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Update 14: A Planet Called "SimMars"



In the begining...

The Update 13 is available on SimPeg and SC4D. It was a simple boring teaser, so let's ignore it :D

Back to Eden

Update 14: A Planet Called "SimMars"

"O God! I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself king of infinite space, were it not that I have bad dreams"

William Shakespeare

My most favorite games ever are Simcity and Spore (both by Will Wright and Maxis :thumb: ). In those games you can create your own universe in a nutshell, full of imagination and as complex as you decide.


(Both the above pictures shows mine creations, an ecological city in Simcity 3000 World Edition and my alter-ego civilization in Spore)

Simcity 4 is no exception, especially with all those cool custom stuff that allows you to build anything you want. From mountain rural towns to extra large metropolises. From medieval to the future, from Europe to planet Mars. This topic is mostly a showcase of some of my creations for SimMars Beta 3, as well as some interesting pictures from my colonies. Hope that you like them :golly:

The Martian surface in SimMars is barren. No stones, no rocks, no boulders. Also you can't "plant" rocks like the trees on Simcity. A bit boring, isn't?


So i made a collection of lots that covers the barren Martian surface. Now it's possible to add stones, rocks and other items to make the Martian surface more interesting.



So many rocks. Perfect place for the native animals to build their nests, especially the Martian bears



Those lots can also be very useful as fillers and for the creation of Martian parks.



No more empty industrial zones. Now it's possible to fill them, making the industrial places even more nice.



So don't surprise if you see skyscrapers next to factories :lol:


Those lots can also be useful to create visual expansions for the airspaceports runways. The airspaceports on Mars doesn't need miles of runways, but some extra expansion is still welcomed.


And to make the Martian surface a bit more interesting, how about trees in mini domes? :lol:



O.K., before keep going, please read this. Mars reject the Monetary System and established the Resource-Based Economy, where all goods and services are available without the use of money, credits, barter or any other system of debt or servitude. All resources become the common heritage of all of the inhabitants, not just a select few. Because of this, there are no rich and poor Sims. However Simcity 4 use the Monetary System, so you need rich and poor Sims. This is unacceptable. So i decide to replace the economical classes with technological classes.

$$$ Sims replaced by Cybs, SimMartian with robotics prosthetics.

$$ Sims replaced by Bals, a hybrid between Cybs and Gens with both cybernetic and genetic prosthetics.

$ Sims replaced by Gens, SimMartians with genetic prosthetics.


O.K., back to the update.

An another modification in SimMars is the addition of some extra vehicles. SimMars Beta 3 has already a small collection of medium wealth Bal cars, while more vehicles are now under creation.


However those medium wealth Bal cars are the only automata on SimMars. So i add some Terran vehicles that fits on Mars as much as possible. The Kewet Buddy fits very nicely on Mars, as the cars of low wealth Gen SimMartians.


On the other hand, Koenigsegg CCXR is a great choice for the high wealth Cyb SimMartians.



Vandy freight trucks doesn't fit perfectly on Mars, but they are the only trucks that i can use. Finally the roads of the industries are not empty anymore.


Need a bus? This double decker bus made by Oppie fits nicely.


And what about trains? There are no trains yet for SimMars, so i need some Terran trains for my railroads. This is a German freight train made by Oppie.


BR 143 is the only passenger train than can be used on SimMars. Thanks to those train, my primary railroads are not empty anymore.



Back to my loting creations. This is a small airspaceport, very useful for small remote colonies. It's not functional, but I'll try to make it.


Need a rescue team? Something goes really bad in the colony? The military and rescue base is always ready for action.


Something else that SimMars Beta 3 really needs is a set of trail paths. Paths are very common on Earth, so why not on Mars? I also made some extra Martian plazas, to bring some extra variation in the recreation facilities.




Those paths can be also very useful to built mini roads.


Evillions8 suggest me to check the B.S.C. path textures. As you can see, the result is great!



And something interesting. How about plopable buildings, that can be placed anywhere you want?


I also played with grownable buildings. Those white homes are for high wealth Cybs SimMartians. Making their lots a bit smaller, those houses can construct everywhere.


A 6x6 grownable "village" of medium wealth Bals SimMartians.


This is a low wealth Gen apartment building, the tallest building in SimMars! By making it's lot smaller, i can have this giant much more often, saving me from serious crises.


In December i released a mod that relots the Martian buildings, making them available for Earth. Martian buildings on Earth. Time for the opposite, Terran buildings on Mars. This is a low wealth Gen apartment building, originally made for SimMars.


This is a high tech factory that makes robots. The pyramidal shape is cool, but it's cyan windows are out of place. I guess we can imagine that the cyan color is by the windows themselves and not by the reflexion of the Terran atmosphere.


Same with this high wealth Cyb apartment building. We can imagine that the windows has the cyan color to symbolize Earth, the origin of SimMartian.


Notice those 2 black, arcology-like buildings? Those are high wealth Cyb apartment buildings too.


And a mini teaser, a new colony for the next update. It will takes me some extra time, but this colony will be very interesting. Please stay tuned :golly:



Recommended Comments

You've obviously put a lot of thought into how a martian society might operate.

Have you read Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars trilogy (starting with Red Mars)? Fascinating books, lots of philosophy about science, multinational corporations, nations, population and natural resource pressures, as well as conservation.

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:) Communication with the viewers:

[b]Benedict[/b]: Thank you for your suggestion :golly:
If I'll find the book, I'll give it a look. The Martian society I'm thinking is based on Jacques Fresco's ideas about the future. Search for The Venus Project for more informations.

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Thanks for taking my suggestion into consideration! I really like those two big black buildings in the second to last image! Are those in SMB3 or custom content. If so, can you gimme a link to it?

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[b]Evillions[/b]: The black buildings are not from SimMars, they were made by [url="http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=user_activity&search_app=downloads&mid=60495"][u][b]Linkartist 003[/b][/u][/url].

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