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Re-introduction| Wiki, regionviews, stats

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First of all I apoligize for making not an uopdate for a very very very long time, I just was too busy with school. So I decided to make an update 3 days ago, but fro some akward reason simtropolis wouldn't open. anyway, today the site worked again, but in the meanwhile I builded some major cities, so I had to do it all over.

I made a re-introduction to give you a better introduction thanm the first one. In the beginning I builded in three different regions, now only one is left, Feldrith is the only city form the other regions I showed you. Well, let's start!

-edit: for some reason the editor doens't undestand "Tab" so it became quite a mess-

click all pictures for full size

empty map of the region: provincies.jpg


Full name: Constituele Monarchie Heimen (Constitutional Monarchy Heimen)

King: Tobias II van Ture-Bunzen

Government: Lower and Upper house, lower has 200 seats, upper 100. The lower house is chosen directly by the people, the Upper house is indirect chosen by the provincial politicians.

Minister-President: Alex Rutgersz (LVP Liberal Peoples’ Party)

Coalition: LVP (Liberal Peoples’ Party), UvCD (Union of Christian Democratics), DH (Democratic Heimen) which makes 116 out of 200 seats.

Parties in the lower house

Abrev. Party Translation Seats

LVP Liberale Volkspartij Liberal Peoples’ Party 59

UvCD Unie van Christen-Democraten Union of Christian Democratics 34

DH Democratisch Heimen Democratic Heimen 23

HAP Heimense Arbeiderspartij Heimish Labour Party 36

NHP Nieuw-Heimense Partij New-Heimish Party 24

SU Socialistische Unie Socialistic Union 19

GCP Gereformeerd Christelijke Partij Reformed Christian Party 3

PvdN Partij voor de Natuur Party for the Nature 2

5 biggest cities:

1. Ture 248.776 (Ture Metro 270.329)

2. Bijsterveld 36.543 (Bijsterveld Metro 66.106)

3. Arden 24.249 (Arden Metro 30.918)

4. Fiede 15.583 (Valley Metro 32.319)

5. Ture-Oost 15.033 (Part of Ture Metro)

Map of the country, I din't mention all cities because some of them are suburbs of antoher city



Name Capitol Abbreviation

Archensen Standert AR

Bijsterland Bijsterveld BL

Grootwoude Arden GW

Kustland Wijk a/d Tuur KL

Lage Ture Vendel LT

Stroomland Jolen SL

Turerland Ture TL

Tuurvallei Fiede TV

Map of the provinces, the red dots represent the capitals

provincies.jpgThe Highway network, only the A1 and A2 for now


I apologize for the bad quality of this update, the next one will be one as usual, and I hope the editor will be on my side then! :whatevs:

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