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I have a new mod in the making that could use some beautiful icons.
Basically it is supposed to be a bigger and better version of "City vitals watch".
Instead of bars, I am going to use icons, but I need icons for stuff that the game does not provide.
Anyone here who wields some visual artist skills and is interested to contribute to a mod?


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I think that you haven't provided enough detail as to what specifically you're looking for. Go ahead and do that because I'm interested.

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  • Original Poster
  • Ok lets start with a screenshot of the current state of the mod.
    It is easier to explain that way:

    Atm this is what the mod looks like.

    These are some of the interesting values that the game provides and most of them can also be reached through the InfoView in the upper left corner.
    But there are more, some of which you won't see anywhere in the game UI directly but that the player should see imho for gameplay reasons,
    for example the sum of all ambulances currently in use / total count of ambulances.
    These numbers are also as important to understand what is going on with your hospitals.

    In the spirit of "City Vitals Watch" (CVW) and "Extended InfoPanel" I want the player to see these values at one glance.
    But I don't like the bars of CVW since they take too much screen space and also I want to see much more of the values that CVW provide atm.
    Also I normalize all values so that "high is always bad" so that the player don't have to think twice if a high value is good or bad in that case.
    So the 7% up there is "Traffic Jam" meaning 93% Traffic Flow.

    There will options to configure this panel, what to show and also when to show.
    And I have lots of ideas of how the mod can be improved further.
    But as you can see I have this major issue.
    The game provides only that many icons.
    For education the game has only one icon, but I need distinct icons for elementary, high school and university.

    They icons should be similar in style to what the game currently provides so that players grasp intuitively what they mean if they know the standard game icons already, but that is open for debate ;) At least they should have a consistent look in the panel.

    If you are still interested, I can give you more details.
    A list of all icons needed, sizes (open for debate), etc.


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  • Original Poster
  • Sry, were busy.
    Here is a list of all the "Items" currently in the mod.
    The missing icons are marked.
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/ultfz4omk9lgxhp/City Vitals Watch Extended Icons.ods?dl=0

    Mod name is not clear yet. This is just the working title ;)

    Iconformat is .png though I am not sure if separate files or a sprite map is better, have to find that out.
    If the regular in game icons will still be used ... then the new ones should also be 36x36px in size and have roughly the same white padding.
    For regular game icons see http://skylines-modding-docs.readthedocs.io/en/latest/resources/UI-Sprites-1.html
    The used button states in the mod are 'Normal', 'Hovered' and 'Pressed'.


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        However, the city tile right of it called "Suri - A" is angled in the orientation shown according to the region view and is as it should be.
        There is also a 2nd problem which the picture already shows. But the following picture shows it a little bit better.
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        Array16<NetSegment> lastRememberedNodes; void Update(){ for (int i = 0; i < Singleton<NetManager>.instance.m_segments.m_buffer.Length; i++) { NetSegment item = Singleton<NetManager>.instance.m_segments.m_buffer[i]; if (item.m_flags != lastRememberedNodes.m_buffer[i].m_flags) { NetNode startNodeID = NetManager.instance.m_nodes.m_buffer[item.m_startNode]; NetNode endNodeID = NetManager.instance.m_nodes.m_buffer[item.m_endNode]; lastRememberedNodes.m_buffer[i].m_flags = item.m_flags; Send("ROADBUILT|" + startNodeID.m_position.x + "|" + startNodeID.m_position.y + "|" + startNodeID.m_position.z + "|" + startNodeID.m_infoIndex + "|" + startNodeID.m_buildIndex + "|" + endNodeID.m_position.x + "|" + endNodeID.m_position.y + "|" + endNodeID.m_position.z + "|" + endNodeID.m_infoIndex +"|" + endNodeID.m_buildIndex + "|" + Singleton<NetManager>.instance.m_segments.m_buffer[i].m_infoIndex + "|" + Singleton<NetManager>.instance.m_segments.m_buffer[i].m_buildIndex + "|" + Singleton<NetManager>.instance.m_segments.m_buffer[i].m_modifiedIndex); DebugOutputPanel.AddMessage(PluginManager.MessageType.Message, "IM A GIRAFFE " + startNodeID.m_position.y); break; } } } And when I initialize it here:
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        Help please :?
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        Hi, i have a problem, every time I built a mod building, this appears to me, what is it? How do I fix it?

      • By nuyokcity
        I have compiled a list here of the SimCity series and related games, including the more famous ones as well as independent projects and links to various other related games.
        Please feel free to mention any relevant games and link this post to other SimCity forums as I will be updating this list over time. Some of the games in the list I found in the forums here. My goal is to make a sort of archive list of any modern city builder games so if you are looking for something older, newer, different, similar, etc you can use this list as a reference. I also recommend checking out the Mobygames database - here is a list of city builder games, merchant/trade builder games and transportation network builder games.
        If you are into ancient and medieval city building games I have also posted a similar topic in the Heavengames forums here and a copy of that thread as well as a thread of linked threads in the City Builder Games forums here. The list below will contain games from any modern city building genre, as long as there is some kind of minimal amount of building involved.
        There are a bunch of independent modern city builder games so there is a lot of potential for a new SimCity sequel or new type of game, whether done in a classic 2d style or 3d style, either developed by a big company or independently. One promising example of independent development is the ancient military rts game 0AD, which can be interpreted as a remake of Age of Empires but in 3d, more historically realistic and the game will be fully moddable - so it seems there are still ways that the rts and city building game genres can evolve.
        Maybe creating a game engine, code, or game that could be custom modded is possible at this point after over a couple decades of various city builders. A game where people could modify the setting to include various modern urban settings such as a pre-Industrial age, early Industrial age, modern age, various post-Industrial age settings, alternate histories, scifi, alien, fantasy and alternate/"what if" past, present, and future settings would be interesting. A recent example of a futuristic scifi/fantasy city-building game is Anno 2070 which is included below.
        I have added some games in this list which are not directly related to modern city building. For example the Rise of Nations and Empire Earth series are military rts games, but they feature a modern age setting either in an age-progression or standalone-age game. I also added Spore and related games and programs to this list because they are and expanded version from city to global scale building. So I felt it would be interesting to include it here as it might open up some possibilities for new game finds and ideas. As some know, the final Spore game came out to be different from the 2005 video demo, so there is still untapped potential in the genre of biological simulation and global civilization building games.

        Modern city building games:
        SimCity (1984, 1993)
        Utopia: The Creation of a Nation (1991)
        SimCity 2000 (1993)
        SimCity 2000 Collection (1993)
        SimCity Classic (1994)
        SimTown (1995)
        Constructor (1997)
        Infustry Giant (1998)
        Mob Rule (1999)
        SimCity 3000 (1999)
        SimCity 3000 Unlimited (2000)
        Tropico (2001)
        Industry Giant 2 (2002)
        Atlantis Underwater Tycoon (2003)
        Tropico 2: Pirate Cove (2003)
        SimCity 4 (2003)
        SimCity 4: Rush Hour (2003)
        Locomotion (2004)
        Geniu$: The Tech Tycoon Game (2005)
        Genius: Biology (2005)
        City Life (2006)
        Deep Sea Tycoon: Diver's Paradise (2006)
        Tycoon City: New York (2006)
        City Life (2006)
        SimCity Societies (2007)
        City Life: World Edition (2007)
        City Life Edition 2008 (2007)
        SimCity Societies: Destinations (2008)
        Cities XL (2009)
        Tropico 3 (2009)
        Eco Tycoon: Project Green (2009)
        Plan It Green (2009)
        Cities XL 2011 (2010)
        Cities In Motion (2011)
        Anno 2070 (2011)
        Cities XL 2012 (2011)
        Tropico 4 (2011)
        SimCity (2013)
        Cities In Motion 2 (2013)
        Banished (2014)
        1849 (2014)
        Evopollution (2014)
        Tropico 5 (2014)
        Cities Skylines (2015)
        Cities XXL (2015)
        The Architect (?)
        Factorio (?)

        Outer space colony builder games:
        Outpost (1994)
        Outpost 2 (1997)
        Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri (1999)
        Space Colony (2003)
        Space Colony HD (2010)
        Maia (2013)
        Spacebase DF9 (2014)
        PeriAreion (2015)
        Unclaimed World (2015)
        Offworld Trading Company (2015)
        Colonisation: Moonbase (?)
        Shackleton Crater (Cancelled/?)

        Other urban modelling programs:
        CityEngine (2008)
        CityScape (2008)
        IBM CityOne (2010)
        Enodo (2010)
        ArchTech (2012)

        Independent mods and games:
        Transport Tycoon (1995)
        LinCity (1999)
        Simutrans (1999)
        Open TTD (2004)
        LinCity NG (2005)
        City Empires (2007)
        My Virtual City (2007)
        City of Rauma (2007)
        MyMiniCity (2007)
        Micropolis (2008)
        Virtual City (2009)
        OpenCity (2009)
        VirtuCity (2009)
        SimCity Deluxe Gold (2011)
        Subversion (2011?, unreleased)
        Untitled project by Fritzpoll (?)
        Creatopolis (?)
        Cities of World (?)
        Utopia Unlimited (?)
        FreeTrain (?)
        SimMars (?)
        City Builder (?)
        Synekism (?)
        Urbs Urbis (?)
        Simtropolis 1000 (?)
        The Metropolis Project (?)
        ProjectCB (?)
        SimCity 5: Boomtown (?)
        Main Street MMO: Real Cities in Realtime 3D (?)
        Civitas (Cancelled, ?)
        Citybound (?)

        Other related modern age setting games:
        Rise of Nations (2003)
        Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots (2004)
        Empire Earth (2001)
        Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest (2002)
        Empire Earth 2 (2005)
        Empire Earth 2: The Art of Supremacy (2006)

        Other city builder and economic game series:
        A-Train series
        Stronghold series
        Anno series
        Patrician series
        Settlers series
        Alien Nations series
        Cultures series
        Port Royale series
        Tropico series
        SimCity series
        Impressions City Builder series
        Tilted Mill City Builder series
        Various ancient Roman city builder games
        Medieval Lords: Build, Defend, Expand
        Various merchant and trade-oriented games

        Spore series and other planet management sims:
        SimEarth: The Living Planet (1990)
        The Game of Life (1992)
        SimEverything (1994, unreleased early Spore version)
        Evolution: The Game of Intelligent Life (1997)
        Star Wars: Episode I - The Gungan Frontier (1999)
        L.O.L.: Lack of Love (2000)
        WorldKit (2003?, unreleased)
        Spore (2005, unreleased early version)
        Spore (2008)
        Spore: Creepy and Cute Parts Pack (2008)
        Spore: Creature Creator (2008)
        Spore: Galactic Adventures (2009)
        Untitled independent Spore-like game (?)
        Bowshock (?)
        The Universim (?)
        Civilization series
        Various biological simulation games
        Various Spore-like games

        Other biological simulation programs:
        Avida (1993)
        Various digital organism simulators
        Various evolution simulation programs

        Other virtual globe programs:
        Celestia (2001)
        Stellarium (2001)
        Nasa Worldwind (2004)
        Google Earth (2005)
        Earthsim (2005)
        Earthsim 2 (2010)
        3d Planet (2011)

        Related websites, forums, game and mod links:
        SimCity official website
        SimCity 4 Devotion
        SimCity Forever
        SimCity Central
        SimCity Forum
        SimCity Societies Forum at Tilted Mill
        SimCity Forum at SkyscraperCity
        SimCity at City Data Forum
        Timeline of Sim games at Game Informer
        City Builder Games Forum
        Game Mod Database
        Indie Game Database
        City Building Games at Wikia
        City Building Games at Wikipedia
        Chronology of City Building Games at Wikipedia
        Mobygames Videogame Database and Forum

        List of related rts and city builder projects and discussions:
        - 0 AD (2000, ?) - an ancient military rts game, sort of a Age of Empires 3d "remake" but better, is open for game testing and and will have the option for custom modding.
        - Glest (2004) - is a game engine for fantasy rts games.
        - Zero-K (2010) - is an open source futuristic military rts game.
        Related thread lists
        These game lists have been cross posted on related gaming forums:
        A list of ancient city builder games here, here

        Also see:
        A list of fantasy and sci-fi rts and city builder games here, here, here

        So some options for new city builder games may be the following:
        - mod the existing games in some ways such as the many SimCity 4 mods for something different
        - research existing and past attempts at independent games that weren't completed and use some of the data if allowed and/or work on completing them
        - create new games independently from scratch which will take time if funds and talent is limited, but is certainly possible
        - it's up to gamers to post on various forums, social networks, and game mod websites to generate interest and potential collaborations
        - ideally an open source version of a city building game can be made where anyone can go in and mod it to add any historical time periods and civilizations or completely new settings, including ancient, medieval, pre-industrial, modern, post-industrial, alternate history, fantasy, scfi, alien, custom, any specific historical time/culture/location, etc.
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