and then do another set of updates. As all the growth in all the pictures were done with the initial set of downloads from 2009, if anyone has suggestions for upgraded lots, terrain mods, or tools that would help make the City Journal more enjoyable or more readable, please let me know!

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Recommended Comments

Nice! You might want to look into a slope mod to smooth out some of those roads, but I really like how you're building up the story around natural growth of an area!

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Simul8ter8 - thank you!

a-muses - I actually think I had a slope mod at one point, but because I'm using the diagonal placement pieces – which may have been replaced with actual draggable diagonal streets by now, I don't believe the slope mod helped with all the diagonal roads. I also think the towers as I had set, if the mod was still installed, were probably only tight for rail as street and dirt roads can go up and down and all over the place. However, I certainly need to look at the slope mods again and figure out what would be a good one to use. My assumption is that when paved roads eventually take over from dirt roads is when more and more of the leveling would occur, but I do think some leveling probably should've taken place.

It will probably be a bit before there's a another update, as I'm discovering exactly how much changed in the last two years…

I have to reorganize the plug-ins, I have to figure out tools that will help me reorganize the plug-ins, I have to see how many of these mods I was using have better updates (if I can find them at all).

Something that has always bothered me is that, despite the fact that this journal theoretically started in the 1700s, we have 1900s houses, industry, commercial and cars and trucks! Back when I was looking at this before I simply did not believe it was possible to work with this, yet there have been enough advances and enough new lots created it might be possible to re-address this... Slender take a little time, probably a week or two, to reorganize everything and get my feet wet. If it looks like it will be too time-consuming to try to switch the look, I'll do what I did in the first place – suspend disbelief and go forward.

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