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Cattala (AIN)

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Welcome to the United Kingdom of Cattala. This is my first real City Journal here on Simtropolis, and I've been told for a while to bring it onto here. Cattala is a member state of the Alliance of Independent Nations. Please check Update 42 for the most recent update of facts about Cattala.


Update 1: Cattala | An Introduction (outdated)

Update 2: Calora | The Old Town

Update 3: Celeste | Alder Hill

Update 4: Celeste | Victorian District Preview

Update 5: Aldoak | Mini Musical

Update 6: Celeste | Victorian District

Update 7: Rhodes | North and North East

Update 8: Calora | Trepistaz Gate

Update 9: The Daily Telegraph | 3rd November

Update 10: Seina | First Update

Update 11: Calora | Eastbrook Village

Update 12: Aldoak | Warm Wilderness

Update 13: Calora | Lake and Lago

Update 14: Celeste | Revisiting the Capital

Update 15: Calora | Lagos and Doveamo

Update 16: Daily Telegraph | 10th December

Update 17: Brunswick & San Pietro | Fruits of our Labour

Update 18: Brunswick | New Graphics for a New Village

Update 19: Cattala | Buon Natale!

Update 20: Seina | December Update

Update 21: Brunswick | Dalaemos and Teliseri

Update 22: Cattala | Felice Anno Nuovo!

Update 23: Cattala | 2010 Overview

Update 24: Seina | January Update and Voting

Update 25: Seina | Growing into a Rising Sun

Update 26: Calora | Lil' Ol' Vecchio

Update 27: Calora | Vecchio e Nuovo

Update 28: Important Announcement

Update 29: Seina | The Sky is the Limit

Update 30: Celeste | Je m'appelle Franogei

Update 31: Celeste | The Grand Capital

Update 32: Brunswick | Ye Olde Vista

Update 33: Eurellia | Seven Thousand Droplets

Update 34: Seina | Digging South

Update 35: Celeste | A Damp Dusk

Update 36: Postcards | Grand and Belluterra

Update 37: Aldoak | Return to Ontano, Part One

Update 38: Aldoak | Return to Ontano, Part Two

Update 39: Celeste | Grandeur in Vittorius

Update 40: Aldoak | Rocking it up to Fourty

Update 41: Celeste | Vittorius Throughout

Update 42: Overview of Life after Fourty

Update 43: Bringing Up the Past

Update 44: Celeste | Amadeus without Mozart

Update 45: Calora | Marcillera Mornings

Update 46: Ionia | Lakes and Luxury

Update 47: Celeste | Regal Dedication

Update 48: Calora | New Heights in Altura

Update 49: Seina | The Church Doest Roar

Update 50: Monte Calida | A Change in Daernos

Update 51: Celeste | Imperial Demands

Update 52: Ontano | Defend the Walls

Update 53: Calora | Beside the Seaside

Update 54: Celeste | Panoramic Procedures

Update 55: Calora | Healthy Nights

Update 56: Jennai | Cecilia Rising

Update 57: Seina | Building for the Future

Update 58: Amano | Crossing the Bridge

Update 59: Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

Update 60: Celeste | Lights and Action

Update 61: Seina | A Duke's Welcome

Update 62: Ontano | Stark Night

Update 63: Allea | Don't have a cow

Update 64: Seina | Feeling a bit Blue

Update 65: Jennai | Upstate Downstate

Update 66: Ontano | Autumn Reigns

Update 67: Jennai | Confines of the North

Update 68: Jennai | Western Surprise

Update 69: Jennai | Out in the sticks

Update 70: Roumeli | One, Two, DC















If you wish find out more about Cattala, visit the Cattala forums or the Cattala wiki at the AIN.

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  •  brunswick-ent01-01.jpg

    Welcome to Brunswick, the southern neighbour of Aldoak and the breadbasket of Cattala. Brunswick is the biggest producer of fruits and vegetables in the Royal and Holy Kingdom, and is located only a few miles south-east of Jennai. This update is dedicated to Peter Reyes, former Vice President of the AIN.






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  • Replies 

    kakado_to_save: Thank you for being the first to comment! I'll be sure to get a Jennai update up soon. 9.gif

    StanislavSoltys: Thank you for visiting, and I hope you keep watching Cattala!

    paulmc: Thank you for commenting - I'm glad you like it. 1.gif

    nathanthemayor: Thank you for visiting, I'm glad you like Brunswick. 



    Welcome back to Brunswick. Today we'll be looking at the southern area of Ontano Island, around the main town of Brunswick. Brunswick lies in the shadow of the mountainous northern town of Aldoak, and is the breadbasket of Cattala. The villages in the area are around 180 years old, and were built by British colonists.



    BP is everywhere these days.







    And to finish with, a look at Barnaby Villa at dawn.

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  •  Welcome back to Cattala, and the Christmas special! It's time to take a look at the country  as it prepares for Christmas and New Year. For Cattalians, Christmas is all about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. However, the commercial elements of Christmas that exist across the Western World are also common in the Royal and Holy Kingdom.






    Merry Christmas, from Cattala!


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    Beautiful Mediterranean styled towns and cities. Always loved the alternative styled buildings you can get your hands on here.

    And I see a Christmas tree! Somebody's being festive. 9.gif

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  • Schulmanator: Thank you for commenting, I'm glad you enjoyed the update.


    Welcome back to Seina, in the north of Cattala. Since we last visited Seina, I’ve rebuilt the village and it’s completely changed. The medical centre is the most westerly building, with the village shops now located in one main building, opposite the café. I'm much happier with it this way.


    Now we’re going to look at the expansion of the village further south, using inspiration from Darmok’s Anduin Valley Revisited, which is in the Simtropolis Hall of Fame. Sadly we've arrived in the middle of a rain shower, which is expected to last until the New Year. Luckily it's not going to travel south into Celeste or Jennai to affect the New Years celebrations.





    After some re-zoning and street construction, along with the demolition of the plazas, commercial premises are finally growing in Seina.



    To end with, an overview of Seina as a whole. I hope you enjoyed this update, I hope to get more of Seina completed soon!


    Thanks for viewing, and keep commenting! I'm really pleased so many of you like Cattala. 44.gif

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  •  Brunswick-ent03-01.jpg

    It's been a while since we visited Brunswick, and now we're moving into the central villages of the area. Unlike Seina in the north, Brunswick is in the middle of the sunniest winters on record, but some cold weather is expected to move in this weekend.








    I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and the New Years updates for Cattala are just around the corner...

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     This is the first time I've visited this CJ, and i'm impressed!  Personally, I don't have the patience to make cities with such distinct lacational themes, but I appreciate such cities when I see them!  Seina looks like a really picturesque village.  I'd love to park up my bicycle there and have a lazy coffee break ... maybe once it's stopped raining though 9.gif  I like your coverage of the expansion.  The last update is a good one too.  Your farm land looks great.  I like the graphics of your updates too.

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  •  New Year has come for Cattala, and this year the nation is going all out to show the world that it's here to stay. From the stroke of midnight, a 15-minute display will light up the sky of every town and village across the nation. Here's a sneak peak of what's expected tonight.






    Apologies about the quality, I'm not the best at adding fireworks effects to images.

    I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and I wish you all a happy new year. Felice Anno Nuovo, from Cattala!

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  • overview-01a.jpg

    Now for the second and final part of the New Year celebrations from Cattala, this is a short overview of what we've seen so far from the Holy Regno. I hope you all enjoyed Cattala in 2010, and I'm looking forward to a great 2011 with the nation.48.gif









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  • Schulmanator: Thank you very much for commenting.


    Welcome back to Seina, in the heart of Cattala. The rain and fog has finally lifted, and it’s warming up again in Seina. 


    Today we’ll be looking at development along the green strip of land there.


    Development was first completed on a new petrol station for the community. It serves the B415, which is a link road to the A1 and M4.


    The second and most important part of the construction was the new village station. It was connected to a small line that diverts off of the main Central Line.


    A small housing development was built north of the station.


    Behind some of the homes was a new parking area for village residents and commuters.


    To the far north of the village, a Jennai-based property developer bought up a large area of land. So far, the villagers have seen very little work going on.


    To end with today, an overview of Seina.


    Now it’s time for you to decide where we build next in Seina. So post your replies and say either A, B, C, D or E!

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    I enjoyed the New Year updates! You have a lovely selection of towns and cities. Seina is expanding quickly! When do the skyscrapers come 9.gif

    I vote A. There's a main road there that's shouting out for some more development. Having said that, I like the village as it is!

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  •  seina-replies.jpg

    Wow - so many replies already. I'm very grateful to you all for commenting. 

    psander5: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the New Years updates. Skyscrapers are quite a way away. Cattala is home to just over two million people, with 1 million in the city of Jennai which hasn't been built in-game yet. I'm aiming to do that this year, though. And thank you for the vote. 

    Mightygoose: Haha, thank you and welcome to Cattala. We'll be seeing more of the raptor enclosure next update.

    Algis242: Welcome back and thank you for voting. I'm glad you like the look of Seina.

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  • Original Poster
  • Stanislav: Thank you for voting and for viewing!

    Sirron Kcuhc: Thank you for voting, and yes there was some power lines there, bringing energy from Jennai.



    Welcome back to Seina, in the heart of Cattala. Sunny conditions continue to shine over the province, and now the voting results are in! Now it’s time to see where we’re building today…


    Is D! As you can see, construction has commenced and in the southern part of the new expansion, construction is finished.


    Work has been slow on the new land to the north, with only a handful of diggers and workmen on site most days. Work has ground to a halt for unknown reasons recently.


    In the centre of the village, some small homes were bought up by developers and replaced with in-demand luxury apartments. Here you can see work is on going near the high street.


    Now a look at the new district, which features the town’s first water storage tower. Water used to be pumped in from Calora, and now water can be collected in the village itself.


    Here we see the eastern part of the development, which boasts new local shops alongside the busy High Street that goes through the centre of the village.


    With all the construction projects occurring, a small industrial site was built near the Miatona land, and much of the local logs and building materials now come from this site.


    Now we see an overview of the unconstructed part of the new district – what do you suggest we build here? 



    To end with, an overview of the rapidly-expanding Seina village. 

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