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Roadtrip to Shuijing wan





@ee99; Jcmustng11; TekindusT, Feo1337, Panthersimcity4; Exla357; hahei; 111222333444, KHRYSTOF, Paulobergonci, krl650c, Ludor, bwong, Gugu3, Benedict: Thank you for your nice comments, guys!

@zmt193: Nope, they're another one of my skins. They might appear as a download in here sometimes....

@K50: whoops, I messed up the numbers. Thrust the yellow one on the header, this one is always correct. ST counts 'em (now 72) because of a single anouncement which I do not count as an update but ST does.

@Dragon in U70: Scene08 center right

U71: Roadtrip to Shuijing wan

Welcome to the seventyfirst update of my CJ Dragon Islands,

Today we're going to go by car..... Exploring the mainroad from Shì Zhenzu Wan to Shuijing wan(Crystal Bay) which came to DI by a border extension to the north. A 25 kilometer trip through already known but also many unknown places of DI.

General info about DI's road system:

Just some info about DI's roads:

Road numbers are given by region, for example the Dragon isle 2,2X,2XX etc. or the region of Zhenzu wan 5,5X,5XX etc. The route we will follow today is B5

The roadsystem is given med priority only, raillines are more important than a continuous traffic flow on the roads which leads to a very high number of level railroad crossings (Only A and B roads get over/underpasses) At Cities with light rail systems, trams are mostly given priority to road traffic as well which often leads to a pretty jammy innercity traffic during rush hour.

DI's Gas prices are high, they usually range between 50-57DyU per litre (1€ is about 35,7DyU= €1,40 to €1,60/litre) The high rate of rail usage can be explaines by looking at the fares, massiveley lowered by DI's government paying a lot for frequent and cheap rail services. A Single Ticket from Zhenzu Wan(Nan zhan sta) to Fenghuang(central) for example costs 60 DyU(1,68€), 2nd class DINorthern regional. The purcase of an annual ticket will lower the cost (when travelling 2 times each workday) to about 26 DyU(72€cent).

The quality of DI's road surfaces can be described as pretty normal, A and B roads will usually have a much better surface quality than C or D roads. Take always care about your speed, the few places with a lowered speed limit are often pretty dangerous. The road at scene 11 for example has it's speed limited to 70kph, pretty fast for that curve. So don't blindly trust the speed limit and drive only fast as long as the road is straight and the surface good.

Roadtype/Description/Limit City/Limit overland

Category A (Motorway)/4 or more lanes, crash barrier, hard shoulder,no level RR crossings or R intersections/X/160kph or lower

Category B (State route)/2,3,4 lanes, no Crash barrier, sometimes hard shoulder, mostly no level RR crossings, usually level R intersections/50kph/140kph or lower

Category C (Local important rd.)/2 lanes, no hard shoulder, nearly always level RR crossings/50kph/100kph or lower

Category D (other)/normal side rd/50kph or lower/100kph or lower

Okay, that's enough facts xD

Enjoy the roadtrip (taken on a Sunday, of course)
















I hope you've liked this update, greetings, Skimbo =)


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This is beautiful! My favourite picture is the Japanese-style houses in the middle of those rice paddies! Where did you get them?

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Looks sweet, now I know that you can actually drive places in DI too, it's not 100% train :P

Beautiful natural shots as well :)

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