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Update 17 | Info and the City of Karpathos

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Today we'll be going on a little information highway into Posillipo. I'm going to try to explain some of this stuff about COFR's "New Gaea." Basically, it's a replacement for earth specifically for the need of more realistic role play, I realize some of you are like "How is a 'new' Earth realistic?" and to that I answer with this.. Most CJ unions require you to take up non important land or extremely small amounts of land on Earth to keep it realistic, but in COFR we realized that a bunch of random islands and taking tiny and big chuncks of land from real countries isn't realistic, also most people hate having tiny chunks of unwanted land... I mean they're unwanted for a reason right? So, at COFR we developed "New Gaea" so we can have normal sized countries and more realistic role play.

We developed high definition maps and then chose our land (realistically sized land) and set up our countries, now we still allow role play with "Non Gaean" nations like normal, just like you where on Earth, no tacky Sci-fi interspace travel and such, it just kinda happens. We've developed extremely realistic satellite composite images of "New Gaea" with the help of our extremely talented Marsh, these maps can be seen below! Currently we are looking for more countries to fill up our empty space, so if you'd like to join please contact me in a message on here, add me on skype "simfreak1998", or visit our site: http://www.cofr.darkbb.com/ and contact one of our government officials and they can help!

So, now to the dynamics of Posillipo. Posillipo is a partial monarchy, with two assemblies, the Senate and the House of Consuls. The Vasílissa, or Queen(or King in times of a male ruler), is the head of government and head of state of Posillipo. While the Vasílissa hold's most power over the government, the Senate and House of Consuls hold some important jobs. The official title of Posillipo is the "United Kingdom of Posillipo". The nation consists of 23 "Counties" which are the equivalent of a State or Province and 5 Commonwealths. Posillipo currently has a population of 250 Million people. 

Now time for maps! 

First up, a map of New Gaea showing all the nations and their land claims. Make sure you click for full size. 


That map has one problem, the Joli Islands have been purchased by Posillipo and are now called the Marin Islands.

Next, A more detailed map with ocean/continent/nation names. Click for full size. Again, this second map has the same map as the one above.


Now, who wants to see a cool map with just Posillipo on it? I do! Click for full size.


Now, a map of how mainland of Posillipo, or the actual Kingdom of Posillipo, is divided up into it's "Counties".


Next, I'll show the commonwealths of Posillipo, view the larger maps for land form reference.


Next, the AWESOME satellite map our very own Marshy put together, you may know him as the Gansbaai man? It's not completely done yet but click for full size.


Now, how bouts a city map of Posillipo on that cool sat image? Click for full size.


The flag of Posillipo is a beautiful combination of Blue and Gold and Orange.


Now, for an update on my Karpathos progress.

1. A photoshoped picture of Basillica Park, or Romana Park, both named for St. Romana Basillica which you can see in the picture. TeleInsulo and Interprise, TeleInsulo is an Insulonian company and Interprise is a Illu'a based company. Click for full size.


2. A cool pic of PosillipoAir's Head Quarters and the Duwamish company, Goodwin Motors, Posilliponian Head Quarters. Click for full size.


3. A daytime pic of Karpahtos and a few fancy night time images. Click for full size and enjoy!




Thanks for viewing my CJ update! There's a few more things below you can take part in but if you'd like to stop here that's fine please rate and comment and tell your friends! :)

Want to have an ad or sign in Karpathos to be featured in an update like PosillipoAir, Goodwin Motors, TeleInsulo, and Interprise?

Well, just tell me in a comment below what font you'd like your sign in and what you'd like it to say! I'll find you a building and it may be featured in a future Karpathos Update. 

Also, I'm goign to be makign a street map of Karpathos and if you'd like to get in early and get a street named after you tell me below! 

Do you have a favorite picture? Do you see a problem or something you don't like? Please tell me below in a comment!

Rate. Comment. Tell your Friends.


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 Wow, great maps! And Beautiful Night shots! Is Karpathos finished? 'Cause, you know, it's just skyscrapers. Are planning on adding suburbs?

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Great update! Those night shots are amazing! I actually moved my COFR country (Iryllian Federation) to this map.
Saathoff just needs to add it... It's right beside Oblast Of Ostrelaka on the Perunia Island. I really hope the area I chose is a temperate climate on the satellite image. :)

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