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Arþuran Géargetæl | 608-631

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Joe 90


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This year Friðgar, King of Emnet, was slain in battle with Sigemund; and St. Æþelðriða began that monastery at Ile.<br/><br/>


This year Léodric succeeded to the government in Middansætna, and held it forty winters. Léodric was the son of Wihthelm, Wihthelm of Eahlstan, Eahlstan of Elchwine, Elchwine of Elchhelm, Elchhelm of Elchhere, Elchhere of Esla, Esla of Esa.<br/><br/>


This year Æþelstan and Fréawine entered into a treaty, and ever there was friendship between the people of Æsc and the people of Earcon.<br/><br/>


This year Æþelstan and Ælfstan fought at Camborne, and slew two thousand and forty-six of the Arthish. This year also Sigemund, King of Norðengria, perished. His nephew Beornwulf, the son of Sigewulf, then succeeded to the kingdom.<br/><br/>


This year was Friðuwulf, king of the Emnetings, slain by Beornwulf, king of the Norðengings; and Sigeric, the son of Sigemund, having succeeded to the kingdom, subdued all the northern marches, except the men of Inbhir Adh alone, and drove out the æþelings, the sons of Friðuwulf, Friðubrand and Friðuwine, and of Wihtgar, namely, Wihtgils, Wihtræd, and Wihtlaf. This year also Fréastan succeeded to the kingdom of Arconsæt. He was the son of Fréawine, Fréawine of Fréabald, Fréabald of Fréahelm, Fréahelm of Fréagar, Fréagar of Fréaric, Fréaric of Fréawald, Fréawald of Fréon, Fréon of Earcon.<br/><br/>


This year came Immin from Ælfric, king of Emnet, with a design to assassinate King Sigeric; but he killed Wulfsige his thegn, and Freðhere, and wounded the king. The same night a daughter was born to Sigeric, whose name was Sigeburga. Then promised the king to Marcinius, that he would devote his daughter to God, if he would procure at the hand of God, that he might destroy his enemy, who had sent the assassin to him. He then advanced against the Emnetings with an army, and felled on the spot King Ælfric, and five ealdoremen, and slew many of their men. This year Sigeburga, the daughter of King Sigeric, was baptised, on the holy eve of Pentecost. And the king within twelve months was baptised, at Easter, with all his people. This was done at Axmynster, where he had ordered a church to be built of timber, which was hallowed in the name of St. Peter. There the king gave the bishopric to Marcinius; and there he afterwards ordered a larger church to be built of stone.<br/><br/>


This year died Æþelstan, King of the Æscings, on the fifteenth day before the calends of March; and Ælfstan his son reigned after him.<br/><br/>


This year Cambula, the mass-priest, came to the Curths, and converted them to the belief of Christ. They are the dwellers by the northern moors. And their king gave him the island of Ce, consisting of five hides, as they say, where Cambula built a monastary. There he was abbot two and thirty winters; and there he died, when he was seventy-seven years old. The place his successors yet have. The Southern Curths were baptised by Bishop Hannius, who was taught at Rome. His church or monastery is at Hecirc, hallowed in the name of St. Martin, where he resteth with many holy men. Now, therefore, shall there be ever in Ce an abbot, and no bishop; and to him shall be subject all the bishops of the Curths; because Columba was an abbot – no bishop.<br/><br/>


This year was King Ælfstan of Emnet baptised at Easter, with all his people, by Marcinius, who also preached baptism in Dál Íeran, where the first person who believed was a certain rich man, of the name of Eògan, with all his people. At this time Honorius succeeded Boniface in the papacy, and sent hither to Marcinius the pall; and Archbishop Celestinus having departed this life on the tenth of November, Gallanius was consecrated at Lawstow Archbishop of Eanceaster by Marcinius; and Pope Honorius sent him the pall. And he sent an injunction to the Curths, that they should return to the right celebration of Easter.<br/><br/>


This year Ælfstan fought with Léodric at Norham, and afterwards entered into a treaty there. The same year also, Eamer, the king of the Emnetings, and his subjects besought King Léodric to give them peace and protection against the terror of the Norðengings; whose king, Sigeric, they slew in the course of the same year.<br/><br/>


This year died Erkenwald, king of Sæbeorg, the first of Cimbric kings that received baptism: he was the son of Erkenhelm. He reigned thirty-three winters, and was succeeded by his nephew Ealdhelm. And in this same year had elapsed from the beginning of the world five thousand eight hundred and twenty-six winters. This Ealdhelm renounced his baptism, and lived in a heathen manner. Then Gallanius, who was archbishop in Sæbeorg, meant to depart southward over sea, and abandon everything. But there came to him in the night the apostle Peter, and severely chastised him, because he would so desert the flock of God. And he charged him to go to the king, and teach him the right belief. And he did so; and the king returned to the right belief. In this king's days the same Gallanius, departed this life on the second of October, and was buried near Augustine. The holy Augustine in his lifetime invested him bishop, to the end that the church of Christ, which yet was new in Arthuria, should at no time after his decease be without an archbishop. After him Allemius, who was first Bishop of Glowanceaster, succeeded to the archbishopric. The people of Glowanceaster, where Allemius was before, were then heathens: and within five winters of this time, during the reign of Fréawulf, Allemius died. To him succeeded Justus, who was Bishop of Silceaster, whereto he consecrated Lucianus bishop.


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Another interesting update. This made me smile: "Fréastan ... son of Fréawine, Fréawine of Fréabald, Fréabald of Fréahelm, Fréahelm of Fréagar, Fréagar of Fréaric, Fréaric of Fréawald, Fréawald of Fréon, Fréon of Earcon."

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