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Hello, this is my first contribution here..

this city is finished since 6 months ago or so.. i started it at the beginning of last year or so. I've downloaded approx. 100 contents i think. Buildings, european road texture. But all of them are only there to make the city more aestethic and to add more diversity to the cityscape. only golddiva's yacht-harbour brings kind of beneft. but only small amount of money eacht month. have only one in my city. and there are big hospitals downloaded, which hold more patients. Aside from that I built the city without any cheats.

I wanted to post my city here since a long time ago, but never dared.. but i love my city.. i hope somebody will like it too.




this city is so full of life.. its thriving.


Here you have big overview of the city...


this is big international airport... there is a firefighters airfield beneath..


this is the old small airport in northeast of city.. when i took this screenshot, the city was not so well.. you can see some abandoned and dirty buildings.. but now everything is fine.


this is south highway of the city.. its parallel to north higway.. both are connected.. good traffic there..


new Police cars.. i downloaded new ones.. you can see them. the old ones from default sim city were 80ies style. this one look new.. you can see some old models at the police station lot (3 cars). thanks to the modders..


this is beginning of industrial zone.


this is high-tech industrial zone. there are many new hightech buildings which i downloaded. they fit perfectly into sim city cityscape. you can see for example the general xenotek plants (the big ones, which look like office almost). one of my favourite buildings!. thanks to the modders! watch the highway, it goes straight trought the industrial zone. so the sims can get to work very fast.. good traffic here..



watch this, this is the coast. the yacht harbour is well placed. its good place for a harbour in case of storm. there is a lighthouse as well, to warn the ships of the cliff.


this is Metropolis from region view. you can see it has high mayor ratings. without cheating.. and you can see population number and so on.


this is region view.. many cool cities.. its good connected, airports, ferry harbours, highways, etc.. 3 million people.

i have also a good public transport system too. there is a subway system, bus stations, train, etc... but i dont have lust to make a screenshot of this now.. anyway, commuting time is very low. surprisingly low for such a big city.. i've done very well. :D

i want to say many many many thanks to all the sim city 4 modders/modelers out there. some buildings are so very very great.. its insane.. special thanks to the guy who made european street mod, and to the guys who made the additional high-tech buildings. general xenotek plant is one of my favourite buildings. but its a pity that to less real big scyscrapers appear.. but anyway, i love my city.. hope you enjoy too...


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  • But none of the rci buildings were plopped, everythink you see is grown.. so of course there is repetition.. i just wanted to play sc the proper way and make a nice city. Btw: i hope this place is the right one for my contribution; i saw the other posts and it looks like the focus in city journals is to show a timeline/city development for heavily modded cities. i just wanted to show my city before it gets accidentally deleted or so lol.

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    That's of course no problem. I meant it as a suggestion to improve your cities :)

    You could download some more buildings from the STEX to create some more diversity in your cities for instance.

    But of course you're free to do what you want, and I'll stay tuned for more updates!

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