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Gotham City - THREAD CLOSED - Go to Gotham in NEW CJ

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Gotham City


This region is approximately 8.75 miles west to east, by 11.25 miles north to south .




 This is the official Comic book version that is the basic structure of my Gotham City.



Gotham City located in the Southern portion of New Jersey. Metropolis is to the southwest in Deleware.




The Boroughs of Gotham City




The Plan that combined the Comic Book version with the Dark Knight movie series.





After 3+ years the region is finally finished. It is time to show off Gotham City!




Next update: We will be introduced to a young Detective Sergeant James Gordon who has just transferred from Chicago to Gotham in 1984.


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  • Gotham City Department of Transportation



    Snugies - Thanks

    Benedict - Thanks, nice to see you again. I took a long hiatus of almost 4 years from ST. I am glad that BTT is still going strong, I wish that i could have kept my Nifty Index (top10) going, but life happens.

    AND NOW, a word from our Sponsors...

    Welcome to the Public Achive Section of the Gotham City Department of Transportation.

    This is the main resource for all transportation related issues.

    This office (current page) will be updated from time to time with more acurate and better detailed maps of Gotham City.

    Happy Motoring fellow Gothamits!


    High Resolution Composite image of Metro Gotham taken in July of 1982, from LandSat lauched into orbit in 1976.


    WGC-TV Channel 12 is proud to present in full color the Dumont Network premier of Gotham City's "Under Pressure". Airing this week is the pilot and debut episode "I Remember Now".

    Cue Promo Commercial for S01E01

    James Gordon is a Special Unit Detective in the most corrupt and crime ridden place in America. Chicago. The Chicago Political machine. An unexpected tip leads this lone Police Officer to the Crime Syndicates running the halls of the Chicago Police Department, the District Attorney's Office, and a fully paid-in-pocket Mayor. Detective Gordon is about to uproot the core of the street crime, corruption, drug trade, and murder throughout Chicago, but Gordon takes a bullet in a hail of gunfire during the largest drug bust in the History of Chicago. He cannot prove that his partner has tried to murder him. The case and all the evidence disappears from the deepest belly of the Police Evidence Secured Storage on Wacker Drive. He is up against the entire 35,000 strong Political machine of Chicago. Detective Gordon must leave Chicago. Assistant Police Chief Rainer makes a deal with Gordon. He must leave Chicago. Rainer has sent him to transfer to his counter-part in Gotham City. Police Captain Loeb of the Special Investigations Division, Major Crimes. Detective Sergeant James Gordon arrives to Gotham City Airport waiting on his new partner and training officer, Detective Sergeant Lass, to arrive.


    In a warehouse near I-76 in the township of Upper Pertslyn, a man celebrates his 20th birthday by accepting a paying contract for $500. All he has to do, is to get rid of a truck driver and take his place on his route. The driver's body is found mutilated beyond recognition across the River in Gotham City. Unbeknowing to Sergeant Gordon, this will be one of the strangest cases that he will ever work.


    End Promo Commercial for S01E01

    Be sure to tune in to the new soon to be hit series "Under Pressure" on WGC-TV, Channel 12, part of the Dumont Network.

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  • S01E01, Gotham City, Under Pressure, Operation Mindcrime (Part 1), "I Remember"






    Konstantinll – Thanks!


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    From the Dumont Network, WGC-TV Channel 12, is proud to present in full color the premier of Gotham City's "Under Pressure". Tonight's Episode is titled "I Remember"

    CUE Episode S01E01 Gotham City, Under Pressure, Operation Mindcrime (Part 1) - "I Remember"

    September 16th, 2013 Riverside Lounge, Neville, Gotham Borough

    One of the first expansions of the city took place here, just west of Old Gotham. The Main Gotham City Hall is the dominating feature of this area, which was one of the first buildings to take on the "Gotham Style". Near City Hall is The Gotham Emergency Management Agency Center,(GEMAC) a veritable fortress.


    Unfortunately the area is next to Lower Stevensburg, a crime-ridden area dominated by poverty and desperation. This neighborhood area nearest to City Hall is called Neville in a somewhat unsuccessful attempt to disassociate it from Stevensburg.


    In the nearby jumble of buildings that make up Lower Downtown, there are a mix older & newer office buildings...


    ...including Wayne Tower South Complex, the other major skyline landmark of the area.


    A silver haired mild man with frame glasses sits quietly sipping a foul cup of coffee. It tastes sour, bitter, and the burntness of cooking for two days. He looks over at the overweight balding bartender and says, “Thanks Maurice. As good as always.”

    Maurice keeps looking at SCSN on a Flat Screen and replies, “Anything for you Commish Gordorn.”

    “I retired last month Maurice.”

    “Yay, I know Commish."

    The door opens and Gordon is temporarily blinded by a sudden burst of daylight. He does not need to see her coming. He can smell her perfume. “Chanel 5, Hello Susan.”

    “Hello Jim.”

    There are four major newspapers in Gotham City, three of which have the lion's share of the readership. The Gotham Gazette is a typical corporate-sponsored newspaper, heavy on ads, light on real news. Its journalists are not encouraged to do deeply investigative reporting. The Gotham Times-Tribune is slightly more overt about its dedication to the status quo, ever since the hyper-conservative Tribune suddenly purchased the Times about five years ago. Nobody is quite sure where the Tribune got the money to do this. The Gotham Examiner is, however, an energetic and deeply investigative newspaper with good quality stories. Unfortunately this means that its journalists are often persona non grata in many places. The last newspaper, the Gotham Daily, is a tattling, garish tabloid whose only dedication to substance is trying to get as many gruesome or titillating stories on its pages at once.

    “Susan, I made you a promise a few years back to someday tell you about him.”


    “Him, my first case here in Gotham.”

    “Oh my gosh. I almost forgot. But how can I ever forget what he did?”

    “Susan, I am retired now. I don’t really care anymore about off the record and on the record. So, I need to tell this story before I end my time on this earth.”

    “Jim you are only 65, you have many more years ahead.”

    “I know, but I have to tell you about what really happened with him.”

    “Okay friend, this will be off the record. You will not be talking to Reporter Susan Indigoct of the Gotham Daily. You are talking to your long dear friend Susan.”

    Gordon takes several deep breaths. “It was 1984..”, “I remember…”


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  • S01E02 Gotham City, Under Pressure, Operation Mindcrime (Part 2), Anarchy-X

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    WGC-TV channel 12 & The Dumont Network proudly present tonight's episode, Anarchy-X




    Tricorner Island, Gotham Borough, Septemeber 18, 1984


    Just off the southwest corner of the South Island, this triangular island is most notably home to the Tricorner Naval Yard, which was decommissioned by the U.S. Navy in 1975 and transferred to Gotham City. The South Hinkley neighborhoods on the island are dominated by real estate speculation building middle class condos for Downtown workers. However, Tricorner Island has become synonymous with organized crime and police corruption. In some respects, Tricorner is "wide open". Manufacturing remains the single largest area of the non-service economy in Gotham City, although the decommissioning of the Tricorner Naval Yards in 1975 was a severe blow. U.S. Steel, Gotham Steel, Wayne Steel and the Stockton Metalworks continue relatively strongly, their proximity to other Eastern Seaboard cities helping them weather the economic changes that ruined the Pennsylvania steel mills. Oceanic shipping provides most of the shipping traffic of Gotham City, although the Gotham Railworks continues to move a great deal of cargo through the switching lines. The usual smattering of air cargo companies also exist.


    This Navy Hospital was transferred to a Veterans Hospital for the large numbers of Vietnam Veterans chasing after the ever decreasing jobs that evaperated suddenly when the Navy transferred the Yards to Gotham in the height of a major recession with hyper-inflation. This hospital is seriously underfunded and the death and infection rates in this hospital rank higher than those in Vietnam.



    Strugen's Place, Hinkley, Kane Borough

    This well-known dive-bar used to be a prime hangout for smugglers in the Prohibition era and even after World War II. However it is now largely a place for dockworkers and those on the southside neighborhood to have a few drinks. Also this is one of the many meeting places for underworld vices. In that respect it is a bit of shady in a drab and seemingly history-less area.


    Jack Sprat

    Inside Strugen’s Place, a makeshift platform is in an unpleasant corner of the bar room. A simple floor lamp is pointed directly on a man speaking openly to the dingy patrons of misfits that frequent the bar. For the last five minutes, the man has spewed insults at the crowd. He is Jack Sprat, a self-described comedian at night. By day he goes by John Sprattus, a young chemical engineer intern working for a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises at a Chemical Lab on Tricorner Island.

    From an unruly patron, “Jack Sprat could eat no fat! Hah Hah Hah!”

    Jack is getting angrier by the second. “That’s right, because my wife doesn’t know how to cook! But I do know how to heat up your wife!”

    The unruly patron stands up, “What did you say?”

    “You heard me you bum!”

    “I will teach you a lesson, little Sprat man!” He pulls out a knife and approaches the comic.

    “Didn’t mommy teach you to not play with knives, little boy?”

    The man lunges at the comic. No one in the bar moves and it seems that if they did notice that they do not even care. “I will cut you up!”

    Jack sidesteps the man and takes the knife away from him.

    Jack holds the knife up and sings “Balanced on their knives, Little parts of lives, Such a strange reality…”

    The man grabs Jack and in a quick motion sinks the knife into the other man’s throat, “ … Kill the unicorn, Just to have its horn, Soon he's just a fantasy”

    Jack exits the stage and casually walks over to the bartender, “ I think I shall be paid now dear bar keep.”

    The bar tender pulls a shotgun from under the bar. “What we have here is failure to communicate son. I believe that you owe me, say, a hundred bucks to clean this mess up.”

    Jack grabs a red table cloth off a nearby table, wraps it onto his head like a cape, and runs out of the bar screaming, “Tally Ho!”

    He turns the corner into an alley and hid behind a dumpster. “Tough crowd tonight.” He does not notice another man standing next to him in the alley until the other man lights up a cigarette. “What are doing here?”

    “Jack Sprat, I have been a fan of your work.”

    “What? You are a fan of my comedy.”

    “No, your comedy is awful. I think the polite term is that it just plain stinks. No I am a fan of your, how do we say, your Artworks around town.”

    “What Art?

    “Don’t play stupid with me little Jack. Your slice and dice routine. You are pretty skillful with knives on flesh. Most of the time, the cops and relatives cannot recognize your victims.”

    “So what business is it of yours? Are you a cop?”

    “No dear boy. I am pretty far from that lowly profession. I am, how do say, I am an employer of artisans such as yourself. I wish to offer you permanent employment with my firm. You can call me Mr. X. Here is my card. I will call on you soon.”


    “Oh here you go.” Mr. X tosses an envelope at Jack’s feet. “This is a one thousand dollar retainer and advance my boy.”

    “But I did not say yes.”

    The man laughs, “I will call on you later Jack.” The man then disappears into the darkness.

    Jack sits in the alley wearing a red cloth like a hood, counting his new found wealth.

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  • Sneak Peak coming this season!



    I will no longer continue posting updates in this forum. Due to lackluster views in this forum. This story will only be published in the new CJ section. Thanks.

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  • Thanks Snugies. This CJ basically is about 90%+ based on year one, gotham police, a little of the dark knight series. It is before no mans land. Batman will eventually be introduced later. Right now I am introducing a young James Gordon and some key young main characters ftom the comics. Be sure to follow this in the newCJ section. I will not be updating in this thread.

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