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  1. Incredibly tragic event. Not sure you can blame them for having a missile fired at the plane.....not exactly something they can prevent. I do think you can question the wisdom of routing planes over such an unstable area, though Malaysian Airlines isn't the only airline flying over/near that part of Ukraine. Reportedly the ICAO had declared the route safe, but as I understand it individual companies do have some discretion to avoid suspect areas.
  2. Piracy on the High Seas

    Yes, they are. What a completely mindless equivocation. The only evidence you even have of violence is a statement by some modern day KGB scumbag. Well done for that display of critical reading from all of you. I look forward to your other no doubt brilliant views on Russia. I imagine the dead gays and minorities piling up in Russian streets just threw themselves at the knives of the poor innocent neo-nazi's according to the brain trust on display here.
  3. Piracy on the High Seas

    Protest = terrorism. Welp, thanks for that helpful input from the land of the free, home of the brave.
  4. Vandaag - Bakermat I have a dream...
  5. Your favorite movies

    Dark but good, I thought. Watched Enemy of the State last night. Those NSA guys seemed a bit over-eager, but I'm sure they're not like that in real life.
  6. The Simtropolis Annuarians Club

    Member for ten years and a day today. Only active for half that though.
  7. Your favorite movies

    Since you're one of the more venerable movie goers here, I was wondering if you've seen The Artist (2011)? It's an homage to the silent era, in black and white, and great fun to watch.
  8. TV Shows: What are you into right now?

    I watched the entire run of House of Cards, and now I desperately need more of Kevin Spacey Machiavellin' it up.
  9. Quote of the Day

    "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly." --Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  10. World Affairs

    Even if Obama signed it, the chances of the Senate ratifying it is slim to none anyway. It's not up to the UN to tell countries what to do about guns anyway!!! Dude, how hard is it to take five seconds and actually read the article?
  11. Margaret Thatcher dies at 87

    Clement Attlee created the NHS, gave independence back to a boatload of countries that the Empire had taken over, introduced policies on housework and welfare reforms to help women and families, and made free secondary school education a right. He's pretty much at the head of the pack when you're looking for best post-war UK prime ministers. Also, Mrs. Thatcher was very definitely not against anything to do with the EU, given that she fully supported Britain's EEC entry in the seventies and had the UK join the European Exchange Rate Mechanism ERM, a precursor to the Euro. And yes, her very witty socialism quip. Of course the quickest way to run out of money by giving away public institutions to private interests for laughably low prices, deliberately gutting industries, deregulating financial markets in a wildly irresponsible manner and instituting deliberately regressive tax policies. But well done her, and you, for that very funny comment.
  12. Margaret Thatcher dies at 87

    Too bad the old bird was a vulture. Yes, a female Ronald Reagan, i.e. a godawful leader who's only legacy is leaving their country a far worse place than they found it.
  13. TV Shows: What are you into right now?

    I'm two episodes away from finishing a Deadwood rewatch. A great show cut short.
  14. Neanderthals

    Better to have "off topic chat" than "creepy theorizing about racial purity chat".