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City On The Grow

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South Wirdleonia: A City on the Grow

The Regency of Wirdleonia has more than doubled in size! From its initial three districts, the region has expanded to include the South Sea and Bay districts as well as the Wirdleonian Piedmont and some unorganized territory between Harar and The Wirdleplex. The capital of the region, Robinia, has been growing as well. The small capitol built in the heart of the old city is too small for the business of such a bustling area. Therefore, Princess Katherine has decided to expand the capital city and built a new, bigger capitol on the south shore of the Wirdleonia River. Located in the Wirdleonian Piedmont district, this new area consists of the tenth and eleventh arrondissements of Robinia. Robinia X includes a mix of commercial and residential spaces as well as Princess Katherine’s newest mansion. After all, she doesn’t want to commute across town every day (what Sim does?). Robinia XI is the new government district, including the unique and massive capitol as well as expanded government offices. In a Schulmania first, arterial roads have been widened. No doubt heavy buggy traffic is expected here.


“Arnie Pye here with your traffic report... We have a backup on the onramp to the Trans-Schulmania Highway at Catnip Boulevard. It appears the slowdown is caused by the lead buggy’s horse’s grazing… onlooker delay has traffic backed up past the scratching post on Purring Place…”

Today, we explore Robinia X, the Princess District. Here, Katherine’s new mansion along a bend of the river sits at the end of a wide road – Princess Katherine Boulevard. Just as with her last home, it is the biggest in town. Her former home in the old city has been donated to town for use as a cultural center. Perpendicular to the main road is the Savory Salmon Canal. This canal is linked to the river by culverts passing through Robinia’s 12th arrondissement, located along the south shore of the river just opposite the old city.


Princess Katherine Boulevard intersects with the Savory Salmon Canal here. Presiding over this image is the always busy Fancy Feast Outlet Mall.


Looking south, we can see a broader stretch of both transit options.


You can hire a boat for only 7 purrs per hour if you want to try your luck at catching your own fish.


Two new churches and a market serve the expanded population base.


A successful new business is Ossie’s Scratching Post, known for both its distinctive octagonal buildings and its great deals on feline scratchables. Ossie bought up several competitors and is consolidating them under his banner. Look for an Ossie’s coming soon in a town near you.


A wider view of Robinia X, looking west.


Despite heavy development, plenty of forested areas remain, providing climbing and hunting for the residents.


This wider view shows all of Robinia X.


Katherine’s house sits at the end of the road, bounded by a wooded park and a pond, as well as the Wirdleonia River.


An added bonus for the princess: her backyard has its own pond. Think it has plenty of fish to catch? As Sarah Palin would say… you betcha!


The princess has abundant frontage on the river. She graciously allows her subjects to enjoy the woods as well. As long as they don’t pounce on anything without asking first.


But you can’t fish in the pond unless you ask first. Those are royal fish in there!




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[b][color=blue]DCMetro34[/color][/b] She id definitely doing well. Thanks for coming by.

[b][color=blue]ImVhOzzi[/color][/b] [i]Tak![/i] It is a nice town… a bustling new part of a city now taking up space on bits of 3 large tiles… definitely a cosmopolitan city in Schulmania.

[b][color=blue]9988[/color][/b] [i]Dakujem![/i] Glad you liked this and thanks for your ongoing support.

[b][color=blue]Escilnavia[/color][/b] [i]Obrigado![/i] I appreciate your support. Unfortunately the new ratings system is flawed… with voting per entry one person can vote 100x or more, bringing my rating way up or way down. Unfortunately, one such person has felt the need to do so. The only way to fix this is to have nice people vote to counter those others.

[b][color=blue]Panthersimcity4[/color][/b] Sounds good… mind if I come along?

[b][color=blue]Abstynent[/color][/b] Thanks! And welcome to Schulmania. Please come visit us again soon!

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[right][right] [/right][/right]
[right][right][Volume 3 Update #163][/right][/right]

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[i]NOTE: All replies above this are now added to post count totals for rank and awards.[/i]

[b][color=blue]Craig[/color][/b] Indeed… good for all of our carriages and wagons!

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[right][right][Volume 3 Update #163.2][/right][/right]
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