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Ok... this is weird...

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Well, as you may or may not know, my CJ is rather notorious for being unfrequently updated. With the most recent new start, I vowed that it would be updated more often. However, now that I have made this vow there is (as usual) another problem). All my album folders close when I'm in them. Whether I'm browsing them in PS to edit, or just looking at them in the folder window, it closes the folder and whatever editting program I am using... I had this problem for a while, and last update thought I'd tricked it by right clicking the folder and choosing explore, then right clicking the image, and opening with PhotoShop. It worked then, but now it even closes when I do that. Any other folder is fine. My BAT pics can open perfectly well in PS, my random art can be opened fine. But not any of my albums. I've tried making copies of the folders and putting them in folders that actually work. But the sames thing happens. I'm at my wits end, anyone know what causes it and how to fix it?

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I've never heard of that problem before, but if you need an alternative to using the ingame camera, you could give Fraps a try, it's what I use to take screenshots.

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I agree with decola. Simply avoid that stupid album and use a good freeware proggie such as IrfanView, which also supports many languages and some basic editing functions.

With such a program, you can specify...

- how the screenshots will be named
- where they will be stored
- in what format they will be stored, and at which quality settings (if applicable)

You see, it has a lot of advantages. At the push of a button, images will be saved at predetermined settings in automatically incrementing filenames such as mycity001.jpg, mycity002.jpg... which means that you will also see your screenies in chronological order instead of having to sort them manually. Try it - once you get used to it, you'll love it!

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The problem lies in the filenames within the folder. I recently had the same problem when I saved an image I wanted to use as a reference from the web. This image had some rediculous filename which, in my haste, I did not change, and until I got rid of that particular image the folder it was in closed every time I opened it. The only way to sort out this kind of problem is to go into the DOS command window, navigate to the folder in question, and then delete the offending file that way. Of course, if you don't know which file is causing the problem it's going to be a lot harder. To do this you will need to set up a new folder and copy images one by one into that folder until you cause it to close, and then delete the file that caused the folder to close. Again you are going to have to do this from the DOS command window. It's a bug in the XP OS, well in Windows really as this has been around since the days of Windows 95 ... ah the good old days ... Hope this has helped and not confused you ... confused me though ... now I need a lie down 2.gif lol

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