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Ring of Fire

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Blundering Further up a Creek.

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21. How to: Blundering Further up a Creek.

Welcome back for another update everyone! A big THANK YOU goes out to all of you viewers and commenters for catapulting last week's update into the BTT at #4! :wub:

Also, commenting on this entry over on simpeg, pezzajn pointed out all the trees reminded him of Bob Ross painting 'happy little trees' Normally i don't admit things like this, but ironically that's exactly what goes through my head when i'm painting tree MMPs. There you have it: bob ross makes you play SC4 better.

Alrighty, time to get back to work on that upper creek with the waterfall on it. Before we start, be warned: this update is even longer than the other one. In fact it's absurdly long. I thought of splitting it up but didn't really have a good divide point so what the hey. As always, clicky for full resolution. Also remember, its best to keep the grid on when doing your flora to help you keep a sense of the topography.

1. Updating that wee bit of flora I said I would have to because I forgot to use the seasonal maples. Fixed now.


2. The creek we will be working on today. Ignore the water not showing up in the screenshot; it's there.


3. When we left off last time I had placed heblem's gravel sand underneath the creek and some of murimk's / nbvc's rocks alongside it.


4. Same creek different bit.


5. Adding something I forgot that is a frequent component of small mountain streams; washed out logs. Also filled in the small light gravel on the riverbanks.


6. The creek with the water and rock stage completed.


7. We start in on the surrounding forest by placing some Temperate Rainforest clumps by C.P.


8. Next we bust out the seasonal Norwegian maples by Giraffe. Remember these go close to the water. They're also more difficult to place because clicks alternate between single trees and clumps of two. Care must be taken because if you goof and land on in a creekbed dozing it will require repopping several layers.


9. Zoomed out on the maples.


10. Next we add in some of the Grand Fir's Summer from Giraffe's Winter Pine pack. Large European Spruces from the same pack also work nicely here but I held off on adding more at this stage. We're still sticking detail into the shot before flushing it out with filler.


11. Same development stage, pic taken a little up the creek.


12. We add in some Red Cedar clumps, also from the C.P. tree controller, to fill in behind the Temperate Forest clumps. These aren't for detail, it's just to keep the background forest from being monotonous when we fill it in with my modified god mode tree controller.


13. Adding the Red Cedar's to the near hillside.


14. Zooming in, it's time to paint in the seasonal ferns. These have a little bigger 'footprint' for placement allowance space than I would like but they are still an awesome flora tool.


15. Zooming back out. We paint in Giraffe's supperbly excellent seasonal bushes in every availible space near the water and around the ferns. These plus our ferns make up a very important 'plop barrier' between the filled in forest and the creek so that when we go to God Mode tree planting we don't accidentally drop trees in our creek and have to redo several layers in a small area.


16. Eye in the sky view so far. I used my custom modification of C.P.'s tree controller to fill in the rest of the forest with a broad selection of conifers (mostly Doug fir, but also including some more red cedar and bits of Larch and Ponderosa pine, among others). The 'holes' in the near hillside forest are for me to put in some scree slopes or landslide zones later to add to the realism. They won't be filled out in this update.


17. Going to work on the area surrounding the waterfall. First up is the ferns again, since they have the largest 'footprint' of what we will be using.


18. Next come the seasonal bushes. These go in the ferns and also back into the forest (which seems to have magically appeared around the waterfall).


19. Going back to our time tested and true RRP set we grab the second most abused flora piece in our arsenal, the good old Weed B. (#1 is the green rye grass, as you probably guessed).


20. With that our flora ploppage is done. Its time to save, then fire up the simulator to roll the clock ahead from Sept. 1 to spring so we can see what our finished product will look like. At first it goes through a nasty dead winter season. Ewww.


21. Finally we get to spring and green returns to the forest.


22. More of the stream. I still have to fill in some more trees down near the maples.


23. Changing perspective and looking at another part of the stream.


24. Looking back at our work from the last update again.


25. The base of the waterfall. The water effects make working MMP's into the area near the spray challenging.


26. An overview of the waterfall that pops out of the woods on the hillside above. It has some significant flaws but there's not much we can do about it.


27. Thanks to the fact that more and more stuff is being produced in HD we can zoom in to maximum magnification and most of the scene looks quite good. This would have been quite impossible a couple years ago.


28. Max zoom closeup of another section of the stream.


29. Zooming way back out to check what we've done so far.


30. And FINALLY we zoom out on the whole tile. Despite all that there's still a whole lot of work to do.


Well that was a long one. I think that's enough of these 'How Tos' for now. I'll probably go back to showing finished products for a little bit. I hope you enjoyed this update everyone. Remember to do your finger stretches before going hog wild on the flora MMP's.

PS. Lowkee has released his long term project HD terrain mod over on the LEX. It might be the best terrain mod ever so go check it out. I'm seriously considering upgrading the RoF to using it instead of meadowshire.



Holy Mackerel you guys left a lot of comments, and they're all greatly appreciated. :D

@MamaLuigi945, avrelivs, obsideo, emperordaniel, gugu3, simburgeois, dhani89, harryloko20, th3_jok3r: Thank you all very much for you comments folks! I'm glad you appreciate my work.

@ten trillion, evanm1487; it hasn't taken that long so far. Last weeks update took about 2 hours, this one only took one hour. I can probably finish the rest of the tile in 4-6 more hours (i have a few time saving tricks up my sleeve), which actually makes it a tad fast for what i spend on a large tile.

@towerdude; Thanks, i look forward to seeing what you can do!

@NMUSpidey:Thank you, sir! It's actually not as taxing on the patience as you might think. When you do it this way so that you're doing an entire 'layer' of one flora type on a tile at a time it goes pretty quick. Every 15 minutes or so when you finish a step you get that feeling of accomplishment and before you know it a large section of your tile is done. On large tiles it is still a drag but on medium tiles you'd be surprised what you can do.

@osneaga: I'm not sure what thought you're trying to express, but thank you for the comment!

@Adooxx; Yup, landscaping is one of my two favorite activities in SC4. The other is laying out transit networks, which is just landscaping with asphalt and rails.

@paradox420; The trees are all availible on the LEX (sc4devotion.com). You'll have to search for them yourself since listing them all and linking them would take forever, but they're easy to find. good luck!

Whew. 16 comments. Did I get everyone? Yup, ok; see you all next time!

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The flora work is stunning!! I understand how hard it must be to work around the falls, but you did a great job with it! :yes: 5/5

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its remarkable. just in case, ive been looking all over but cant find any, do you know which mod adds plobable people? not as a building but as plopable as trees. ?

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Another great update. The new river mod is really nice, but I'm waiting on a realistic plopable pond.
Keep it up ;)

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Excellent!incredible use of MMP flora!nice to hear about a tree controller with different types of trees in one...sounds very interesting

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[font="Comic Sans MS"][b][img]http://img199.imageshack.us/img199/733/bestofthebestsmall.jpg[/img]
[size="2"]CONGRATULATIONS!! THIS ENTRY WON [url="http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/journals/2774/entry-15490-week-6-2612-21212/"]BEST OF THE BEST! - WEEKLY EDITION[/url] FOR THE CATEGORY [i][color="#0000FF"]NATURE[/color][/i] [/b][/size][/font]

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