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Best practice for traffic?

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It probably goes out of date with each update, but is there a handy resource for general principles and best practice for traffic?


Is some of the early tips still valid, or were they nonsense all along? e.g.


- Only zone one side of the road

- Don't place buildings on the main road into the city or near the entrance

- Build a highway loop around the city





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Except for the highway loop, which I consider unnessecary, those still stand. Here are some other 'best practices':


- Don't place stoplights close to your city entrance.

- Use the Unzone tool then upgrade your roads to allow more sims on the road without increasing building density

- Replace 90 degree roads with curved turns (Sims slow down at angles to make turns)

- Try to stay clear of sharp angled roads alltogether

- Use T sections over 4 way intersections wherever you can

- Try to spread out stoplights as much as possible

- Use the Low Density Street trick to create stopsigns instead of stoplights if one road has much lower priority than another

- Try to form streetcar tracks in loops

- Add Low Density Streets to highly congested intersections as a 'short cut' to increase traffic flow

- Try seperating different traffic streams with different roads.

- Defninately seperate tourists and workers/shoppers by having them approach the same buildings from a different route


- Place shopping close to residential

- Underground/Elevated roads/streetcars are very useful.

- Place vehicle garages as addons on different roads within reach to allow the buildings to release vehicles from different locations

- Extend service roads to create roads only their designated vehicles can travel on (for example from your oilwell in the center of the city to a trade depot near the edge)

- Place Trade depots near the entrance

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Hmmm... wait for patch 8?  :thumb:


Until then, just use:

  • Subways
  • Larger maps to allow for more highways, on-ramps, tunnels, etc.
  • Multiple connections to your city
  • Roundabouts 
  • Emergency vehicle right-of-way
  • Shortest time traffic routing algorithm instead of shortest distance 
  • Elevated roads/trains
  • One-way roads
  • Etc.

Oh wait... we will have to BUY these as DLC! 

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I would pay for them just to see what happens when you build a subway station at the end of a one-way road! :D I wonder how the simulation will process that issue...


... maybe such roads would require connection at both ends. 


But then how would you build RCI pods using only one-way roads?

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- Only zone one side of the road


I haven't found that to be such a problem as it used to be.  Commercial slows traffic down (turning into shops), the others don't.  Residential roads will clog up if enough traffic is using them to get to work/shopping.

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