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  1. The Official City Journal Critics Thread Archive

    you never visited my CJ


    Hi all! It has been a while I've been active on Simtropolis.com.. But, I've started a new Mayor Diary on "Sc4Dev" some time ago. I wanted to show my latest creation; Hammbruck. A fantasy-city but with high level of realism. Other than my MD on Sc4Dev I'm only gonna show you pictures here; no replies and no comments -> just lurking-food for you all! The first real finished picture I'm going to show you is of the cathedral in the "german-themed" district. Here is the main shopping center with large warehouses, stores and restaurants.. The church from upclose with plaza in front of it and the avenue tunneling below.. The plaza with terraces that is on the edge of the city-park where people can relax walking and stuff An overview of the park, that's jammed between the church and the bridge over the river "Rhine" A close-up of the pond in the bottom of the park. On the right side the old sewer-facilities of the old town centre The main market-square. Many shops and retail have settled here, aswell restaurants and bars The same square from another view. Also visible is the small river "Aare" that splitses the German from the French part of town The river "Aare", with on the left bank; France. And right bank; German The newly build exhibition center. On the left in this picture the old elevated rail-connection between "Hammbruck HBF" (German) and "Hammbourg SNCF" (France) A office tower that is situated in the center of this district; some nice views from up above the skydeck! The main avenue that connects the neighbourhood to the shopping district and suburbs on the otherhand The old railline that crosses the new main tracks with a train from Switzerland entering the main stations rail fields (Hammbruck HBF) The main library of the city which is in a historic and former post-office building The old railroad travelling over the river into the French part of town, here passing by the station "Hammbruck Alexanderplatz" The main-roads crossing in front of the main station of the German part of the city The large plaza in front of the main building. With nice statue, sub- and busstations it's a very busy plaza A freight-train of France is pulled by a SNCF locomotiv and crosses the overpass that is being build to connect to mayor avenues Another view and now with a German DB locomotive on front The north-side approach of the station only excists of through-tracks; different from the southern approach Tracks lining up for the end-station aswell through tracks of "Hammbruck HBF" A passenger-train with commuters from Switzerland entering the end-station.. The southside is more spectaculair with freight& passenger-trains and railyards.. The old dome of the end-station and the new dome of the newly build station with through-tracks More train-activity around the southern areas of the station, trains from Switzerland, France and Germany coming in here.. The total shot of the station-complex; old terminal in front and attached the new dome with tracks The main station; "Hammbruck HBF" by night. Only the night-train to Frankfurt is stationed; not many activity during the night.. The backside of the shopping center, the tunnel beneath the rail-tracks almost finished; even the lighting is allready working The main square in the neighbourhood; "Kökerei Platz".. Not the nicest in the city, not even trees or a bank! A SNCF freight-train heading off to France with a long cargo train behind it Heading deeper into the port-area following the rail-bank on it's way to the mayor rail-bridge across the river, here passing by the steelmill that is settled in the port area Large factory with ship unloading.. Coal stacks are unloaded from ships, and loaded onto trains that carry it into the land The oldest power plant of the city, runs on coals and pollutes like hell Ore trains lining up to get filled near the steelmill The total steelmill with in back of it the neighbourhood connecting to the center & central station The river and mayor bridge connecting the other shore where the small village of "Ketteln" is The outer facilities of the Mobil refinery Oil coming in by tankers and pumped into tanks on the land The seperating-areas of the refinery, raw materials are been handled here Also liquid gas is coming onto shore here and is being processed in the refinery Zoomed out shots on the oil-tanks; city surrounding the refinery.... Large smoke stack in the center of the facility.. getting noxious around here I will not post any new post, I'll only modify my 1st post with fresh-pictures. It's on to you to reply and get me on the 1st page of the "CJ-section" Good luck!! E [oversize pictures deleted - max is 800x600]
  4. Bistagne Coal Tailings Pile

    the texture detail is awesome!! I love your industrial BATs!! Because of you we can make huge industrial complexes.. E
  5. Sessquenna

    whow now that's what I call IMPRESSIVE!! that region view is stunning.. cheers++ E
  6. Recreation: SAUERLAND by EJC

    SIEDLINGHAUSEN <-> SILBACH Today a small update. I'll highlight the road between the two vilages mentioned in the post-title.. Housing and warehousing are mixed together on this road.. Just west of the main road, hidden in the forest.. Is a "bergsee" (mountainlake) The ingame version made by me.. Plopable water and some rock surfaces! Next update, to end the month a nice update on the surroundings of "Silbach" and "Siedlinghausen" @ bernie; there is an autobahn in the area.. just north of where I've developed it now. Between the towns "Arnsberg", "Meschede" and "Bigge" is a highway. That will come later.. E
  7. Recreation: SAUERLAND by EJC

    SIEDLINGHAUSEN CLOSE By the way; you should "Google Earth" the areas! For example; "Bödefeld, NRW" or "Siedlinghausen, NRW" <- search these terms in "Google Earth" and see the likeness. You can clearly see the hairpinbend west of the village and also it's surrounding farmlands. The railline that crosses the valley.. etc etc.. The overview from over the hills. Notice on the left the hairpin-road.. The overview of the village small center and surrounding roads. The central parts of the village, with church and old buildings surrounding it. Another overview, now from the north-east showing point The entire village that's following the small streams in the valley.. Next update we'll exit the village of "Siedlinghausen" by road and we'll take a little tour on it's surroundings @ Bernie; those trees come from "Cycledoggs" tree & terrain mods -> search him on the STex.. E
  8. Ornon, french city

    http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/index.cfm?id=10961 this is what you should use... On the other hand; allready an outstanding looking region you've got there!! I love the non-grid layout of the entire city and the suburbs flowing into the surrounding farmlands; real nice!! E
  9. Recreation: SAUERLAND by EJC

    SIEDLINGHAUSEN Overview of the region; "Siedlinghausen" is a couple Km east of "Bödefeld" The entrance from "Bödefeld" into "Siedlinghausen by B740 Some fields just north of the village of "Siedlinghausen" Again a pic to compare to the realworld.. Nice; the sun shining over the valleys & hills! View from the north, the roads takes some spins before it tumbles down into the valley.. The hairpin-bend from another view-angle Overview of the twists and turns of the B740 as it comes into the village Next update we'll close up more into the village.. E
  10. Super Sticky (Vol 1)

    nice to see you recommend me Bernard.. But as said above.. I think this region is way to big It could be done, no problem.. but the time and effort will be the bottleneck my regions always are very divers.. and this region of more than 80 by 50 km...? ... this region has far to many suburbs (for me) I would get bored to get another city-tile filled in with these grid shaped suburbs.. maybe Mr Beer or astrianu could do so.. They are the masters of American grid-themed cities and recreating them. But still I think the stamina and effort are the pain in the ass to fully develop this region E
  11. Recreation: SAUERLAND by EJC

    HUNAUTURM First; WOW, what a nice and unbelievable comments!! I'm satisfied to see I'm making people jaw-drop and lurking at here. That's the reason I'm making this CJ; just to show off my own skills and let people see how they can use these in their own regions!! I see a lot in other CJ's that I'm using in my own regions, so together we'll help eachother!! An overview of the region.. It's summertime in Sauerland!! And the sun is shining over the hills and valleys!! The radio & television tower that is situated on the summit of "Hunau" (+818m NAP) A ingame-shot of the tower... To bad it's situated on the edge of the city-map! Another real-life shot of "Sauerlands" valleys and in far sights the tower on top of the hills.. Also an ingame shot from birds eye viewing point!! Stay tuned; there will be a lot more!! E
  12. Recreation: SAUERLAND by EJC

    Bödefeld-Freiheit St. Cosmas and Damian Church in "Bödefeld-Freiheit" The first ingame-shot of this update, the same church.. The stream in reallife; smaller and hard to recreate within SC4.. The little stream going through the village and crossing the main-road (Meschede <-> Winterberg) Some nice old German buildings in the small center of the village, some shops are here but not many! And offcourse.. Also ingame are some of those old buildings!! Another overview of this lovely, peaceful village in the heart of "Sauerland" The "HunaustraBe" (road to the mountain Hunau) with typical German houses Next update we'll follow this road towards the mountain tops where a large radio and TV-tower is stationed that is visible from miles away.. E
  13. Recreation: SAUERLAND by EJC

    SUMMERTIME in BÖDEFELD I want to take you to the surroundings of the village of "Bödefeld"; as said, in winter this village provides nice ski-accomodations with different slopes. BUT, today it's SUMMER in my MD so no snow yet... that will be saved for a next update as winter comes in!! The village is surrounded by different mountain-ranges. The village itself is build in the valley and partial on the slopes.. View from the south on the village over the top of the "Kreuzberg" (where also a skilift is on the north-side of the mountain) A small street in near the village center with some nice old German houses.. A zoomed in shot on some "suburbs" (as if you could speak of it within such a small village!) that are situated on the slopes The skiing-area "Bödefeld-Hunau" (Hunau is the name of the mountain-range + 818m NAP) during summer; so no snow but heathlands and grass here now.. A overview of the bottom ski-lifts that lead towards the valley and the ski-station with restaurant and slope-maintenance facilities Thank you all for the kind replies and keep following me with this MD as I will update it more f STAY TUNED!! E
  14. Recreation: SAUERLAND by EJC

    Bödefeld- Freiheit The title is the name of a small village that's located in the central parts of "Hoch Sauerland Kreis" (heighest elevations of the region) The region-view, copied from within SC4 To give an indication of where I am talking about, with names of villages and mayor mountain-ranges. A random view on the village of Bödefeld-Freiheit from the mountains Bödefeld is a small village with about 1200 inhabitants. It is situated just south of the mountain range "Hunau" that is 818meters above sealevel. Most people know the town of the ski-accomodations that are situated in this hilly terrain. The ingame-view from above during a beautiful summer-day! Farmlands that stretches out over the hills surrounding the small village Next update I will take you to the ski-accomodations of the village that are situated on the mountain "Hunau". This is all for now I want to show you.. E