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History of Onubis

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An updated version of the history and hopefully, an improved version of the last one.


Onubisain Facts



Coat of Arms:




Red = Parsa

Pink: Gohbar

Green = Kunis

Each color represents a country or state of the Onubis Federation.

Nation's facts:

Nation's Official Name: The Onubis Federation

National Name: Onubis

National Anthem: Oh Onubis!

National Motto: Without knowledge, you'll not be successful in life.

Capital: Gobar ,Gohbar, Onubis Federation

Government: Republic

Prime Minster: Al Muhem

President: Kaflia Riyda

Official Languages: Arabic

Other Languages: English

Population: 14,789,457

Areas: Middle East

Climate: Very arid and hot, but breezy and cool during the night


Currency: OD (Onubis Dilar)

GPD: 538,032,000,000 OD

GPD per capita: $30,316

Stock Market: Onubis Stock Exchange

Debt: 1.2 million

Income per year: 15 million


Human Development Index / HDI: 0.822

Calling Code: +1

Drives on the right side

Internet Code: .ce


1453: Onubis settled on desert land or known as by today; Saudi Arabia and began to form a colony.

1460: The colony very fast, but most of the nation lived in poverty.

1490: Onubis was with the Ottoman Empire.

1504: As Onubis' first military branches: Army and Navy has been established. This gave poorer people hope since the military provides basic living conditions for your time in the armed forces.

1641: Onubis was inspired from the Roman's government system, a Republic. Therefore, Onubis abolished its old system of a group of people ruling the land. Then established a Republic which is known as The Republic of Onubis.

1720: When Onubis started to gain allies from Germany, their economy somewhat boosted from resource trading.

(Onubis was part of the Ottoman Empire back then, so they were allies with Germany.)

1913: Due to being allies with Germany, they were forced to fight for the axis during WW1.(German Empire, Austria - Hungary, etc.)

1917: After WW1, the Ottoman Empire dissappeared, and Onubis later became independent.

1939 - 1947: Onubis helped the US and allied forces after the events of Pearl Harbor because they were afraid that they will do the same on Onubis. Again, Onubis manufactured weapons and went onto the front lines.

1970: Onubis created its first human-like robot allowing numerous of advances in life.

1981: Onubis decided to from a Federation instead of its old system, Republic. Therefore, 3 states or sub countries were formed having its own customs and ways of living. However, the 3 countries will still be intact as one.

2006: Onubis Federation enters to the UN / United Nations.

2007: Onubisain oil exports created enormous amounts of capital

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