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Dawn Cape

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HI, this is the first time I do a journal, so i dont't know if il' do it well.

I hope you enjoy it.

(sorry if the english is probably not perfect)

Dawn Cape was a English small village with about 10,000 habitants, situated in a magificent zone, with a beautiful sandy coast and huge spaces for agricolture.

In the last 7 years the state started to invest a lot o money in the development of the area and today Dawn Cape .

5 years ago ended the construction of the first skyscraper, and now we can allready count some of the higest and beautiful in world.

Pointing to became an economic and a financial pole Dawn Cape is today starting to became a beautiful city of the future, hig tech, and green.

Many people start calling it the Dubai of England.

  • Population: 110,000
  • Main production: Food, Office

Sattelite view. To the east the first old residential zone. To the west the industrial zone.

On the Sunset Point ( The name was originally given for the territorial sharpy form of the point surroundetd by the delta of the river, that is pointing exactly west, were the sun die) is downtown, with the financial center. It's a mix of hig offices and economical buildings and huge residential appartments for the richest people in the city.


A view from the tallest hill of the region, at dawn.


A zone of the est suburb bitween the hills, with some of the most beautiful and richest small houses.
The panoramic weel it's one of the oldest, and one the few survivor old building. Originally it was the weel of an old windmill, now it's an actraction.


The newest zone of the east residential zone, ultimated just a few month ago. With a special shape, a point pointing west,, at sunset.


A detail.


Downtown at midnight, from the top of the hill to the east


A pic from the middle of Central park, the biggest park in downtown, counting over 1000 trees. The green lung of downtown


The two twin skyscrapers guarding one of the main avenue entering downtown. Are considered the two protectors of the city. Ultimated 2 years ago are se second tallest skyscrapers presents in Dawn Cape. They count 89 floors


The Spiral, the last skyscraper ultimated just a couple of month ago. The costruction took 2 years, a record for this architectural masterpiece.


The City Hall. Ont he back from right to left you can see the old bell tower, the Hammersmith building with its caracteristical convex form ( it's really chilly staing near the window at the 30th floor), and the Central Grand Hotel with 28 floors of suites looking the City Hall plaza one side and Venice Bridge the other.


Main Street at night. You can also find some nice girls in late hours


The city council is now working on three main huge projects.
  1. A huge modern skyscraper on the point between the two rivers that should probably became the symbol of Dawn Cape. The works just started and is estimated to be completed in three years.
  2. A new expressway probably going mosltly underground in a tunnel that will pass under the river. It should connect the eastern residential zone with south downtown and then with the other side of the river going toward the industrial zone.
  3. Two new big residential complex for common people and workers. One will probably rise mostly in hig, and should be situated on the south west of downtown across the river.

For now is everything. Foward updates soon. 44.gif

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Looks great. I live the layout of the roads, very creative with how you've filled in the spaces and used all the area.

That spiral building looks awesome, I haven't seen it before.

Look forward to the next update.


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  • Original Poster
  • Thanks! 16.gif

    The Spiral i think is probably one of the new buildings of the 2012 version.

    I put some more stuff and some random pics of the city.

    The two new residential zone have been completed in a record time, just in one year, employing thousands of worker.

    The other two big projects, the skyscraper and the freeway still be in construction.

    The population fastly rised to 180.000 habitants.

    Here the pics 44.gif

    The first new residential zone have been situated in the middle of downtown and the east suburb. It's called Green Tree Residence, for the big and hig trees rising.

    It's made by modern condominiums, with a pretty park in the center. The city council is keeping a strong green line with environmental sustainability.



    The second one occupies a much smaller zone, infact is developed in height. It consist in six big appartment building. 4 hig round towers calld the Four Sisters, and two identical big buildings in the middle. They have a breathtaking view over the downtown and the sandy beach and beautiful hills on the back.


    Here the construction yard of what will be Dawn Cape Point Skyscreper. Back to it you can see the James Cook Tower, actually with it 90 floors and 490 feets height is the tallest building in the city and the 8th in the world.


    The newest financial building just on the other side of the river ofrom downtown. Here are also in project some big business hotels.


    Here some random pics!!

    Good morning! What a beautiful balcony!!


    Bungee jumping!!!!


    A nice view of Buckinghamshire Boulevard in downtown, with some pretty coloured small houses


    Oh, there is a moon in the skyscraper!


    A part of downtown at night, You cans see the City Hall and some of the most important buildings.


    This is all for today, see you soon! 44.gif

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