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  1. SC4 Extra Cheats DLL

    I am regged at simvision. still dont work the one on sc4devotion works but nothing happend when I press CTRL+X(yes its in game dir plugin) any1? how do I get this dll to work? Edited to combine multiple posts. Rather than posting several times in a row, you are able to edit your posts to add more information about your issue by using the Edit button. -CaptCity
  2. SC4 Extra Cheats DLL

    HELP! Both links are dead and I cant find extracheat dll anywhere else!!!!!!!!!
  3. Help finding a dependency

    I have the same problem. Let me know if you find it.
  4. Box problem

    As for the disaster, I sloved that problem, I had a little outdated backup of my plugin folder. But its all fixed now. But the other box problem was still there(the Rounsevell villas). But BarbyW saved me. 100 Thanks to you This topic can be locked now.
  5. Box problem

    ohhhh god damn. I downloaded a few plugins. Ran SC4DatPacker. And now is it a DISASTER! Look at attached image. What should I do now? If someone cant help me I may uninstall this game.
  6. Box problem

    isint there a tool that find becuse I got 920 files in my Plugins folder. Actually its impossible to find it. EDIT: I looked at Residental category at this site and sc4devotion. I looked for a small building with a rondel and a small road. I did not found the f***ing building. Please give me tips what I should do. I cant play the game like this.
  7. Box problem

    Lets not get offtopic here, ok?
  8. Is it possible to modify orginal buildings? I want to give the prison infinetive range. So it can accept prison from the whole map.
  9. I got my first box problem. The bad thing is that its a growable building >( Anyone know which this building is?
  10. My buildings are getting more rotten and grey becuse of "Abandoned due commute time". The problem is, I dont know ***** it means. What does this mean and how can I avoid it happen again?
  11. Heavy lagg problems

    Wow BSC NHP DatPacker fixed all, it runs smooth as hell now Thanks creator, I made a nice tool, everyone should use this tool. Download it now! :=)
  12. Heavy lagg problems

    well enough about CPUs, I meant 3200Mhz/3,2Ghz Dukat: I have a some kind of prop plugin which add new vehicles, 30-40. Something like this. Also, 3 days ago, I did not have sim city installed. So I downloaded all 3458 plugins at 3 days, use a batch tool to place them all in Plugins folder, then install the game. So remove a plugin one by one by time line is not really a option. Anyone know what that car prop pack have for name/link?
  13. Heavy lagg problems

    3,200 Mhz 3GB Ram Geforce 7600 GT 256MB
  14. Hi I have some heavy lagg problems with SC4 Deluxe. I have played this before on my computer and there was no problems at all so my PC is not the problem. Here is a list of problems: -When I place a railroad, doesn't matter where or how I place it, the game freeze for about 40 second. -When I place a bridge, the game freeze in 40 second. -When I bulldoz something, the game freeze about 40 second. -When I make a road connection to an other city, the game freeze as well. -There are more, but this dont always happens, 50%. When I place a normal road the game freezes again. In otherwords the game is sh*t slow What could cause this problem? Could it becuse I have 3458 files in my plugins folder? Or becuse I have downloaded anoteher texture for the terrain? Pic: