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Why does this happen when rendering?

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    • By Broonie
      I'm trying to render a 3DS model in Gmax, but the colours at the top of the model are incorrect and too dark (the whole thing should be a uniform shade from top to bottom). It's a pretty tall model, and I've tried refitting LODs.
      Any ideas?

    • By madhatter106
      So I've been messing around in an attempt to come up with what I'm calling a New Age/Occult Pack of buildings - tarot and palm readers, psychics, and new age bookstore and occult shop.  It doesn't seem like anything like that has been done on the STEX, and I thought it would add a little flavor to some of the lower wealth commercial areas.

      I'm aiming for CS$ for the smaller, more modest ones - the psychic, the tarot reader, and the palm reader.  Perhaps CS$$ for the bookstore and shop, since they're a bit more substantial, two-story, and could be considered less seedy.  Ultimately, I'd love to add some form of NIMBY effect, since a lot of these types of businesses (particularly those one story psychic type shops which look like they're run out of someone's front parlor) are considered undesireable by some folks.

      Here they are in day and night view - I'm hoping to add and/or revise some of the signage, and the lighting has just barely begun, as I've just been getting the models and textures together.  

      And while we're talking about lighting, I have a few lighting and window questions which you guys will probably be able to answer...

      - how do you do neon?
      - how do you do an illuminated sign?  (not so much neon as plastic or another translucent material lit from behind)
      - what manner of lighting is more effective than just adding "nitelite" to the front of the windows?  I find that works great for smaller windows, but anything large it looks like a cheat...
      - on large windows with printing or signage in them, how you light them as well as retain the silhouette of that lettering or signage?

      Any input is appreciated.  And thanks for all those folks who downloaded Andy's Gun Works (my first BAT) from the STEX...hope it pops up in your low wealth commercial district soon!
    • By rsc204
      I am trying to make some simple geometry S3D models for use as overhanging sidewalk props, only I want to be able to link them to LE textures rather than use the exported FSH files - basically something similar to the S3D models used in Xannepanne's Quays du Seine pack.
      When I export a model from SC4BAT, the S3D model produced is based on the LODs of the model, not the model itself making it totally unsuitable for this purpose:

      I'm thinking I could import a 3DS model with the correct geometry into the reader to work around this problem, however I don't have the option to export 3DS files from gMax/SC4BAT, I think that is something for 3DS Max only? Does anyone know if what I'm trying to do is possible using 3DS Max (or another program), perhaps someone with 3DS Max would be kind enough to help me with this and make a sample I could test? The example shown is just 2 1 tile squares with half of the top one removed? If need be I'm happy to get hold of 3DS Max to make them, I'd just like to know that it would work before going through all that hassle.
    • By CT14
      Welcome to the development thread for CT14 lots and BAT. Here's a quick list of current releases so you don't have to scroll through the thread to find them all:
      North American Freight Sidings
      Llama Terminal Company
      SABER LA River
      Troy Gasholder Building
      FAB Diagonal Industrials
      Lowrider Props
      In-N-Out Lowrider Show
      Old Time Power Plants - jestarr Boilerhouses
      North American Freight Sidings original first post:
      Inspired by the lack of existing lots representing protypical North American freight railroad sidings, I've created a system of lots that can be used to create eye-candy rail sidings. They are transit-enabled for appearance. I have been encouraged to share my progress in a dedicated thread by helpful feedback in the Show Us Your Railroads general thread, especially from SimCoug, T-Wrecks, raynev1. And the whole thing wouldn't exist without the Jestarr props.

      18 ploppable lots for different railcar types on double track rail Transit enabled connections to make the lots fit in seamlessly anywhere Three prop families to provide a variety from Jestarr's boxcars, intermodal and general merchandise freight ("Junkers") RRW compatibility Known issues:
      Transparent texture bug as described here https://community.simtropolis.com/forums/topic/42425-transparent-texture-issue/ The lots need custom icons created and added, through Reader as described here: http://www.wiki.sc4devotion.com/index.php?title=Tutorial:Inserting_a_custom_menu_icon_with_the_Ilive_Reader Future development ideas:
      Single Track Rail lots don't match exactly when using textures extracted from the RAM .dat, and I probably need permission to use them separately in any case. So, STR sidings may be a separate release at some point. Four-track lots would be prototypical for large yard trackage, but don't exist in RRW. Custom textures might allow some eye-candy four-track lots in future, this would resemble an updated subset of NCD. Dependencies:
      BSCMegaProps JES Vol01 (v1.0) - http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=342 For RRW, you need the NAM with RRW enabled. Download:
      Please report bugs here. Thanks!
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