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The Prologue

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The Slovakia - Recreation

Author's note: I can't post many images in the first entry, for "you are not allowed to use that image extension on this board" bug what appears usually on the first update of the CJ. The "Introduction" with images will be released very soon. But we can still start. At first, turn music on, and play the Slovak national anthem below, if you want. We are beginning.

So, I decided to stop for a while(about one month) with Optimia Magna, and try something different. Something quite less historical and roadless. Of course, I needed to clean my old plugin set, and download about three gigabytes of modern civic stuff. It took me days to find the right files, I checked anything on LEX and most of STEX, to find things what suit to the recreation of Slovakia. Of course, many buildings in Slovakia are not there, so I used Sketchup models rendered and exported in BAT, like Saint's Martin Dome, what can be seen on the "Teaser" at the bottom of the page. This is a

recreation of Slovakia, small country in the center of Europe, where the Carpathian mountain range meets Pannonian Basin, surrounded by Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria and Poland. But why Slovakia? Because I live there, I know it, and so I can recreate it much easier(like recreating view from your window). Of course, I am not going to recreate whole country, because:

1.The Map would be rendered weeks

2.The Map would be covered by trees weeks

3.There are about 5000 villages and 200 cities in Slovakia, and making them would take months.

4.Most of it will be unusable and not interesting, and most tiles of that map will be only hills with trees.

5.For that it is almost impossible.

6.And it can be made much easier and better way.

So, I will recreate only parts of Slovakia that will be used there, like most interesting parts of cities, nature, and similar things. I will also use much more photoediting than in The Optimia Magna. Like original Slovak Billboards, and similar.

Author's note: Over 25% of American people think that there is still Czechoslovakia. If you are in this 25%, you should know that Czechoslovakia split in year 1993. Not talking about billions of these who even don't know that there is something like Slovakia, or even Europe.

The Slovakia is located in the center of the Europe, this map shows where exactly:


Slovakia is divided to four main parts, western region, northern, southern and eastern region. The western part is most known, because of capital city Bratislava, also with Northern, for the High Tatras, highest mountains in the Central Europe. For that, I will concentrate mainly on these two parts, but the remaining two are also worth visiting. Slovakia has also more than 20 major officially visitable caves, one of them being aragonite - world rarity, and about 1000 another caves. It has also very rich thermal water reservoirs, mostly on the south.


Some things that you probably don't knew about Slovakia:

1.Andy Warhol's parents born in Slovakia.

2.Eugen Cernan, last man on the Moon is also Slovak emmigrant.

3.On the south of Slovakia is the most quality water in whole Europe.

4.We have been part of more than 14 different nations through the history(from roman empire and pribina's principality to slovak national socialist state and socialist czechoslovakia).

5.We once declared war to USA.

Finally, short teaser what will be in the next update, what took me hours to make. I present... The Saint Martin Dome!


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I'm looking forward to see more!
Slovakia i've been to Slovakia once and it is a Beutiful country!
Good luck with recreating!

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OMG MY mom is from Slovakia and we go every year. Its a MARVELOUS country and you've done a great job. Ive always wanted to do Slovakia

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Half of my family, the side I know best is in Slovakia. Do you speak Slovak?Od kial si na Slovensku? Ja som z Popradu, ako moja mamka odchadza z Popradu! :ohyes: :thumb: Why did we decalre war on the USA

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[b]Vivapanda[/b]: Thanks!
[b]Janslaven[/b]: Ja som z Bratislavy. Vojnu USA aj Veľkej Británií sme vyhlásili počas druhej svetovej vojny, pretože sme boli nútenými spojencami Nemecka. Ale ako jeden z mála štátov sme tiež mali spojenectvo s Vatikánom.

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