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  1. The Role of Various Countries in World War II

    Originally posted by: Goobers GhostAnd as part of every day life, learning the proper names for areas of the world we will most likely never go to isn't high on the importance list. quote> When you are actively socialising with people from other countries online, I'd say it was pretty important to know where they come from so as to avoid embarassment or insults. For a start, yes, you are correct to say that America was a colony of England, but when the 1707 act that unified Scotland and England was signed, the term United Kingdom became appropriate. It also means that after this time it wouldn't be appropriate to refer to any colonies as English, or Scottish (we had colonies in Panama, but then we all died of some tropical diseases... most likely sunburn ), as what is our is theirs, and vise versa. When you consider it, United Kingdom isn't really the name of these four countries (but I don't have an issue with it, why would I?) United Kingdom is really a system of government, like Republic or Federation. The correct name is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, but since no one expects anyone to write that out every time, or even write UKoGBaNI, UK is acceptable. Just some trivia... Anyway, we've gone drastically off topic, lol.
  2. The Role of Various Countries in World War II

    That's a very good diagram, good way of presenting it, thanks for showing it, Ski. Maybe I should staple it to my head in discussions like this, then I might not have to get so worked up about it. Haha!
  3. The Role of Various Countries in World War II

    Originally posted by: patriots_1228 IMO this arguement will never end.The Nazis and Hitler were the greatest evil mankind has ever encountered, and we had an epic struggle and in the end, mankind together overcame him. Think of all the different races, nations, peoples, religions, etc. that fought in WWII! Its only natural that we sit here bickering trying to claim mankinds greatest victory for our own nation.quote> That is possibly the most sensible, logical and truthful statement in this whole thread. Let's not forget that just about every continent in the world was involved in WWII. Australia and NZ fought in Europe too, and then there was the Nazi campaign in Northern Africa. It was truely a triumph for humanity over a horrific regime, not sure anyone country can say they won. That said it maybe be possible for one country to say they did more, but as I said earlier, that depends where you live, because the winning of the war was significant to different countries for different reasons. Also, I REALLY want to stress something here: England was getting hammered by the Nazisquote> Please not this again. England did not fight in WWII. The UK did. It is insulting to the memories of the dead Irish, Scottish and Welsh soldiers who died in WWII when people say it was only England. I know what you are referring to, but it's simple ignorance to refer to the UK as England. The first shots of WWII over British soil were fired just 20 miles from where I am now, in the Firth of Forth near Edinburgh. Alot where still French/English coloniesquote> England never had colonies. England did not have an Empire. Great Britain had colonies and an Empire. Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales are as much a valid part of that as England. It's insulting to us when we played a huge part in the Empire and get no recognition. Please people, it's just downright false Geography to refer to the UK as England. Anyway. Ski: Good to see you again. I have been pottering around a bit, mainly the CJs, hopefully I'll stick a bit longer this time.
  4. The Role of Various Countries in World War II

    This is something I feel very passionately about, and I'm worried that if I go into too much detail I might get into trouble, so I'll keep it short and concise. Maybe the Americans would understand just how the Brits feel if they had a threat like Nazi Germany knocking on their front door. When your own land is threatened, and you are facing the prospect of being taken over and forced into a regime that you loath, it's different. The USA has never had a threat like that to deal with. And the Europeans are grateful to the Americans for their assistance, naturally, because the assistance helped in the effort to defeat the Nazis, but I guess winning the war had a different significance to us that the Americans can't fully appreciate. Just my two pence.
  5. Constitutional Monarchy of Pacific Columbia {SCJU Full Member}

    I love the fog, gives your pictures a very mysterious, cold look. They come alive! Loving the layout too, and the mix of old and new, great work!
  6. Nicest European Cities?

    People are coming up with some very obvious suggestions. In my opinion, and you all know what I'm going to say, Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful, interesting and culturally amazing city in Europe, and is most certainly the best in the UK. I have one solid reason that London is not the best city in the UK: It's a nice place to visit, but to live there (and this comes from family experience) it would be horrific, the M25 is a living nightmare, the Tube is a joke, and the local trains in and out of the city are terrible. And now, to shamlessly plug Edinburgh. So much happens at everytime of the year. The festival in the summer, the chrsitmas events in winter... You could visit at any time of the year and find loads to do. And someone else tell me another major city, in fact in the world, that centres around a huge volcanic complex...? You have to see it to believe it, but it's surreal that a wilderness like Arthur's Seat can be right in the middle of such a vibrant city, it's strange, but it makes Edinburgh even more unique. You know you want to go... I can't see how anyone can have a reasonable argument for believing that another British city could possibly be more beautiful than Edinburgh. It's got the geography, the architecture, the culture, the history, everything you could want...
  7. Constitutional Monarchy of Pacific Columbia {SCJU Full Member}

    I love this update, Clint! The parliament's setiing is awesome, love the artificial lake in front of it! And the road layout on that island is incredible! AWESOME!!!
  8. Calderwood -- [SCJU Member]

    Well, it's been a long time since I kept such a small time gap between updates, but here we are, and I assure you that I haven't sacrificed any quality in bringing you this. This update focuses on the northern part of the Holybank District, including St. Graeme's Station, the city Zoo and the Royal Opera Hall. This overiview shows today's area of interest: Replies Godzillaman: Thanks, not sure you can see it, but I have chanegd the texture (it's now Brigantine, looks miles better!) newyorkrunaway: Thanks, and yeah, I know, the water has now been changed! And thanks for introducing my second page. SirUnger: Thanks, took your advice, I'm using Brigantine, looks way better! vincent: Thanks very much, possibly the most effusive praise I've had yet, thanks! And yes of course you can add this to your sig! Fox: Good to see you back, long time no see! I agree about the suburbs, I'm only now starting to move away from the CBD, which is where the private school and the supermarket and car dealerships come in. Thanks for your kind words! edmonton_stinks: Thanks! hotdogs: Thanks very much, I'm a fan of urban regeneration, which is why you see so much old and modern mixed up, thanks for your kind words! Thanks for looking, I'd appreciate comments and/or suggestions or constructive criticism! -Muzz
  9. Calderwood -- [SCJU Member]

    A quick update, sorry that it's taken so long, I've only just got back into playing recently. Hope you enjoy! The Old City Hall in the Holybank district of the city. This district conforms to the foot of Calton's Seat, a large dormant volcanic complex in the west of the city. The nightlife in this part of the city is substantial, with many university buildings nearby, the area is rife with students on nights out. As well as this, there are also a number of restaurants and hotels in the area, so tourists are also a common sight at night in the area. A view of the area just east of the Old City Hall (east at the top of the picture, west at the bottom). We see a clear transition between the historic area surrounding Kingdom Avenue, and the more modern Holybank district here. Visible is a training pitch for New Haven Utd FC, who play in a stadium just out of shot. Across the road from this pitch are two of the University's buildings, catering for students studying English, and other associated courses. Capital Park, the national stadium for Calderwood's national football team. It was completed in 2006, and a moat has been dug around it, featuring a stylish new bridge. This is South Central Station, the main railway station for all parts of the city located south of the River Orr. Two overviews now, to give you an idea of location, but also how much work is left to do. Thanks for looking, please comment! -Muzz Replies Rictiovarus: Thanks, and about the water, I'll look into possiby getting a new mod... TimeMaster: Thanks very much! Carmine: Cheers, love! Yeah, I'll definitely think about changing the water. Za: Thanks, I always try to get away from the grid. Penguin: Thanks! Luke: Thanks, I know I'm a God, you don't need to remind me (but do anyway, please). I can get some better pictures of Leiburn Bay next time, it's really just a manmade inlet on the river that used to be for industrial purposes, but I can get some overviews for you. edmonton_stinks: Thanks, I get very fussy about repetition in my own cities, and I always try to weed out buildings that I repeat. Shingure: Glad you like the W2W too, many people seem too... Thanks for your kind words!
  10. Constitutional Monarchy of Pacific Columbia {SCJU Full Member}

    Look's sweet, Clint! Loving the rowhomes, very American. Great work, keep it up!
  11. If you were God

    If I were God I would make sure everyone hated homosexuals, believed that life and everything was created in seven days and believed that somebody did in fact walk on water despite what crazy modern science tells everyone!
  12. Calderwood -- [SCJU Member]

    Greetings! Thanks for all your comments! Since I last updated I have been busy working away at my city with childlike obsession. Unfortunately, because I'm so pernickity it takes longer, but I believe the quality is higher than it would have been had I just thrown down some random buildings. So far, I've edited approximately 17 lots, and this number rises all the time as I strive to make everything fit in! So, without further ado, I hope you enjoy this helping of New Haven, I hope you enjoy reading/looking as much as I did building it! That bad weather I warned you about... Replies Jeb: Lol, thanks for the comment, maybe you can do it next year, I won't mind! Owen: Shhhh! Not yet!!! But yes, that will be fun, lets hope we have a lot in the coffers to rebuild... psander5: Thanks, glad you liked my Photoshopping, afraid this update doesn't involve too much, but I hope you like what is there! RushHourFreak: Thanks, I try to go that extra mile to get the detailling in, so I'm glad you noticed it! Za: Thanks! I was just thinking about parks, then realised that there would surely be leaves from all those trees, so I decided to implement it. It's only a small detail, but I'm glad you liked it. Sc4Portugal: Thanks, I'll tell everyone to wave back! Schulmanator: Thanks, glad you liked both my CJs, I feel this one is an improvement, hopefully you agree! Clint: Thanks, as I said, I take a while to choose what goes where, a lot of plop and demolishing goes on, but other times it's quite quick, and I immediately like how it looks. I think that process makes it look kind of haphazard, which inversely makes it look realistic, as very few real world cities are planned to absolute perfection. Gaz: Thanks, I try a blend of styles, but undoubtedly British is the predominant one! Simfan: Thanks, woah, well that means a lot, glad you think it's one of the best, that's a real endorsement! nikhonkaraws: Thanks, glad you think so! The Gulf Stream is a stream of warm air/water that flows across the Atlantic Ocean from the Gulf of Mexico to the UK. It's what stops the UK (particularly Scotland) being an inhospitable ice cube, and it's what lets palm trees grow on the west coast of Scotland (a really bizarre thing to see, trust me). Luke: Thanks, and as for your name, uh, yeah, that was totally on purpose! But really, I tend to choose biblical names for my monarchs, as I'm not very good at knowing what names are old and which aren't, and biblical names must be at least 2000 years old! Ace_F15: Thanks, glad you liked that little touch! anarchy0029: Thanks, hopefully you'll like the night images in this update too! Thanks for reading, if you enjoyed then please leave a comment! I also encourage your criticism (even if it's not constructive, I can take it!) or your suggestions, or just queries, I'd be happy to answer! Thanks, -Muzz
  13. Calderwood -- [SCJU Member]

    The Constitutional Monarchy of Calderwood ------- Those of you who have been here for sometime may recall my moderately successful CJ "The Constitutional Monarchy of Calderwood". As I lost interest in the game, this faded away and died peacefully in it's sleep. After a long hiatus from both the game and the SimCity 4 community, it is with great pride and joy that I announce my return, and with it I bring my revamped, and hopefully more successful CJ, "Calderwood". It is the tale of a modern country situated on the Atlantica-Alba landmass, fans of CarmineHilton's "Movian Empire" and Pipishere's "Royal Cytheria" will already be aware, but for those who aren't, Atlantica-Alba is a mid-sized landmass found around 150 miles off the western coast of Portugal. It conforms to the mid-atlantic ridge, and does not (contrary to some criticism) disrupt the gulf stream flow to the United Kingdom, hence making A.A both plausible and possible. But enough of that, a short background of the country and then on with the good stuff! Calderwood is a country that occupies the central belt of the landmass. It was colonised by Celts believed to have originated from Scotland and or Wales, and therefore much of it's culture resembles that of these countries. The climate is relatively poor, despite it's latitude. The Trossich mountain range blocks much of the warmer air currents from Africa, making Calderwood a damp and usually cool place to be, exposed to the mercy of the North Atlantic Ocean. In Calderwood, people drive on the left, the national language is English, the currency is the Echar Pound (Ep) and the current monarch is King Luke IV. Now, on with the show! July the 25th is Union Day, a celebration of the foundation of the SCJU, the political Union of which Calderwood is a member. Here we see a parade on Kingdom Avenue taking place on the 25th of July, at approximately 11:30am. Festivities often last well into the night, and here we see that one lane of Kingdom Avenue, the city's central artery has been closed for revellers. This triangular building is the SCJU Embassy to Calderwood, at this time of night on this particular evening, it is illuminated with the logo, and serves as the base for fireworks displays. Festivities begin to end below the SCJU Embassy at around 3am. Jacob Park and the Park Inn. It is notoriously difficult to find hotel rooms at this time of year in New Haven due to the various festivals. The partying on Kingdom Avenue seems to be all but over now... Little rest for New Haven's finest tonight. Finally, the police station against the backdrop of Jacob Park and adjacent to St. Mary's Church. ----- Thank you for looking, and I would welcome and appreciate comments and/or constructive criticism, I know my city isn't perfect, and it is still under much construction. Thanks for stopping by in Calderwood, hope to see you again soon!
  14. British Airways crash at Heathrow

    Originally posted by: El Burro "It's a miracle. The man deserves a medal as big as a frying pan." I lol'd... but its certainly true. You've got to have some fantastic skill to avert a disaster like that... hope the Pilot becomes a Hero like that bloke who tackled the Bombers a Glasgow Airport. quote> SMEATO!!! I was under the impression it was pilot error, but there are bound to be hundreds of rumours flying around at this stage...
  15. The Simtropolis FM 2008 Club

    Ah, I see. I suppose there must be more to the game than what I said, afterall, there is more to football than just banging the ball into the net repeatedly! And about text based sports sims, I agree with you, I like them too, but I have no idea why! When you think about it, reading text and setting up sliders and drop down menus, with the occasional visualisation represented by dots on a field should not be fun at all, but it is incredibly addictive and incredibly fun, half my life is spent as "Murray Rankin, Hearts Manager", worrying about my next transfer, or how we are going to play the next match... It's incredibly... what's the word...? Consuming.