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Okaiken V1 (Archive)

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(Preview) Unpublished • A Thousand Words (4)

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Continuing from Teaser: A Thousand Words (3)

"What could it be?" Asks the inspector. "Is this a mystery about a crime? Is it a hoax? Is it about something that would destroy us?"

"There's a possibility that this is a crime," explains another officer. "It might be evidence for a murder case."

"Okay then, let's put it in the labs"

I'm very suspicious about the picture. The photo looks fairly new and the color isn't faded. That means that this picture might be a hoax, so I asked my co-workers if I could be the one testing the samples in the lab for that day.

I copied the photo several times and I tested them. First of all I made a red copy of my photo, then a yellow colorized one and a blue colorized one. It seems that there are no hidden codes nor any details. It just looks like a normal photo. Then I made negatives with the photo, and something really surprised me. On the negative of the red copy, I discovered that it's not really black, but that wasn't the object that surprised me.


I discovered something incredible!


You think I'm just going to disappear?

As soon as I found out, I informed Mr. Honda, my boss, and I asked him where he got the photo.

He said that he found it in his father's photo album when his grandfather was touring Troix.

I asked him, "But what about--"

"I also found all of them in the same photo album."

I'm confused. Why would he send one of his images to the lab? Is there something that he's hiding?

I feel tired that day, it seems that my mind isn't working. So I read some pages in the Times of Troix during the break and I found I took a peek on one of the articles my friend sent to Editor in Chief Carl. It was about the inferno that ravaged [spoiler!], a town 15 miles west of Iban. I checked out the video, and with the my experience with the photos, I wrote the codes Green, Blue, Red, which is also called the RGB in coloring but then the next ones were weird. It goes to Space, Orange, Red, then the last ones were Red, Orange, Red.

But what does it mean? I don't get it! So I turned another page in the Times.


A day or two afterwards, My boss had a party in his house. We got drunk and it made me dizzy and confused, but then I saw something. It was the picture of the town in inferno. But I remember that it was in the lab and I was experimenting on it. How can it be?

I can't remember anything, except for a fact that I was now downstairs, on the floor, with no one. "Where's everyone?" I asked myself. There was blood everywhere. To the left of me is a lance. It was bloody too. I tried to orientate myself. I see my friends, they're all dead -- dead! Where's my boss? He's dead too! But it seems that he was different from the others. It looks like he committed suicide. To his hand is a piece of paper, I tried looking at the spear, it is different from all other spears.

It is one of the national treasures of Troix.

On his note, it says "So far you've only seen me, the strongest warrior in the whole wide world. I am..."

and there it has this picture:


Then beside his dead body, a book. It was written by someone.

And so begins his adventure.

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